Sibling Rivalry: Inside Out

Oh Pixar, it’s so good to have you back!

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  1. It’s amazing that I had no idea this movie was coming out.

  2. I watched the first half of this video before I watched this movie and I kinda wish I didn’t. It didn’t ruin it for me by any means, but it did kinda take away from the experience knowing what the moral is going to be.
    Really good movie, very clever and it really hits home.

  3. This is definitely the best Pixar movie since Toy Story, perhaps even since Up.

    Though one thing, why didn’t they ride the cloud all the way to HQ?

    • SPOILERS: The cloud wasn’t made by Sadness. It was owned by that cloud family, and it was pretty obvious that they didn’t want anyone to use them. Also, at the time, they thought they could easily get on the train. By the time Sadness got the cloud both of the cloud people were, well… dead.

      • They still could’ve used it if it was their cloud or not. Sadness took a piece and practically made it halfway there before Joy grabbed her.

        • Alfredo Arellano

          I would say that because you might not be able to control the cloud. And because its not something that you would normally do so it was overlooked.

          My gripe with the movie is why didn’t Joy just shove the Core Memories into that tube that sends the memories to HQ…they saw those guys do it with the gum commercial. She could have put them in that tube and have Anger, Disgust, and Fear put them back.

  4. I liked this movie. A lot. BUT…I don’t know, there’s just something about it that keeps it from 100% clicking with me. I need to think about it for a while, but right now it sits around an 8.5 or a 9 out of 10 in my head. It’s something I can’t even put into words but something’s just like….I can’t think of what it is but it just didn’t “get there” with me. It got really REALLY close and I might need to see it again to really get what my problem with it is. I definitely thinks it’s a “me” problem, not a problem with the movie, buuuut….eeeeeeeeeeh. I need to let it sit cause right now it’s not even my top 5 PIXAR movies.

    I can’t agree with Rob on Up, Wall-E or Monster’s Inc. though. I think all three of those are great movies from beginning to end.

  5. I’m over the moon seeing the positive reception this film’s getting.
    I remember the very first announcement of the film. It was something like “Pixar takes you inside your brain to show you how it works” and it sounded like such a stupid, impossible idea. Sure; sketches, comics, shorts but a feature length film? With plot and tension? I was desperate to see how they planned to pull it off.

    It’s always great to see ‘safe’ stories executed amazingly but sometimes it’s so refreshing to hear about risky ideas. It wasn’t a matter of whether I thought the film was going to be good, I wanted it to be good.

    It helps that my favourite Pixar films have always been the ones with the stranger concepts…and Monsters.Inc. Yes I know, but it was babies first cinema experience. Yeah, I even liked M.U. Not that I think it’s more than mediocre but it pushed enough of my right buttons for me to enjoy it. And that’s from someone who typically groans at any education establishment centred movies.

    So now I’ve just got to wait a good month until Inside Out’s released in my country. Then another three months for it to reach my town. Hoorah.

  6. I loved Inside Out too! I thought that I would really like the film when I learned it was about a girl who deals with moving and starred Lewis Black, but I couldn’t have foreseen how much I laughed and how emotionally invested I became with the story and characters. There was so much thought given to the world of Riley’s mind — the islands fueled by core memories, the Train of Thought, the fading of memories, Imagination Land, Dream Productions, the Subconscious…everything was so clever. All of the main characters were so likable and funny in their own way, thanks to both the casting and the character design. I couldn’t come up with anything negative to say when the film was over — it’s easily now my personal favorite Pixar film of all time, even more than the Toy Story films. I really hope that this is the sign of more amazing films to come out of Pixar in the future.

    To clear this up as well, yes, both of you are right — Pete Docter, the director of Inside Out, previously directed Monsters, Inc. and Up and helped write the Toy Story films and Wall-E. 🙂

  7. This movie made me cry for the very first time at a movie theatre. After 29 years, I cried in public b/c of a movie. It was such a wonderful experience XD. I haven’ thad a great movie experience in a long time so this was just what the doctor ordered. The entire audience was in tears and laughter. Cannot stop singing the praises of this movie.

  8. I liked Cars and Cars 2.

    there I said it. you can all treat me like I’m 100,000 times worse than Hitler now.

    I mean jeeze….I used to pretend cars were alive when I was little….I guess that makes me horrible disgusting scum of humanity….I used to pretend cars were alive when I was a kid and enjoyed seeing Pixar make it into a movie…how dare I…

    …if it seems like I’m butthurt, maybe I am, but can you really blame me with this entire fucking website CONSTANTLY bitching about that movie?

    • Wow, dude, take a chill pill!

      I’ll say that I always find myself defending Cars as well. I really think it’s one of Pixar’s most underrated movies.

      Can’t say I agree with you on the sequel, though. 🙂

      • I wouldn’t say Cars underrated, but I’ve got a lot of nostalgia for the movie so I can’t in good faith diss it. I say it’s fine. Cars 2 on the other-hand would be a fine little movie if it came from LITERALLY ANY OTHER ANIMATION COMPANY BUT PIXAR. As it stands, it really does just kinda look embarrassing compared to whats come before it! But again, it’s fine. If you like either of these movies I can totally understand and sympathize.

  9. When they were talking about how they all had their own way of driving, it reminded me of how the first actor to play the Doctor had all the controlls on the TARDIS labeled so he would use the right lever for the corect action

  10. There must have been a later version of that Disney cartoon, that possibly used Ludwig Von Drake as the narrator, cause I remember bits and pieces of it, but there’s definitely parts that I don’t think I saw as a kid, particularly at this point:

  11. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Now that I think about the part in the mom and dads heads now that I think about it I think of it of them thinking it’s more of a stereotype more then anything. But I definitely loved this movie probably not as much as mad max but close. The 4 critics who gave it bad reviews were stupid. But I don’t think you should do a spoiler corner for this one since a.Rob gave the ending away allready and b.i think before people watch the spoiler corner they should go see it. But I’d be up for a spoiler corner and if you don’t do a bum review for this one then I understand completely because your probably getting ready for ask that bum with a hat(please tell me I’m not the only one who’s thinking that’s gonna happen). Also did anybody else catch John Ratzenberger when he voiced that one worker.

  12. “ERMEIGAWD, they ripped off that one episode of Spongebob Squarepants called ‘Fancy Pants’!!!”

    lol, just kidding.

  13. The weird thing for me re:trailers and promotion is that there was more than one trailer released for this film, but I only ever saw one of them. The one I saw was the one with the three of them at dinner, where the parents are trying to figure out what’s wrong with her. But on the movie’s website, there’s another trailer as well as other small clips and character intros and the like. The second trailer is more like an actual movie trailer that goes over bits of the plot, and it frankly made me cry. I am still prone to crying when I think about it. The trailer itself shows well and in few words or images the general plight of the girl and the viewer should get a general sense of what she’s going through in addition to what the emotion characters are going through.

    And despite all of that, I had never seen it until I went poking around online for more specific information about this movie last night, the night before the movie was released. The problem seems not to be that the trailer was bad, because they have a good trailer. Rather, it seems that the good trailer was somehow deprioritized, and I have no idea whether that was because of the studio’s PR decision or whether it was somehow incidental and it just didn’t get widely picked up and shared by the public. It’s odd.

    I fully intend to see this film very soon, but I also plan on bring tissues.

  14. I posted this on the Midnight Review as well, but I’ll add it here.

    Ok. Here’s the backstory on that clown.

    The costume was based off of Buttocks the Clown (no, I’m not kidding), a character created (and portrayed around Halloween) by Pixar employee Joe Ranft.

    Other homages are made in the subconscious to Brave Little Toaster, which he also worked on (note, again, the clown design compared to the clown in that movie, and Grandmother’s Vacuum.

    The entire subconscious was a subtle and sad nod from Pete Doctor and the team at Pixar to Mr. Ranft, imho, with those references. Mr. Ranft passed away in 2005 due to a car accident.

    Google him. You probably know his work far better than his name.

  15. The Mysterious M

    I’m with you guys on Monster’s Inc. It’s okay. It’s not the best, and it’s not my favorite, but it’s still good.

    However, I’m against Rob on Up

  16. I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie. One of the reason I’m excited is because it reminds me of the last segment of Woody Allen’s “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex”, which was awesome but was only a small part of the film. Inside Out looks like they took the same concept and ran with it, so I’m very excited to see their take on the idea. From all the reviews it sounds like Pixar knocked it out of the park!

  17. I think I’ll just rent this movie. I don’t like seeing crying movies in the theater.

    • It isn’t a crying movie much…unless you cried in Toy Story when Buzz finally realized he couldn’t fly. It’s more bitter sweet moments. Like when Andy gives away his toys at the end of TS3.

  18. What about Lava though?


    IMO the moral is greater then needing Sadness. If you think about it the way “headquarters” was run at the beginning was Joy was in-charge and everyone followed her lead. That is why the other three where so bad at running the console when she was gone. And it shows it with the way the new core memories look at the end.

    Also it wasn’t just one event that was permanent. I was sure that once they solved the climax the other 5 events would also be reversed and they where not, new versions incorporating the lesson where created.

    As for the nitpick. Remember those to very brief looks in those heads foreshadowed the solution and if you think about it a Sports guy like the dad would be running replays of sports in his head when spacing out like he was, and come on you don’t think everyone sometimes fantasizes about the what might of been when the significant other does something really stupid.

    Finally, what did you guys think of the credits clips?

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      I thought the singer was good but it was just forgettable and dos it bother anyone else that there’s an old man dating a young volcano kind of is messed up if you think about it.

      • Not really messed up considering that the volcanoes are based on an actual Hawaiian singer and his wife. And when I say Hawaiian singer I mean, a guy who tried to raise awareness of the second class status of Hawaiian natives created by the tourist industry and had his coffin placed in state in the state capital building in Honolulu, making him the third person to ever receive that honor. We’re talking about a guy so influential that ten thousand people attended his funeral.

  19. Haha! I didn’t watch the video yet, but the summary is PERFECT! This is exactly how I felt walking out of the theater!

  20. Ok, after watching the video, I have to say it:

    Rob, thank you so much for mentioning your feelings about when Brave got the Oscar. I’m still pissed off about it. And to think that it beat Wreck-it Ralph and Paranorman! UGH!!!

    • The Mysterious M

      Yeah, of the nominations that year, Brave was not the best. I do disagree with Doug and Rob on the Oscars however. There are times when I feel the win was genuine and well deserved (2012, Anne Hathaway winning Best Supporting Actress for Les Miserables). But, then there are times when when i feel the win was so rigged, there was no way that particular nominee should have won (Same year, Argo winning best picture)

    • Yeah, I was sort of okay with Wreck-It-Ralph only because the thought of a video game movie winning an Oscar seems highly unlikely, but Paranorman wasn’t considered a better film by the academy? Are you kidding me? I’m sure most people would have at least been happier to see that get the award than Brave.

  21. As my fiancée and I were walking out of the theater (after crying), I commented about how relatable the movie is for me. I grew up in a house that I was the light of joy in a household ruled primarily with bad vibes, and I was the one that my mother looked to for positivity. Showing sadness in my house was a sign of weakness that my sister (especially) would crack wise at because it gave her a sense of superiority. As such, I didn’t let anger out (because it would feed the others), I didn’t let sadness out (because of the superiority complex), I couldn’t show disgust because that would mean that I was being uncooperative; I only showed the joy and positives – for over 18 years.

    The comment I made to my fiancée at the end was how I would feel after all of the years was like the movie’s display. It showed that all of the emotions were important and that sadness has its place… but more importantly (for me) is the emotional repression given by Joy, and how after you lose that fragile dependence on a single emotion, you start to feel dead/emotionless inside (as was shown nearer the end of the film).

    That said, I feel much better now that I’ve moved.

  22. I went to see this on Saturday with a friend of mine. We both took out our tissues at the exact same time. We’ve both been going through a lot emotionally over the past while, so this was exactly the kind of film we needed to see.

    My parents took my sister and nephew to see it the following day. Of the four of them, my mother was the only one who enjoyed it. I’m not surprised my nephew didn’t like it. He’s four, and it’s a very nuanced film, and he’s a super hyperactive kid. I don’t think that young kids are going to be getting much out of this film. Given that my sister is about as deep as a skillet, and doesn’t like movies unless they star Madonna, I’m not surprised she didn’t like it, either. I did think that my dad would like it though, so when he told me he fell asleep in the theatre, I was pretty shocked.

  23. Herman’s Head gets animated.

  24. i feel i need to watch this again, but i hated it. i saw it on friday and i’ve been ranting about it until monday afternoon. a friend of mine came by and her son was going to see it so i started on my rant. i REALLY hated how they treated Sadness, when Joy [spoiler] draws that circle around her i nearly walked out i was so hurt. [then again, if i had a main emotion, it would be Sadness, i’m not depressed, but i’m similar to her character] so i began to tell my friend of how Joy treated Sadness, then i remembered all the funny scenes and now i don’t know if i like or hate the film, so a second viewing is needed. granted, i also think i hated the experience because the whole theatre wouldn’t stop talking [from children to seniors EVERYONE was treating it like they were in their living room]

    the trailer didn’t interest me at all, but then i found out Lewis Black was in it, and i had to see it. he was amazing. totally loved his character. they were all funny, but Anger was the best. i’ve noticed most Disney/Pixar movies trailers are terrible but after people see the movie the trailers get better. i think the last film i wanted to see was Brave because of the trailer, and the movie was meh. i remember seeing conceptual art for Frozen, and i knew it was based on The Snow Queen, and then i saw the happy snowman skating trailer and was like ‘what have you done?’ but after i saw a review where the person said to ignore the trailer and to run out and see the movie, i decided to check it out. and we all know how well the movie was received. so, i usually ignore the trailers now.

    • Keep in mind that was meant to create conflict leading up to Joy learning a valuable lesson about how sadness can be necessary under the right circumstances. When you think about all the, ahem, ‘harm’ sadness was causing, it kind of made sense for Joy to resort to that. She didn’t know what else to do as she didn’t yet realize that sadness could be a good thing.

  25. Avatar Fangirl16

    I absolutely loved this movie. Second favorite Pixar film

  26. One thing that did bother me about the film though, was how only Riley’s emotions all had their own distinct looks, while her parents’, teacher’s, and classmates’ emotions looked exactly the same (like their person) apart from their colouring. And only Riley’s were personified as female AND male, whereas everyone else’s emotions corresponded to their own sex. How did that work?

  27. I enjoyed this, but I also enjoyed Herman’s Head as well ^_^

    Personally, I thought that the inner minds of the adults should have had more emotional representatives (being more complex than children), but I understand the simplification.

      • I kinda thought that was supposed to represent the control we gain over our emotions as we age. They’re more complex because they can harmonize. In Riley’s head each emotion is extremely powerful and only one “drives” at a time, but they work together in the Adults’.

  28. So, quick question: Are you guys ever going to do a Spoiler Corner for this movie? Cause I’d like to hear your thoughts on most of the spoilers.

  29. I’d like to hear both of your thoughts on this movie I just watched “Jack & the Cuckoo-clock Heart”. Hadn’t heard of this and found it in Walmart but I just watched it on Netflix. I enjoyed it but it was…surreal…it has the look of stop-motion but I think it’s CGI. It has choppy moments in its storytelling but it still pulled me in to know what was going to happen next and I really enjoyed the different music styles (lots of singing). Has a Burton-esque feel/look w/o being from him. I’m interested in hearing what others thought of this movie/

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