Spoiler Corner: Avengers – Age of Ultron

Spoilers! Doug and Rob talk about Avengers – Age of Ultron.

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  1. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is contracted to return. And yes, that was Quicksilver in DoFP. Both studios can use this character.

    • Hopefully he just comes back as like flash back for Wanda because I really want him to stay dead. Not because I hate him or anything but in the marvel universe were never afraid of characters dying because we don’t think they have the balls for it

      • I don’t know, never liked that concept of killing characters just to kill characters. I feel movies can be as good or even better without forcing “sacrifice” into it.
        Who knows, he was contracted before this production so if he returns they will probably have some idea what to do with him and why they killed him in the first place.
        Although I could live without him, still feel the Xmen version was kind of better..

      • Just off the top of my head, here are a few ways they could bring Quicksilver back if they so choose:
        1. Flashbacks, obviously.
        2. Pietro becomes Wanda’s “imaginary friend”/hallucination as she seems to be losing her grip on reality (which may or may not turn out to actually be her subconsciously holding his mind inside her own with her brain magic).
        3. Wanda goes all Orpheus and rescues Pietro from the underworld.
        4. Death sends Quicksilver as a messenger to the Avengers, to inform them about Thanos or something. This is very disturbing, especially to Wanda.
        5. Dr. Strange does something…well, strange.
        6. Tahiti, but it would be a particularly bad idea from a storytelling standpoint to do the same exact thing twice, so this one’s pretty much ruled out.
        7. Let’s not even get into the “he didn’t really die” trope…but it would be pretty easy to do considering his super power. You can justify a lot of nonsense with super speed.

      • Honestly, the whole argument is bs. I never go into any blockbuster movie seriously expecting that the main character dies by the end, because it nearly never happens. And for the MCU, it is actually a really bad idea to kill off characters, because once you do, you can’t do anything else with it. Loki was originally supposed to die in Thor 1. Just imagine how much more empty the universe would be without him. Killing off Stane for good in Iron Man robbed the universe of a potential villain they could have used down the line.
        Dying is really the most boring of all consequences. I rather see them displacing characters in a different time, or dismantling SHIELD than killing off someone.

        • I really don’t agree. Just because killing of Loki would have been the dumbest thing ever (because he’s actually the villain of the initial Avengers for one thing), does not mean that dying is the most “boring” of all consequenses”. If it’s truly unforseen, killing a character creates a MAJOR impact on the story. And that impact sways the emotional response of the viewers which is the most important thing to do.
          Emotional over logical. Almost every time.

  2. Yep, Extended cut blu-ray with about i believe up 45 minutes of footage put back in and an alternate ending.

    • Still sad that this didn’t happen for the first one.
      There was more then an hour additional material here, too.
      Including a lot of cap flashbacks, which were supposed to be used in winter soldier instead… Where they ended up beeing cut, too….

  3. I’ll come back to this on Saturday when I’ve actually SEEN the movie.

    • Criticisms leveled against this movie- while legitimate- seem just as much the result of backlash against hype while climbing the bar set by the first Avengers film as they are good points. While the first film has much of the same problems the novelty of the concept and it’s execution shifted critical gaze away from the flaws. In this way Avengers Age of Ultron has an even greater challenge as it needed to be all things to all people- but lacked the advantage of being fresh in it’s story. Joss Wedon gave us the best film he could make under the circumstances. It was fun and funny- had excellent character development- and in my opinion surpassed the first Avengers.

      • Well I didn’t like the first transformers, too^^

        Well I feel the first one was better, but age of ultron was still an excellent movie.

        But I haven’t heared many bad reviews and comments yet, most of them are pretty much what I think too “great, just not as great as one”

  4. Heart-Lightning

    My basic consensus on said movie

    >It’s not as good as Avengers. Not mediocre, not bad and not lackluster. But it’s not good or great.

    >Really should have stopped focusing on Hawkeye so much. Could have used that time to focus on Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver instead. They were the new characters and people don’t really care much for Hawkeye.

    >There were a few plot conveniences like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver showing up on the train and they just happen to the right people to save everybody from said train crash. Or how about when Ultron shoved Natasha in a cell that allowed her access to tools to Morris code the location to Hawkeye.

    >Love the fact that Tony Stark did his damn best to try and get Hulk out of the city. Even going as far as finding places where to hit Hulk with zero civilians and trying to trap Hulk in that cage first. Thank god Whedon learned from Snyder what NOT to do.

    >I do get Ultron’s character in this version but I was hoping for a bit more growth into being an adult. Given how Ultron was literally born for 3 days does make you realize how much more child like he would have to be.

    >Great use of red herring on Captain America holding Thor’s hammer and gave it to Vision instead.

    >A little too much humor at points. Quicksilver’s last words really shouldn’t have been a quip.

    I give the movie about a B-.

    • I actually think that it would have been better than The Avengers on every level if not for the stupid love-story which really dragged the movie down. The time would have been better spend on more interaction between the old and the new characters.

  5. for me the problem was that the menace of ultron could be used a lot better in the film. i mean.. come on ultron was in charge of any machine in the whole world. and his plan was to kill humanity. oh come on just think what this could lead to. just start cutting out electricity, any communications, water supplies, transportation and put the avengers in that scenario. he was anywhere! they are six! why not plan him to do multitask plans! the problem i have with this film is that the bad guy is so .. stupid.. and come on.. no casualities except for quicksilver? oh come on.. it could be a lot epic. you refer to terminator but does anyone remember a single terminator how many damage dealed? now imagine a “cloud” terminator like this one what could do. weak weak bad character. heck, the mandarin was a better bad charachter than this and he was marvel!!. for me the best moment was when the party was interrupted. it means no useable iron man suits and a potential scenario of epicness struggle for the avengers. sadly it was too .. cliche fairy tale bad vs good plot

  6. I wasn’t really a fan of the hulk/widow romance. It wasn’t badly written or anything, its just it only seemed to pop up in this film. she spent the entire last avengers film being nothing but terrified of the hulk, he’s pretty much the only thing that rattles her at all, and there’s nothing hinting at it in winter soldier. it kind of feels like they had nothing for hulk and widow to do so just lumped them in a love story and came up with reasoning for it later

    • Actually I liked that romance a lot.
      I don’t really feel she spent the first movie beeing afraid of him…, just the part where he was actively trying to smash her…
      When that was hinted in the trailer I wasn’t a fan of the idea…at all… but I feel it played surprisingly good…

    • I think there was a lot of stuff they could have done with Black Widow (like letting her interact with Laura, the assassin and the house-wife), but didn’t do because they really, really needed some Betty Ross replacement for Bruce. It did neither character any favours.

      This was the first time since Iron Man 2 that it felt as if Black Widow was written as a “female” instead of a character who just happens to be female.

  7. Here is the one reason why people should watch Ang Lee’s Hulk https://youtu.be/p_zTiP8DXP4?t=1m38s

  8. Ok my 2 cents (as if anyone cared)…
    I really really really liked this one, but not as much as the first. It feels liked it missed some marks the first one met perfectly.
    The first one handled a really big amount of characters, but every one got sufficient screen time. This time I feel it became too much. I mean it’s a wonder how it worked in one, but now we have all the same plus “actually” Hawkeye, the twins and vision. I feel only widow and hulk really worked.
    Also for character development in the first one: avengers 1 was essentially JUST the climax to a plot that went through all phase 1 movies minus the hulk movie. The tessaract in cap 1, Lokis motivation in Thor, the arc reactor thing in iron man.
    Avengers 2 did build the plot almost completely withing itsself, no story bit from any phase 2 movie played in (and had that tons of characters) and I feel that was to much. One could argue that this made 2 for itsself the better movie because it was self explaining while 1 depended heavily on its predaccessors, but I liked it the way they did it before better, that’s kind of the charm of the mcu to me.
    Also the action scenes… What I liked about 1 is that while tons of stuff was going on on the screen one could always follow the action, it was a,ways clear what was happening.
    Avengers 2 went a bit down the road where most action films go with keeping it hard to follow the action. Luckily not the shaky cam quit cut BS, it’s still good.

    • Oh and also the first one had kind of more iconic scenes. Stuff like the suit attaching during the fall, hulks “puny God” scene, the assemble shot, the tony-Loki dialog and a few more…. I feel there is nothing like that in 2…

    • It still depends on AOS for explaining how do the Avengers know about Strucker…

  9. Despite what you said, I felt sure Hawkeye was going to die – come on: settled romantic status, baby on the way, expressing a desire to get “out of the game”…. short of giving him a life insurance policy that he’ll sign “When I get back” he pretty much hit all the “Doomed Character” tropes. So I was pretty surprised Joss didn’t kill him off (unless Disney over-ruled him). Not that I wanted to see him killed, I just thought it was inevitable!

  10. Nightmarechs75

    An Hour was cut out so hopefully there will be a Directors cut.

    I honestly feel like they used the same effect for this Quicksilver just not have that one scene.

    I honestly felt Quicksilver and Hawkeye were going to die when Hawkeye collapsed next to his body.

    Also Thanos is so underused because Joss Whedon doesn’t like him because he’s not human enough. compared to Loki a God, and Ultron a Supercomputer.

  11. Rob about your idea that Thanos didn’t do anything that you said in Sib Rivalry…your right on screen he did nothing, but go to a Vault and pick-up the Infinity Gauntlet…one minor point that I think you missed…The last time we saw the Infinity Gauntlet it was in a Vault(similar to the one Thanos got it from) on Asgard…while he might not of done anything on-screen it is very possible that much of Asgard is in Ruins now…plus Thor: Ragnarok picks up “immediately” after this movie ends chronologically, and considering the sub-title of the next Thor movie it makes it even more possible that Asgard is messed up.

  12. The Deal with the Movies is simple save for Quicksliver and Scarlet Witch.

    Sony owns Spiderman and everything that ties directly to his comics.(Venom at’al)
    Fox owns Xmen(and all mutants*) as well as the Fantasic Four those tied to their comics.
    Marvel owns more or less everything else.

    The complication comes with the Twins. As they are Mutants(hence should be owned by Fox) but almost never appear in the Xmen Comics. Most of their appearances are in the Avengers comics and are heavily tied there as such should be owned by Marvel. Since both had very valid claims they took the joint custody approach. Marvel can have them in Avengers but they Can’t be Mutants or reference Mutants and Magneto can’t be their dad. Fox can have them in Xmen but they can’t be on an Avengers team or reference the Avengers.

    To confuse things even more Sony cut a Deal with Marvel to include Spiderman in the MCU…but they get to keep Spiderman and his solo movies are under their control with “advice” from Marvel Studios.

  13. nostalgic90skid

    Seriously guys? Sam Wilson. The guy with the wings is Sam Wilson.
    Also, yes. It was quicksilver in DOFP, they even had the whole scene with him nearly figuring out magneto’s his dad…
    I completely agree on everything you said, actually. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the Bruce/Natasha thing. Just kinda unneccesary and I just don’t really see them as something romantic it doesn’t work for me? I mean it was kinda cutesy but I don’t need that?? Also The comment from swanpride explains how I feel about it, it’s just not right…

    I sure loved those nightmare sequences though, Heimdal being a creep for once? Hell yeah.
    Steve+Peggy angst? *sobs* Hell yeah.

    Personally I can’t wait for Ragnarok. Well. All of them. I can’t wait for all of the films. Yes.

  14. It’s interesting that they don’t know anything about the legal situation of quicksilver, as well as his background and role in both movies.
    I don’t even watch most of the marvel movies and certainly don’t actively look up information about it, and still know what the deal is with quichsilver. It’s kinda odd that they don’t, despite spending much more time with these movies.

  15. Yay! Spoiler Corner! I can finally see this video. I know other comments have probably addressed it but the wing guy is Falcon, Fox IS bring Quicksilver back, and YES, that was teenage Quicksilver is Days of Future’s Past. I never thought that the movie was too long. I did think the Hawkeye scenes were boring after a while and the Ultron waking up scene was too short but besides that, I had no issue with length.

  16. GreenGoblinsOckVenom86

    I’m thinking Thanos will have to be a main antagonist in one of the upcoming Marvel films. Definitely not Ant Man though. Probably in Guardians 2 though I wouldn’t be surprised if he played somewhat of a role in Captain Marvel or Dr. Strange. I think he also might make an appearance in Thor 3.

  17. GreenGoblinsOckVenom86

    Also with Spider-Man in the MCU I really want at some point for them to make an alternate MC2 Universe that has everyone a lot older and their kids have taken over including Peter Parker’s and Mary Jane’s daughter Mary Jane. You’d just have to get different actors for the older classic heroes.

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