Spoiler Corner: Captain America – Winter Soldier

Who IS the Winter Soldier?

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  1. To answer the question you had about relations between Marvel Studios and the other two companies that own Marvel IP (Fox and Sony), Marvel Studios has been adamantly pursuing the rights to their characters from both companies since the first Iron Man. Fox has consistently said no, since they see profit still available from X-Men, and refused to give up the Fantastic Four more out of stubbornness than anything else (the only reason they’re making a new FF movie is because their contract states that if they don’t make a movie every X years, they lose the rights). Sony was more interested in a deal for Spider-Man, and after long negotiations, eventually turned Marvel down.

    But then, Andrew Garfield got fed up with Sony producers and quit, and Sony execs scrambled back to Marvel Studios and took the deal, resulting in a new Spider-Man movie set in the MCU coming out in 2017 and the new Spider-Man making his first appearance (probably) in Captain America: Civil War.

  2. Perhaps the last few movie were not as good because the put so much in to making there weakest character and flush him out more that the iron man and Thor movie were evidence that mavel is working a little thin on these movie trying to keep up with there out put.
    Perhaps we as an audience need to be willing to let mavel skip a year or so to makes sure more movie are like this one.
    The the Halloween movie first are great but demand for these movies starts to rush production and cause the quality of these movie suffer for it.
    So are we as the consumer willing to wait for better movies or push tell marvel can’t keep up?

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