Smart House – Disneycember

A home of the future gets obsessed with having the perfect family. How far will she go to get what she wants? Doug takes a look at Smart House.

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  1. Oh! I LOVED Smart House. You are so right. The music, most of the acting, the suspense even.

  2. You’ll be getting to some of the later movies eventually, right? Because so far, I haven’t even heard of any of these. I’m 21 tho…

    • He seems to be going in chronological order. This one’s from 1999.

      I’m surprised you haven’t heard of Halloweentown, though. They *still* show that every Halloween on Disney. 0_o And Smart House, The Thirteenth Year, and Zenon all enjoyed long years of play, even though it *has* been a bit since they’ve been in regular rotation during daytime hours on there. (I think Zenon would have been shown during the daytime part of the 100 movie marathon last year, though. But that’s a speck compared to the normal movie schedule.)

      It’s interesting how much difference a few years can make; I’m 24 and have seen most of them (the only ones I have no memory so far of watching in my childhood are Under Wraps and Can of Worms (I STILL haven’t seen Can of Worms and apparently that’s a good thing)).

  3. I saw this movie. I remember it as being okay. Wow, you really enjoyed this one! Good for you! You have to admit the effects aren’t good. Eh, whatever, it’s still harmless.

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