Sibling Rivalry: Guardians of the Galaxy

Better than Avengers or over-hyped?

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  1. My friends and I play a lot of tabletop games: DnD, ShadowRun and Pokemon Tabletop, and when we’re together in a team we have fairly reliable roles that we all fill. Watching this movie, we were sitting and pointing out who would be each character as they were introduced. This movie is pure fun and I’ll be watching it over and over again.

  2. I feel like the only person who hated that movie… I was so looking forward to it too, which has become rare since the Star Wars prequels, (I loved the trailer) but I felt like the director just took all the cool things he could think of, shoved them into a blender and presented the resulting mess as a movie.

    I mean, there were some really good scenes and laughs and all that, but so much eye-rolling! Like the bit at the beginning with his mother when he couldn’t grab her hand or whatever, all I could think was ‘Guess what’s happening at the end of the movie!!’ That’s not foreshadowing, that’s getting hit in the head with it. Totally spoilt the emotion of the scene. And how the main character’s a womanizing douche-nozzle at the beginning but Green Lady is teh Special that will make him change his ways. Seen it in everything! And on and on it went like that.

    I don’t begrudge anyone else for liking it. It *was* fun. Just, I’m sticking with the Avengers.

  3. i am sorry but if you do not know ronan the accuser ,then your marvel knowledge is very limited.kree war ?original captain mar-vel ? no….

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