Sibling Rivalry: Jurassic World

Which one liked it and which one didn’t?

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  1. SPOILER:I thought the weirdest thing was Vincent D’Onofrio geting gently killed in 5 seconds mostly out of sight while the english assistant who was meant to take care of the kids was double/tripple-killed by a Pterodactyl and Mossasaurus over half a minute. The kill was nice but it seemed like D’Onofrios character deserved an equally awesome/cruel kill.

    Still liked it but it can’t hold a candle to the first part in any category.

  2. It was everything I wanted: stupid and entertaining but I still want a short film starring Chris Pratt titled “A Boy and His Velociraptor” featuring him and Blue going through Calvin and Hobbes type shenanigans.

  3. The Mysterious M

    I’ve talked about this, and there’s an article about it. Rob, there’s no pretending; this film OUTRIGHT IGNORES Lost World and JP III. To this one, those two don’t exist.

    The producers have talked about it. They said they’re ignoring the sequels because Jurassic Park and Jurassic World take place on Isla Nublar, which was “Site A,” the actual park. Lost World and JP III were Isla Sorna, “site B.” It’s a really lame explanation, but that’s the one they’re going with.

    • They’re not pretending they’re out of continuity – hell, they even brought in the Spinosaurus, reduced to a skeleton -, it’s just that the events on Isla Sorna are frankly irrelevant.

  4. If forced to pick a side here, I would side with Doug.

    Mmmmyeah. No.

  5. Doug express my thoughts exactly, but i left the cinema satisfied.

  6. I LOVED this movie..after the first act. The first third was boooooooooooorung. But like, the very moment the Indominus escaped, the rest of the movie had me.

    And honestly, I think the brothers were my favorite characters. Weird, I know.

  7. Doug is coming off more than a little whiny and entitled IMO. While I couldn’t fully disagree with what he’s saying, this immature bitch fit is not warranted. He’s sounding like a little kid who wanted a TMNT action figure and but got a power ranger and is having a meltdown outside the store…

    …and I’ve been watching his stuff for almost 7 years so I know that’s kinda his thing, but when it’s not him doing it as the Nostalgia Critic,…ugh, it’s really getting old. Funny how sibling rivalry makes the likability of one brother inversely correlate to the annoyance of the other.

    • ok, that was harsh…too harsh. Sorry, Doug. I love your work, I love your site, and going that heavy handed was bit immature on my part. Let me try to be a little more fair.

      Reel it in. A little, not a lot but a little.

    • Doug does this a lot. He can make some really good points, and 90% of the time he does! but that other 10% he just gets downright irrational and impossible to reason with. Understandable, but annoying.

    • I totally get what you’re saying, I liked Doug at first but he’s getting a little full of himself. I want more Rob reviews

  8. Cartoony bad guy from Jurassic World: “We need to weapoinize the Raptors and the other dinosaurs for warfare.”

    Copying the NC from the TMNT review: “And we have guns.”

    • The saddest part in all this is that weaponizing velociraptors is totally something the US military and its contractors would do in a heartbeat. Let us not forget that US military has actually done the following:
      -trained dolphins for combat scenarios
      -develop psychic powers through lsd and cocaine use
      -had a fucking JEDI program where they tried to stare goats to death
      -has spent $1.2 trillion on the F-36, which is plane that can’t fly

      • Don’t forget, people have been using animals in warfare since, well, warfare was invented. The horse was used to pull everything from chariots to cannons, and used for mounted cavalry, and we still use dogs to sniff out mines and enemy troops today (not to mention their use in police work). The Carthaginians and Indians (among others) used elephants in their wars as well. So animals in warfare is nothing new.

  9. The last 10 minutes of the movie are the closest we are ever going to get to a live-action Pokemon movie. I could almost hear the aunt saying “T-Rex, I choose you!”.

  10. I actually like this movie. I do see the bad CGI, terrible writing, and uninteresting characters (with the exception of Chris Pratt, playing human Starlord, who never left Earth). But this was really fun. Like Rob, I felt like a kid again when watching it. The ending battle was awesome and there were some emotional moments. The scene involving the dying dinosaur actually touched my heart for a moment. Even the pointless scene when the two kids talk about their parents getting a divorce felt a little emotional to me. Yes, the scene is very cheesy and pointless, but I felt something for it because my parents went through a divorce and I remember crying a lot, even years after. The way how the little kid cries about it is cheesy, but I understood where he was coming from and I let it slide because of it. Another thing I liked about this movie was the reason behind the need to mix DNA of dinosaurs together in order to create new life for attraction. It made sense that humans would eventually become bored of these amazing creatures some time in the future. Anyway, in the end, I had a fun time with this movie and I will see it again, just for that awesome ending.

  11. I liked this movie better than the last two movies. And Doug – they had pterosaurs (not pterodactyls, bit of a nitpick) attacking people in JPIII. There’s just more people being attacked in this movie.

    • And to be fair to the people in the film, the I. rex looks more like an oversized Allosaurus than a raptor (some of the background material claim it has Giganotosaurus (a relative of Allosaurus that was bigger than T. rex) DNA – not what they said in the movie, but then, this thing is so hybridized there’s not telling what Wu and his team used in its creation).

    • Still, having the pterosaurs as the animals to actually attack the public at large, while the true dinosaurs sticked to personnel, is kind of ingenious.

  12. @ Your point about the mutant dinosaur not being very interesting. I would’ve liked to see something like the Horrorsaurus –

  13. I disagree on Indominus’ look. It is pretty much what every executive would want: cattering to the lowest common denominator and lacking any sort of originality.

  14. Doug, wasn’t there a pterodactyl attack in the third movie?

  15. If they make a sequel it seems like it would be more like what Doug is looking for. SPOILERS in the scene where the obvious villain has his final confrontation with the main characters, he’s overlooking a holographic tablet or something with…schematics(?) For more hybrid dinosaurs. I remember one was a triceratops and a stegosaurus. Now, assuming I know what I’m talking about, this guy works for InGen, meaning they also might want to weaponize Dinosaurs. And by the end of the movie they have Henry Wu, the only scientist in the world who can make hybrid dinosaurs. Plus, the director tweeted that if there were to be a sequel, one of the ideas they have floating around is another company or group gets their hands on the dinos and doesn’t intend to use them as a theme park attraction, if you know what I mean. This could be the set up for the total dinosaur war anarchy thing. Hybrid Dinos running loose and fighting in the streets, hybrids vs originals, the possibilities are endless. Also, I think I might have actually found something that Doug was looking for in terms of just going all out batshit crazy hybrid Designs. Google (or Bing, I’m not racist) “Ultimasaurus Jurassic Park”, I think you’ll like it

  16. ThreeStoogesFan

    Rob, we’re cool. Doug shame on you! Go watch it again and try not to be like Douchy Mc Nitpick.

  17. Ryan Dewitt-Todd

    You know Doug is Rob really needed for this review? I mean you do a pretty good job explaing on your thoughts on it on your own without his help why do you even need him? Doug, you should start doing reviews on your own again. It’ more interesting if you do that

  18. I really enjoyed this movie, but I do agree that the dinosaurs don’t look that real, at least not in the fast-paced scenes. When they used animatronics, it did look much better, like the close ups of the raptors and the dying sauropod

  19. On the whole I find myself agreeing more with Doug, yeah there were parts I liked, but overall I thought the movie was kinda Meh, it kinda seemed more like an old school goofy Kiju film than a Jurassic Park film, and I love campy Kiju films, but it’s just not exactly what I was wanting/expecting from the Jurassic Park franchise, but I get why people still liked it

  20. The pterodactyl with a t-rex head Doug mentions is in fact a real species of pterosaur, know as Dimorphodon. One of it’s defining characteristics is a disproportionately large head.

  21. Uh. Kind of a spoiler past the previews :\

  22. i dont get the complains about the original film

    • have you seen the critic’s video on the first one? That might answer your question.

      • I have but i Have never taken it seriously

        its a really funny review but Doug is just nitpicking the film out or at best misinterpreting the scenes and the story

        heck i can give strong counter argument to most of the things he is pointing out in that review

  23. it does look like a raptor mix with the t rex from king kong

  24. mistermilwaukee

    I couldn’t help but chuckle every time doug went into a ‘like a raptor’ bit about the indominus rex. It’s funny because even the raptors don’t actually look like raptors, which were about the size of a dog, probably were no smarter then sea gulls or turkeys (though still comparatively smart to other dinos) and were covered in feathers; although the film’s are kind of loose with their science overall, and really his meaning is more in relation to the ‘raptors’ in the series, although personally I thought indominus looked more like a very spikey allosaur.

  25. I thought it wasn’t that bad honestly. I was entertained enough and Chris Pratt did a good job. That being said there were some pretty bad problems that I had with it. Like the whole “bored with dinosaurs” thing, yeah that’s fucking genius. Even so I enjoyed it, but I don’t think I’ll see this again in theaters.

    Vincent D’onofrio’s character, however, was COMPLETELY POINTLESS. Every time he was on screen I was like “aw fuck this guy again?” I was so relieved when (Spoilers) he finally got axed off in a pretty violent way. I wanted that idiot to suffer a painful death and I got my wish. I was so happy.

    Then ending fight scene is probably worth the price of admission. Sure it’s not very long but it was entertaining enough that I smiled throughout the whole scene. It’s like the last scene in Godzilla for me, though I enjoyed Godzilla way more than this.

  26. Ok. normally I love Doug, this guy is the reason I wanted to study film and be a critic… But i have no fucking clue what he wants here.

    I loved the film. He’s going back and forth on himself, the CGI sucks but I want more smashing. The characters were barely in it and mainly there for something for the dinasours to eat, but the movie needed less characters?


  27. I get the feeling if Doug directed Jurrasic World, they would have no story, run out of budget and Chriss Pratt would have walked off set because he doesnt have any actual lines.

  28. CurtTheHistorian

    T-REX CREDIT CARD!!!!!!!!!

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      A T-Rex Credit Card!!!!!! I’ll KILL YOU I’ll KILL You XD! I wont really kill you just a joke and if you get the reference then your a true nostalgia critic fan.

  29. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Im pretty sure doug will get lots and lots of hate for being picky. But im probably more like rob and i will probably enjoy it. But it seems like vincent denafrio was just shoehorned in but im not sure what i wilo feel about the kids though but most likely i think ill find them pretty useless characters. But that cgi dinosaur who goes in the wate looked awesome in the trailers so doug must have a problem with his design. But i also love how rob was annoyed by dougs ranting the hand mouth thing was hailrious. Also if you guys didnt know the actress who played Chris Pratts love interedt well the actresses name is Bryce Dallas Howard and shell probably not look hot in the beginnng but inthe end she will probably get hotter. But i saw mad max fury road too and its definitely my favorite movie ive seen so far this year everything in the movie wss practical effects except the water which i dont get why they had to make the water falling cgi but thats my opinion.

  30. I loved this movie, even if it was stupid. The action was awesome, the characters are caricatures of their characteristics, the story is cliche, and yet, I loved every single minute of it.

    Welp, I know what I can definitely wait for the upcoming Nostalgia Critic in the upcoming months.

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