Side by Side TMNT Cartoon vs Nostalgia Critic Review Opening

How did the opening to the Critic and Nerd’s Review of TMNT compare to the original cartoon? Find out in this side by side comparison.

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  1. Pretty close! Although, I swear I do not remember any dancing in the opening. Huh, my memory must be off.

  2. I still want that on a t-shirt.
    My favorite art is when the Critic is running in a panicked circle on the roof.

  3. Longjohnsnowpants

    Wow, that is pretty darn close.

  4. pharaohyami5000

    You think you guys can pull off the other TMNT openings? Season 8-10, 2K3 and Nick Turtles?

  5. Moviemantweeter1999

    Well I did see some scree ups but that was a pretty close one,good job.

  6. Very good work keeping it as close as possible to the original. My favorite part is NC trying to wield the nunchucks. lol.

  7. I approve of this, but I would approve of it more if I could get some merch for those two. The “Thirty Something Nerdy Critics” feels like a brand name to it, and I want it on a mug.

  8. Cowabunga Dudes!

  9. Hey Doug, if youre reading the comments y dont u review the nightmarish hell that Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern

  10. My favorite line: “We’re really white.”

  11. Cool

    So did not wasted our lives

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