Sonic’s Unknown First Home Appearance – Guru Larry

Did you know, Sonic The Hedgehog appeared in a home video game BEFORE Sonic 1? (No, not Rad Mobile) and even stranger, he was also a villain in it?

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  1. Did you just murder Bubble Bobble?

  2. What about that racing game where he is a rear view mirror ornament?

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    9:04 troll face
    9:59 that mouse thing looks like a mix of between itself and quebert
    Amazing how they were a few weeks apart so guess sega ripped off factor5(interesting)
    Also though the new bits on the ram logo had the middle finger but was proven wrong once I looked at it closer.

  4. Wow, that’s awesome! I never knew that…

  5. Huh…this was an interesting video. I’ve never seen your stuff before. I was just about to look up the Quik and Silva on Wikipedia right before you mentioned that it didn’t have one (in English, anyways).

  6. Whisky Tango Foxtrot

    And all this time I thought they just made up Rad Mobile for Encino Man.

  7. Took me a second to place where the bee enemies were from – Mega Man.

  8. I noticed this when I played this game back in the day as a kid…I liked it, and I still like it.
    But I did, off course, not know that it came out BEFORE Sonic 1. Weird. Thanks for pointing that out.
    I personally love how on the internet, there is a lot of coverage about old home console games, esp. NES and Mega Drive/Genesis, but with home computers of that era, there are still a lot of uncovered, “obscure” games. Like this.

    • No worries dude, yeah, one of my aims now is to do gaming videos on stuff no one has covered before.

      There’s only so many times you can do a video saying “Mario 2 is really Doki Doki Panic” and get away with it.

  9. Hmm, so Sonic appeared as a weird-looking enemy in an obscure computer game? Interesting.

  10. Yee, I’m always for obscure Sonic details, it’s like my bread and butter. :>

    You know, I remember when the family had a heavily modified Amiga when I was a kid. Wonder if that’s still kicking around, it’d be interesting to scope this game out and try it.

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