Spider-Man Homecoming – Sibling Rivlary

Did Marvel finally get Spider-Man right? Doug and Rob talk about the web slinging hero in his latest reboot, Spider-Man Homecoming.

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  1. This doesn’t help the movie isolated from everything else, but there is precedent for Peter’s motivation in this film, from the Spectacular Spider-Man series.
    “The gene cleanser. Almost forgot I hid it here. This antidote solved Doc Connors’ little Lizard problem. Maybe it can solve my spider problem too. I mean, sure Spidey’s saved a lot of lives. But is that why I do it, or am I in it for the thrill? Escape?”
    Both motivations can exist

  2. I think it’s probably gonna happen when he has to confront aunt may about being spiderman. He has to justify his reasons to her.

  3. Don’t agree with Doug on this one. This was a far from adequate Spider-Man movie. There was no charm, the “comedy” fell flat, Tom Holland and Michael Keaton were the only good characters in the movie. Tony Stark, this movie made me want Tony Stark to die horribly.

    *burns the director in effigy*

  4. I’ll come back and finish this video after this weekend when I’ve seen the movie.

  5. On one hand, the love interest in this movie is pretty throwaway, but I also kind of like that she wasn’t shoehorned into more of the film than she needed to be in. On the other hand, Tom Holland seemed to nail both sides of his character, which is great.

    I think Toby McGuire played a good Peter Parker, but was kind of weak as Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield, I didn’t buy as Peter Parker at all, but I did buy him as Spider-Man, though I admittedly disliked the Peter Parker scenes in his films. The kid in this film though, seemed to get them both right, and this is from someone who doesn’t know the comics.

    In this movie, I think Peter Parker/Spider-Man shined the brightest. In the older films, I think it was the villains, in The Amazing Spider-Man it was hands down Gwen Stacy, but I think if any character needs to shine it’s the lead, hence why I don’t mind that this Elizabeth character is arguably more bland than even Mary Jane.

  6. GreenGoblinsOckVenom86

    I liked Vulture and Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Liz wasn’t too bad. I didn’t care for Michelle and she looked bored through out the movie as if the actress didn’t care about being in a Spider-Man movie. Flash shouldn’t be a nerd and aside from that like Rob said he is just a straight up jerk with no redeeming qualities. Uncle Ben probably should have been mentioned but I do understand why they didn’t. Forgot to mention, I liked Shocker and it’ll be cool to see him in the next movie. I liked the nod to Scorpion.

  7. Doug’s head, looks like a light bulb.

  8. “Spider-Man 2” is still my favorite. Most people agree with me! I still loved this movie. I wish they would have showed his origin through a flashback. That was the worst part. I actually really did like the action parts.

  9. It’s a great movie but for me, it was ok. It was as good as it could be but the movie felt unnecessary. Even some of the changes felt unnecessary. However, the acting was great. Tom Holland was just as good of a Spider-Man as Tobey McGuire. At first, I didn’t like the techno suit but I grew to love it by the last half-hour. Why did they change it to a science high school? Why did he not have his suit under his clothes? Why does barely anybody look like they do in the comics? I know that’s an unpopular opinion but that’s how I feel. Why is Aunt May hot? OMG! I didn’t even think of the Uncle Ben thing. The action scenes were great though. The big twist was great. The acting is all great. I had absolutely no problem with Vulture. He is great, has great motivation, and is well acted. The movie is good but I think I’m spider-maned out. I wish this was the second reboot. My order: 1. Spider-Man, 2. Spider-Man 2, 3. Spider-Man Homecoming, 4. Spider-Man 3, 5. Amazing Spider-Man, and 6. Amazing Spider-Man 2.

  10. The biggest complaint fans have had about super hero movies lately is that it’s just origin story, reboot, origin story. Why would you be surprised that they left out the origin story? Everyone knows Spiderman’s origin.

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