Sibling Rivalry: Rise of the Guardians

What are the Walker Brothers’ thoughts on the latest animated flick from Dreamworks?

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  1. Rise of the Guardians is based off of two book series. The first book series is a novel series called The Guardians of Childhood, the second ‘series’ is two children’s picture books both by William Joyce. Rise of the Guardians is a sequel movie to the events in The Guardians of Childhood which describes how North, Aster, Toothina, and Sanderson became Guardians and also shows who The Man in the Moon is, aka Manny. It also has Pitch’s back story and how he became the Boogieman and why he fights the Guardians and how the Guardians know him. It’s a really great read, if the both of you ever have the time to read the 4 books in the series and the two picture books I suggest you do.

  2. Pitch’s backstory is in the novels. Please if you two get the chance, read it. Or if DreamWorks makes a sequel movie the way I hope they make it, wait for that. Pitch’s backstory may be shown in the sequel movie if DreamWorks decides to have Saraphina Pitchner aka Mother Nature included.

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