Spoiler Corner: 50 Shades of Grey

I guess we still have to do a Spoiler Corner for this…

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  1. You should probably merge Spoilers Corner into Sibling Rivalry.

    It’s OK. No one here really cares about spoilers.

    Hit us with EVERYTHING!!

  2. Oddly enough, I think I got a better impression of the movie from the Bum Review than I did from the Sibling Rivalries episodes, lol. I’m kind-of hoping some day someone will make a pure balls-to-the-wall self-aware 100% goofy version of this book as a film. Like all the narration, acting awkward as heck, everything’s played for laughs… basically, the Sharknado of 50 Shades of Grey movies. But at the same time, it’s kind-of sad that this is even a film in the first place.

    I mean, stop and think about this for a moment. There was a person who wrote a book about sex with the catchphrase “Holy F*ck”. The book got published out of all the actually good stories that are kept from being published and it actually made a good profit. Then, out of ALL the books and stageplays they could have made into a film, they picked THIS book and made it into a movie. And THEN out of all the great movies that go under the radar or do something cool, THIS FILM is the one that is going to make millions of dollars just because it’s 50 shades.

    That’s kind-of a pretty scary thought for anyone who actually tries to put effort into good comedy or into making a worthwhile or interesting film and it’s kind-of a bad sign for what films we’ll see in general.

  3. The way I read it… When she insists that he goes full force… She was trying to call a bluff. She wanted him to stop himself. But he didn’t, that is what upset her. She assumed the kinky stuff was just a show he puts on, but that if he was really given the freedom to do it… he wouldn’t. She was wrong.

    Though considering he was sweating and on edge it is clear he knew she wasn’t ready, and he didn’t want to call the bluff… But he also really wanted to whip he ass with a belt.

    My issue with that scene was the lack of blood. She should have had bloody cuts in her skin from the lashing. She didn’t, or they didn’t show it. So it was weak sauce.

  4. So WHY do people like this better than Twilight? I really want to know. Also, she probably loves him because she slept with him.

  5. Moviemantweeter1999

    Oh good your doing a gravity falls vlog now. That’s good since this videos over. But I’m surprised you didn’t go all out and spoil it since you just spoiled the ending. But nobody in the house I’m in right now takes this seriously so hey that’s good.

  6. This is Spoiler Corner. I didn’t see the movie, but for what have you said, I really don’t know much more that from Sibling Rivalry. That little happens in the movie?

  7. I’m not normally one to make comments. I haven’t ever had an account before today, but watching this I was so mortified that I had to say something.

    This commentary disturbed me. I did read 50 Shades of Grey, and I did read it as the funniest thing to hit the blocks, because it is. It’s hilarious. It’s bad writing, bad characters, and bad story telling. It’s a shit book with nothing of value. But that doesn’t forgive what it says.

    Both of you constantly compared it to porn (which in my mind is an insult to porn) but you compared it to porn in how it demeans women. And then you go on to say that people shouldn’t take it seriously because it’s just a fantasy. You repeat this, and you try to make the point through the entire review. Except, the problem is that this in itself is a problem and people SHOULD take it seriously.

    This was made popular by women with children. You say that the relationship is a fantasy? Well why is that the fantasy? You play it off as though it’s not a big deal yet when I listen to you talk all I can wonder is why you aren’t talking about why this fantasy shows not only how society views women, but how women view themselves. Their fantasy is to be in an extremely emotionally abuse relationship where their “man” can stalk them, hurt them, control what they eat, where they sleep, what they wear, what they say, how they act, who they can hang out with, who they and where they work with, and forces gift upon gift on them, even if it makes them uncomfortable. All of this without her consent. But it’s romanticized, and if you honestly think this isn’t harmful… well I can see why. You don’t see what women see. You don’t have the same experiences, and you don’t hear every day that you need to act like an object to get a man.

    This movie and book says that. Not just to mothers with children, but to their daughters who find out what books they like and what their fantasies are. It says that to men and their sons, which gives them a valid reason to act that way. If a woman’s fantasy is to be abused, then what impressionable teenage boy isn’t going to pick up on that? They’re shaped by society as much as women are, but unlike women, they have power.

    Maybe I’m overreacting, but watching my favorite internet reviewer talk about this romanticization of abuse toward women like it’s not a big deal and people should stop getting upset about it was… well, disturbing. I’m not sure you’ll ever read this, and I know other people have talked about it on the other video, but I felt like I needed to say this. 50 Shades of Grey is a force of bad for women across the world. It’s not just a fantasy, and it does need to be taken seriously.

    I hope both of you have a wonderful day. Thanks for listening.


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