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This Spoiler Free review looks at another Shyamalan film you’re either gonna love or hate. Doug takes a look at, Split.

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  1. The King of The World

    BS. The “twist” was not even a twist. There is no plot twist as such, everything you see in the film is exactly what it is. This “twist” is just an add-on to the story basically that does not change anything you saw. Most people won’t even understand the point of this “twist” scene or that it meant to surprise some people. So if you liked the movie – you liked it with or without this supposed “twist”, if you didn’y – you didn’t.

  2. Yeah, I’m going to see this movie either this month or in February. I haven’t seen it but my guess is that the main girl is the final personality.

  3. So is it fair to say peoples opinions on this film will be… Split?

  4. Thought the movie was okay….. As far the twist goes, I liked it. I was with two friends one didn’t get it, but me and the other friend gasped and I think I even let an “Oh my god”. I’m saying it’s going to be one cinema’s great twists (especially when only a certain crowd will get it for obvious reasons), but if it got genuine and positive reaction upon realization, I got to approve of it.

  5. I really enjoyed Split and didn’t really have any major complaints with the film, as for the twist I enjoyed it and I can see that it definitely fits in with the movie as a whole.

  6. The twist is that James McAvoy has been… Shamalyzed.

  7. Wow spoiler free? did I just win the lottery or we?

  8. Please delete my account

  9. So I watched Split because I liked the visit okay and I had read that critics liked Split. DAMN YOU M NIGHT SHYAMALAN for tricking me into wasting another 2 hours of my life on watching one of your shit movies!

    Yes, McAvoy is great and most of the movie works for me, but I agree with you Doug, that the ending doesn’t fit together with Caseys backstory – and that is a major deal breaker for me. A shit ending can ruin a film and this has happened here.

    Throughout the movie I was suspecting that the girls (and also the therapist) were more of Kevins personalities. That could have been a great twist. You could have more twists on top of that like all people then being Caseys personalities (which would have fit perfectly with her backstory – the beast being her uncle). Or she could have multiple personalities also and have her personalities “sync” with his personalities and talk her way out of the situation like that (+ some de-syncs causing problems?). Or the whole story could have been faked by the therapist, trying to land a fake big scientific “breakthrough”

    A perfect ending would have been if the beast had gotten her – cut to black – cut to her being rescued by the police (beast nowhere to be seen) and when the officer asks her “your uncle is here – are you ready?” she could just say “yes” in the beasts voice – the end.

    When you talked about the “twist” I legitimately didn’t know what you were talking about and did google it. Turns out I had understood the ending correctly, but as “The King of the World” already said – that ending JUST ISN’T A TWIST!
    It’s a cheap knock off of Iron-Mans after-the-credits-scene. So is this the start of the Shyamalan Cinematic Universe? No, it’s just a really bad, unfunny in-joke that will not have any payoff in the future. Just a meaningless, lame reference to another shit movie. I couldn’t care less about these 2 shit movies having a connection.

    All in all I absolutely HATED this movie (in the end!). I had liked it for the most part, but when you see the potential for dozens of great endings – and then that IDIOT director instead lets the movie fall apart at the end like that…. FUCK THAT. FUCK M NIGHT SHYAMALAN!

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