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Tamara & Malcolm check out Spider-Man: Homecoming on a new Tamara Just Saw.

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  1. It is a great movie but for me, it was okay. It was as good as it could be but the movie felt unnecessary. Heck, some of the changes felt unnecessary. However, the acting was great. Tom Holland was just as good of a Spider-Man as Tobey McGuire. At first, I didn’t like the techno suit but I grew to love it by the last half-hour. Why did they change it to a science high school? Why did he not have his suit under his clothes? Why does barely anybody look like they do in the comics? Why is Aunt May hot? Does hot Aunt May automatically make “Trouble” canon (LOL)? The action scenes were great though. The twist was great. The acting is all great. The villain is great, has great motivation, and is well acted. The movie is good but I think I’m spider-maned out. If this had been the second reboot, I may feel differently. I shouldn’t have watched the Sam Raimi movie this month. That’s my bad.

    • The answer to your questions can easily be answered to updating the character.
      One of the major problems I have with adaptions of Spider-Man is that they keep portraying the world as if its still the 1960’s. (The comics also suffer from this problem as well.)
      This movie establishes that it is 2017, not 1963, and I personally wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. I’ve mentioned this before, but I think Tom Holland is the first to get both Peter Parker and Spider-Man right as opposed to just one or the other, as we saw in each of the previous series.

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