Spoiler Corner: Frozen

Was the ending a hit or miss?

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  1. Pretty good VLOG but there are a few things i feel the need to say

    1. It seemed pretty clear that, when Elsa didn’t try to defend herself from Hans was because she was suicidal because of Anna’s death.
    2: The reason Hans didn’t kill Elsa when he had her unconcious was because He thought she knew how to undo the storm

  2. “Frozen” is by no means a bad movie, but it is not the ground-breaking movie that the fans make it out to be. For me, it’s a huge problem when a movie is so overhyped that I can’t admit it’s own merits. I hate calling a movie “overrated”, but this one is a little bit “overrated”.

  3. I haven’t seen the film but I know what you mean. It’s the same thing as The Dark Knight. It wasn’t as good what everybody told, at least for me…

  4. Just rewatched the end of the film again.

    First the good stuff:

    1) The climax in which Anna and Olaf are running through the palace and outside to find Krostoff, Kristoff is racing on Sven to get to Anna, and Hans is tricking Elsa into thinking that Anna is dead, all happening in that very believable blizzard is EXTREMELY satisfying. Yeah, I don’t like the animation on the humans that much, but the storm, and everything happening so fast, and everyone’s motivations, it all just feels so EPIC! Definitely feels like the kind of grand adventures we used to get from Disney. No disappointments there.

    2) Anna and Kristoff’s romance and love is SO much more believable (and downright adorable) than Rapunzel and Eugene’s. I actually cannot get over how much more sense they make and how much more chemistry they have. It just did not work for me in “Tangled,” but at the end of Frozen I 100% buy it. I can’t believe how I forgot how cute they are from my first viewing. Look at them at the very end when she gives him the sleigh! They’re damn precious! lol

    And now the bad stuff:

    1) Elsa JUST SUDDENLY realizing that “love” will thaw the cold and help her control her powers was fucking WEAK! Really? She NEVER experimented with emotions, positive emotions, possibly making her powers better or worse when she was growing up? I get that she was always too afraid of someone finding out, or hurting someone, that she put most of her energy into covering it up and suppressing it, but COME ON! That was just lazy! “Oh, love! Of course! Look at that! Its melting! Yippee!” *facepalm* Come on, Disney. Sometimes you’re just…you’re so lame. lol

    2) Anna punching Hans in the face and him falling into the water as the crowd up above laughed looked like something out of Little House on the Prairie. NEVER a compliment. I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers were watching LHOTP when they came up with that gag. Wow, is it painful.

    3) One of the villains, preferably Hans, should have died. I think its one of the reasons the “epicness” of the film isn’t as impactful or memorable. There’s nothing like a grizzly, dark, terrifying (but still fucking awesome) Disney villain death. “The Princess and the Frog” proved that they’ve still got it in them. If Hans had been frozen completely and then broken into a million pieces it would’ve been so cool (as someone on a youtube comment suggested), or if maybe he’d drowned in the water. Just being arrested and deported? Double weak.

  5. I thought the Hans twist was funny better over the top villain vs true loves kiss
    My did Anna stay when she could of left the would be cooler Anna capable adventuring princess meets her fear of the word and herself Elsa the puts more weight behind Anna confidence other then stupidity
    If Elsa get in a relationship I hope instead of opponents attracts or not in love the they do fall in love
    Have a guy that can befriend her and see past her power and see her as Elsa
    To be more than a normal princess have her make the step from the over looked of friends to lovers after so emotional Journey he doesn’t have to come but if he dose it sum thing out of place like a stupid not alway helpful gadget guy

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