Sibling Rivalry: Frozen

Doug and Rob Walker review Disney’s animated hit Frozen on this episode of Sibling Rivalry.

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  1. One other thing I think they did really well texture-wise was the clothes, particularly the fabric, like the cloaks that Else and Anna wear.

  2. Really I would have torched the snowman after “I don’t have a skull or bones” you can’t die I don’t care
    Story better but not good power origin was left out, Hans is stupid plan and person
    I feel the effect sold and song sold frozen not story
    I remember the saying a good movie distracts from plot holes but that didn’t happen
    I wanted to know why people liked it my family dose they watched 13times in one week!!!
    Still don’t like it she had the power of at least 3 x-men and can stop the most dangerous being in one shot
    So how is it that she dose not even have a real rival despite the fact she’s the most powerful princess ever?

  3. I normally don’t go on like this I don’t belive this movie should have the praise it received

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