Sibling Rivalry: Godzilla

Doug and Rob Walker review the 2014 remake of Godzilla on this episode of Sibling Rivalry.

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  1. While I agree a lot with doug on this movie, the bridge part as far as I remember, about Godzilla destroying it was cause people started to shoot at him?. What I remember anyway, he got up, people fired at him and in just an evasive wounded kind of way he knocked through the bridge. Like a scared dog might run over a child sort of thing, poor example perhaps, but as far as I remember again. Just a natural instict reaction from getting shot at.

  2. I felt the same as Doug in that there wasn’t enough Godzilla. I hated the way they would start a scene focused on Godzilla then pan away to people I cared nothing about. It happened so many times! For me the big final fight was a let down. Why did it have to happen at night in a bunch of smoke? I could barely see what was happening,

  3. Does Rob Walker have any fucking idea what the “Heisei Era” is….?

    Rob Walker probably knows the name “Akihito”.

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