Sibling Rivalry: How to Train Your Dragon 2

Or how to make millions at the box office.

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  1. I agree with Rob more, I thought that the second half was still very effective despite it’s flaws, and I don’t really have complaints about it despite any time it was predictable.

  2. just looked up the book, and the plot is completely different, and the book seems to earn it’s name a lot more than the book. Really from what I can tell, other than some names and stuff there is literally nothing in common with the book and the movie.

  3. Yeah my one nitpick would be that final scene at the end where (SPOILER) Hiccup is suddenly able to break the hypnosis by talking to him. Um, why didn’t work earlier at the last time when that character got killed because of it?
    A nitpick yes, but this just seems like plot convenience.
    Still really enjoyed the movie

  4. Fucking review Book of Life

  5. I loved that movie, I mean sure the villian was just your typical one but they’ve made it out ok, and there was a lot of daring moments. Like Stoick’s death. I mean they’ve killed off one of the major characters and right after reuniting him with his long lost wife AND while protecting his son as well. It just added emotionally to this death. I think last thing like this was Mufasa and Bambi’s mom though at the same time not quite so as we had mini series and whole other movie of Stoick so we got to know him even better, get used to him and form connection with him and then they killed him off and on screen too.

  6. HTTYD is my fave movie ever! HTTYD2 is my 2nd best, everything is just so amazing in both of the movies, I watched the movies a BAGILLION times since they both came out. Also, I feel that the name how to train your dragon fits the second movie because of the scene in which Hiccup is trying to talk to Toothless when Toothless is hypnotized, when Toothless comes back to normal I feel that that was the part in which he trained the dragon. Also, the reason this movie is a bit darker is because the people who watched the first movie have grown older so this part is for new fans but also for people who grew up with the first movie, also, there was only ONE kid in the cinema when I went to see the movie, the rest where older people who would have been around 10-16 when the first movie came out so the movie was also appealing to the people who watched the first movie when it came out.

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