Silent Night Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker – Cinema Snob

Find out if Mickey Rooney as a mad toymaker with an unfortunate name has anything to do with Silent Night Deadly Night 5!

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  1. When you have a Toy Store named Petto’s, you’re asking for trouble. And I wish that was the version of Small Soldiers that Joe Dante made.

    That was a great way to wrap up 2015 for the Cinema Snob. Wish there was a few more italian horror films to review. Looking forward to next year.

  2. Thanks for answering our Christmas wishes from last year, Brad.
    0:41- “Oh, don’t you talk about my boxes! I LIKE BOXES!”
    6:31- No one would ever make an animated series based on a Reb Brown movie, EVER.
    Who in their right mind would name a toy store “Pedo’s”? Toys”R”Us: okay. KB Toys: okay. Pedo’s: jail time.
    7:57- Oh, the name of the store is actually “Petto’s”? OUR FUCKIN’ MISTAKE!
    11:57- Well, fuck my donkey.
    At least Fat Grandma isn’t making any racist or political comments like one of MY grandmothers.
    17:46- And now I’m scared as shit about thinking of buying myself a hoverboard for Christmas.
    I’m guessing you’ll do a Brad Tries… of Michael Jackson’s Mystery drink sometime in the future.
    20:04- …So, Toy Story 3?
    I actually kinda like the life size robotic Ken doll look of Pino, minus the humping.

    BTW, I looked it up, and Winter’s Tale is NOT a Christmas movie. It was released on Valentine’s Day 2014.


  4. What other videos has fat grandma told tales of the cinema scrooge to linkara?

  5. This was a fun review!

  6. Anybody else notice that the toy that guy was using the screw driver on before the bill collector showed up was Ecto-1 from Real Ghostbusters toyline?!

  7. I figured out right away that it was ‘petto’ as in ‘geppetto’ but good god that’s still a terrible idea.

    Actually, my old house (the one I grew up in) now belongs to my brother. So as long as I have a good reason, I can just go in whenever I want. 😛

  8. Because it’s a pun on Gepetto of course! This is still a stupid movie. Pia looks like Matthew Broderick as Inspector Gadget. As if that wasn’t disturbing enough. I’ve seen all these movies now, except for the remake. Good riddens!

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