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Spoilers! Doug and Rob talk about Jurassic World.

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  1. Hey Doug & Rob,

    I’m a video editor and a filmmaker and I really love your review on Jurassic Park. So to make a long story short, here’s what happened on opening night. I was at Sunset Place (AMC/IMAX) in Miami, FL and I bought my 7:00 ticket for Jurassic World in IMAX.The crew told me that I had to go an hour early in line because my ticket was one of the last tickets that’ll be sold out in a few minutes and practically, there were only 5 to 7 people in line once after I got my ticket. I met a few folks who were so pumped up for this flick that one of the teens got a Lego Indominus Rex figure while standing in line. By 6:45 the rope was down and me and my new allies ran with our IMAX glasses and I got the best view of the whole damn theater, with my popcorn and my “Caffeine-Free Diet Cherry Coke” (Don’t ask how…….actually, because I adore you guys, I will spoil it for fun, I used the Coke Freestyle machine! lol) all in place for the flick. All I could think of is when will they show the MUTHAF***IN T-Rex. The film is more suspenseful to the 1st, which makes it incredible to watch. But…how could I say this, if you had to get a hangover while screaming like an idiot with your IMAX glasses, than watching the last 10 minutes of the film would be the epiphany of my reaction. When Claire told Lowery to open the doors to Section 9, I said to myself, “All hell is gonna break lose.” As soon as Claire sees the huge door opening, and the giant monster-like silhouette appears, I was thinking about the “I’M A MUTHAFUCKIN T-REX” song from the Critic’s JP Review! At that moment when the T-Rex appeared, I went ballistic, and yelled out “IT’S THE MUTHAFUCKIN T-REX!!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” And everybody in the theater cheered. As the T-Rex and the Indominus Rex fight each other, everybody cheered as if I watching Rocky Balboa vs Apollo Creed duking it out in 3D! I had that SAME reaction the the Indominus Rex was close to killing the MUTHAFUCKIN T-REX! And then….Blue came out and gave The MUTHAFUCKIN T-REX another fight chance and I was cheering like crazy, buildings and gift shops demolished, like it was the Crossfire commercial from your Commercials trilogy! As soon as the fight was over, just as the Indominus Rex was close for another strike attack, all of a sudden, the Mosasaurus lunges out the water and grabs the Indominus Rex into her watery death! At that point, I was the only guy jumping out of my seat and cheer like my hands up like it was the best ending to a sequel to Jurassic Park. As soon as I saw the T-Rex at the end of the last shot of the movie, I could think of an amazing quote that would go along with this roar and I got two quotes: “Here’s a free poster, bitches!” and “Back from the dead, assholes!” And that was to me, one of the greatest last 10 minutes of any movie I ever saw out of this year.

    Hope you enjoyed my story brohams! Hope to hear from you soon!

    -Gabriel Lezama

    P.S. Please Critic, Do a review on this movie! It is that awesome! And Rob……keep up doing Jeff, uh, uh, Goldblum.

  2. I call the water dinosaur the RKO-saurus. It came out of nowhere!

    • Not quite. 😉 The Mosasaurus (that “water dinosaur,” which is not really a dinosaur) was established quite early in the movie (not to mention featured in all the trailers). And I had a feeling that the Mosasaur would show up again when it became clear where Blue and Rexie had driven the Indominus (and truthfully – the Mosasaur is really the only thing *big* enough to take out the Indominus without much trouble).

  3. The main problem with 3D and why it makes things look like small or toy-like sometimes, is when the baseline, the distance between your “eyes” within movie is set really far apart. If you want your 3D movie to look realistic, you need to keep the baseline close to the real distance between people’s eyes. The thing is with that, really large things will tend to still look flat, as the they do in real life, so the 3D is still pointless.

  4. The ending to this movie is awesome. I still consider the ending to the first Jurassic Park to be better, but this one is worthy to be up there with it. I was smiling and keeping myself from yelling through this whole scene. It’s just so awesome!

    And second, I agree with Rob (you know what part I really mean).

  5. I agree, the ending of this movie was *f-ing awesome* – and the LEGO video game adaption made it hilarious. And I disagree with Doug – there is no way anyone in the film theater *didn’t* know what was coming once the younger kid said, “We need more teeth.”

    And let’s face it – you can’t have a Jurassic Park film without a T. rex. And guys – that’s the ORIGINAL rex from the first film! 😀

    I agree with Rob – the fact that the fight between the Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus was so damn short is probably why people still debate how the two would come out in a fight to this day. And no, Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus did not live in the same time or even the same continent; they never would have encountered each other.

    As for the park creators creating the most popular dinosaurs from mosquito stomach contents – it’s obviously a selective process. They no doubt grew what they had, selected the more popular ones, and tossed out the not so popular ones – or saved them for future use.

    • I thought the kids finding the old Visitor Center was cool too; I almost cried when I saw the raptor from the old dining room mural. As for why it was still there; it may have been too overgrown by the time the new Park started construction (nature can reclaim a site *really* fast sometimes) and only discovered it later when most of the new park was already complete (Claire at least does recognize it as part of the old park). They left it as is because it was in a part of the park that visitors wouldn’t get to see, and it was more economical to just leave it than tear it down at that point.

  6. All Dinosaurs are awesome in their own way. Don’t talk shit about any of them.

  7. Pretty sure the T-Rex is the EXACT same T-Rex from Jurassic Park, hence the scars it had on it from the raptor attacks in the first film, and the reason they were so wary about releasing it. (Because of its part in the first film and all that happened there…)

  8. thank you!!!!!!!! thank you for pointing out the stupid Unix system thing!!!!!!! stupid stupid stupid for so many reasons. i don’t even remember her entering any commands. she was moving around some 3d UI. i have no idea why they changed it from the book. in the book after trying several things they discovered the screens were touch operated. the kid (i think it was Tim not Lex) just was the one make the discovery.

  9. I absolutely adored this film start to finish and it did indeed keep me on the edge of my seat for quite a few parts and left me fascinated by the design and structure they used for the park even recreating the field but instead of just showing them the runners they got to see the full grown versions of the petting zoo babies. Plus I don’t know what Doug was complaining about for hells sake that thing broke several of the peoples backs tore through one that his blood rained down from a leaf and it crushed the skull of the Anklysaurus. But the suspense they gave you of knowing she was out there but you didn’t know where or when or how she would show up gave it the biggest hype. Yes the fact that it was taking her so long to get to the where they all where was kinda a let down but you gotta remember they chased her into the pterodactyl dome and they simply did what sky hunters do go for the nearest source of food. So it was there mistake letting it into the bird dome. And we found out something else we didn’t know she could do yes we know Raptors can communicate to each other but who knew she could talk to other dinosaurs. She scared them into leaving her alone and going after the chopper. Plus how kind of them to forget the biggest and scariest part in her development. The several dead Sauropods that she never ate only killed for sport that right there says something is very unnatural about her NO hunter not even ancient ones has ever gone after something just for sport. What she did was not only heartbreaking for me it showed that she needed to be taken down and fast she couldn’t be saved she was to dangerous. But yes I don’t know why Doug took so long to figure that out but I guess per usual he’s not that good at paying attention to everything cause you SEE them feed the T-rex with exactly what she was fed with the first time you knew the second the boy said “we need more teeth” that she was going for the biggest set she had left to call upon. AND CLAIRE OMG the second she got herself ready and the way she slapped that dactyl away from the guy and shot it three times was awesome a fiery way to show just how much she was willing to go for her nephews and the guy who wanted to help her even after she nearly got him killed and refused to listen. Secondly Doug did you not see what they rode in on THEY WORK FOR INGEN Wu is still getting paid by their filthy salary and obviously they figured if we can’t show them off as exhibits lets show them off as the lethal weapons they are confusing their “talents” for killing machines but the biggest part he ignored was the bond he shared with them at that deciding moment when Blue turned to face Jason then roared at the Indominous Rex showed she had chosen based on something most ignore about them they are pack animals fierce strong and powerful yes but still pack they see him as pack they love the ferocity he respects in them and he loves how they especially at that important moment showed their biggest trait loyalty. And is NO ONE going to acknowledge that kids genius he tricked that raptor using the Dilophosaurus Hologram knowing it wouldn’t know the difference between a real one and a fake and it is a fierce enemy to any dinosaur cause they KNOW what it is. And his concept was very true you don’t own something just because you made it to them they don’t know that to them they are simply living and if you get in their way your either threat or food neither is a good choice. AND finally for Dougs rant about how no one was around for the finale confrontation um I CLEARLY heard the guy who was given the sympathetically humorous let down say he was STAYING BEHIND while the woman and everyone else got out via ships and such everyone was evacuated on time. AND yes Vincent’s role was glaringly obvious and we could tell from the Raptors behavior he was dead but underline was what Doug missed. They remembered how much they hate him they recognized him in their memory as bad news and hated him from the start that raptor could have ignored him and gone straight for everyone else but he didn’t showing they do remember and they do know who they want to go after first. Guess they hate slimes as much as we do very impressive. So yes the Raptor part of the Idominous Rex’s DNA was rather obvious but again he was missing the point its eyes were like that of a snakes raptor though its snout and claws looked thats only the final full bomb level mistake they made the infrared sight the ability to hide itself that even advanced technology couldn’t detect it made this thing a huger threat then just being intelligent. It was also cruel and like the guy said trying to find itself it just sadly because of use chose to take a very cruel route. And I agree the shout out several times to the first film was heart warming and totally nice them showing the old Center was such a surprise and a good one. So in general very good film in my eyes yes some of it is quite predictable and if your not into those philosophical moments or short but relatively relatable human aspects thats fine but I am positive all will enjoy the park itself the nostalgia throw backs to the first film and as was stated several times the last twenty minutes. And Again they forgot the part where the Raptor nods to the man the way Blue did to the T-rex it was a nod of respect and understanding and a possible venue to show if they ever do and if not its a nice idea to consider that instead of treating them as dangerous abnormalities try understanding them like we do with all the planets animals just because their our sixty five million year old seniors doesn’t mean we can’t connect with them. Its why the dying Sauropod hit me so hard the looks in both their eyes said it all it was hitting at the heart the worst cause that beautiful gentle creature was dying because of their mistake and worst of all it was dying for no reason. Like I said one of the very powerful scenes in that film

    • I have to wonder how much the “hate” the raptors showed Hoskins was their own, and how much of it was unintentionally projected on to them by Owen. The raptors of the JP franchise have always been fairly smart, and no doubt this isn’t the first time Owen and Hoskins have met face to face, and they would have no doubt recognized the different way their “alpha” holds himself and the change in his voice when around Hoskins. They may have come to hate Hoskins (who is certainly slime, no doubt about it) because they recognize their “alpha” does.

  10. also one thing I’d like to point out about JP3 I don’t know if it slipped everyones notice but if you saw that T-rex versus Rista(what me and a friend call the Nublar one)that was clearly a YOUNG adult T-rex and from the look if it Male. Anyone who has studied them knows that in the T-rex its the females who are bigger then the males and stronger cause of that height. Yes the T-rex dying was a huge let down in the third movie cause in that case it wasn’t so much upping the ante it was going from bad to worse to pathetically painful at seeing a clear newbie tackle what is undoubtably not a full grown. If you recall in the second film the Male full grown T-rex was just a few inches shorter then the female the one in the Third was clearly much smaller then that and not ready to tackle something that HAS THE JAWS OF A GATOR. Rista on the other hand has had her chance to flex her muscles in the past and shown she can take a tussle and keep on going. she showed her age and experience and size she showed her overwhelming ferocity and showed she would not stop short of dying till she ripped out that Indominous Rex’s throat out. But yes all in all one being to short and so pathetically ah bad to worse scenario was just made really sour with his death cause so many love the T-rex cause of the first one. But the biggest factors I know carry into this as to why the Spinesaurus won is cause its clearly bigger and older then this young adult T-rex. And Unlike in the first movie that was simply a timely entrance by Rista that they used to their advantage that was ironically badass and iconically put her on our roster as most favorite cause of it she had her moments to show some of her badassness again times two in the second film but its the Fourth that fully showcased why we love this badass finery of scales bones and TEETH. So lets just all agree that the Third in its entirety was just a huge mistake and call Jurassic World the third one. For one FINAL and true reason for me WE FINALLY GET TO SEE NUBLAR AGAIN hello did no one else notice how we finally got to see the first island after exactly twenty years that was amazing since I think we are were beyond tired of Sorna after the last two. We don’t care about the factory we want to see what became of the “showroom floor”

    • I can take “young” for why the Rex in 3 was killed by the Spinosaurus as quickly as it was; but whether it’s male or not is not made clear. Scientists have made it clear in recent years that Tyrannosaurs (nor any other dinosaur, really) did not display sexual dimorphism by size. They do, however, keep growing throughout their lives, which is why the Tyrannosaur “Sue” (located in Doug and Rob’s own home town), is as big as she is: she’s an *old* Tyrannosaurus.

      Oh, and Spinosaurus may have had jaws that looked like a gator (though the real one had jaws closer to a gharial than an alligator), but it doesn’t have the *power* of one. Spinosaurus had strong jaws to be sure (gotta hold those car-sized fish and sharks larger than a great white somehow) but they were nothing like Tyrannosaurus’s, which a jaw strength comparable to a gator’s, if not stronger. So yeah, I still side with Rob on why people hate the Spinosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus fight in 3 – the T. rex there goes down like a chump.

      • mistermilwaukee

        It should also be pointed out that new fossil evidence about spino’s come out only within the last year or two that basically throws a huge wrench in its chances against rex. The thing had very short legs and more than likely spent much of its time in the water fishing like a very big cormorant. On land it’s like it walked on its knuckles with its fore limbs and would only barely be able to walk on its hind legs. So it would make for a more believable stand in for zilla going for Broderick’s “lotta fish” then a brawler beating out rex.

        • It should be noted that the idea of Spinosaurus being a knuckle-walking quadruped is controversial among many who study dinosaurs for a living. Scott Hartman (http://www.skeletaldrawing.com/) believes the back legs should be scaled up about 27%, while Jaime Headden (https://qilong.wordpress.com/) has argued that Spinosaurus’s arms (as they are, no one’s found even a semi-complete set) would have never supported its weight and they weren’t built to for a quadrapedal gait, especially if it had a “wishbone.” Nizar et. all have defended their reconstruction, and there’s a more detailed study that’s supposed to come out soon, but this still hasn’t quelled the debate. Of course, there’s the added complication that a complete skeleton of Spinosaurus has never been found, just bits and pieces over the years, so any talk about what Spinosaurus looked like is speculation at best.

  11. I think the Mosasaur finishing off the Indominus was anti-climactic. Rexy and Blue vs. the Indominus was an evenly matched fight and would have delivered a satisfying ending but something 10 times the Indominus’s size sneaking up and basically stabbing it in the back is just unfair.

  12. Dude, as soon as I left the theatre, I thought to myself “I bet Doug Walker fucking LOVED that climax”. I wanted to shout out “I’M A MOTHERFUCKING T-REX”.
    I like to think of it as Colin Trevorrow apologizing for the third film. I mean, that has to be what he was referencing. The T-rex smashing through the Spinosaurus skeleton certainly supports that theory.

    ALSO: If you go to the viral website set up for the film, and look up the T-rex’s page, it states that ‘Our T-rex has lived on the island for over twenty-five years. IT’S. THE. SAME. REX. You can even see the scars that the velociraptors left from the climax in the first film. I lost my shit, I was so happy.

  13. About the question why they didn’t tear down the old visior center… It is inside the RESTRICTED AREA and my impression was that the restricted area is “not under control”. You know like “we don’t go there anymore”…

  14. I’m surprised you two didn’t mention the assistant getting effed up by the pterodactyls. I mean, that was just utterly mean. Maybe it was a response to how no women died onscreen in the first three JP movies, and so yah, overcompensation. I guess Chivalry didn’t go down during the Jurassic era huh?

    And yes, that ending was so effin awesome. Please let the next western godzilla movie have THAT kind of action.

    • One of my theories is that there are scenes from the movie that were cut that would have shown Zara being a less sympathetic character, to the point we would understand why the kids ditched her and wouldn’t feel sorry when she met her fate. Until the “Director’s Cut” DVD comes out, it’s just a theory.

      • Unsympathetic is one thing, but THAT is a death I’d want saved for the major villain. In terms of being effed-up, that was right up there with John Hammond’s death in the book. Scoffing at the wisdom to respect nature and our inability to control it, than twisting his ankle after falling down a slope he didn’t see, and being ripped to pieces an inch at a time by his own creations. Irony is a meaner beast than even a T-Rex John.

        But that, just being toyed with like a cat with a mouse, thrown into the water repeatedly, hounded and than swallowed alive. SERIOUSLY?!? Unless she was beating those children, I don’t think she had THAT coming.

  15. CurtTheHistorian

    anyone notice the climax kinda ripped off the conclusion of Prehistoric Park (BBC) when the Mosasaur finishes the fight? (in the show it was mega crock)

    this also had me asking the same question I had in JP3 where’s the T-Rex’s pack-mates? the one thing JP2 got right and it wasn’t exploited here WTF!

    • The Rexes from The Lost World live on Isla Sorna (and given that island isn’t given a mention in this film, there are a fair number of viewers who have theorized that TLW and JP3 are not part of the canon anymore – something I don’t agree with, but whatever). Jurassic World is set on Isla Nublar, the location of the first film, and there was only *one* Rex on that island – and the rex in that film is the same one as the one in this film (you can see the old scars from the raptor attack on her in certain scenes).

    • TVTropes also points out that the climax also replicates the opening of the Walking with Dinosaurs episode “Cruel Sea” (although both are pretty standard fare whenever you have a sea reptile and a dinosaur on the same screen).

  16. HAHAHAHA Lmaooo! You guys getting into the T. rex is way too great!

  17. Fun Fact: It’s the same T-Rex from the first movie. You can even see her scars from when she fought the raptors at the end.

  18. The funny part is As god dam awesome as the final fight was the reason it was even more epic then it should of have been was because of the third movie. if the third movie fight had not happen this would have been just another yep the T-rex is still awesome but because it went down like a bitch in the last movie you really felt like maybe the T-rex would lose again but felt so god dam awesome that it didn’t and thought THE QUEEN IS BACK BITCH!!

  19. Man I remember seeing this, it was fucking epic. As soon as I saw the Trex I wanted to just up and shout “Its da matha fucking trex!!!!” But I was like 6 seats down from this 8 year old so I held it in, but I couldn’t help it that fight was so awesome I stood up and shouted “It’s a mother fucking raptor Riding a mother fucking Trex fighting a mother fucking raptor Trex hybrid!!!” And then that little kid jumped up and was like YEAH!!!! and everyone started cheering, it was fucking awesome.

  20. If we guide ourselves about what paleontology and biology say about the body structure and behavior of the T-Rex and Spinosaurus, the T-Rex would have won the fight hands down. “Bigger” doesn’t mean “better”, specially when you’re a predator.

    Now, against the Indominus and its magic DNA superpowers, it might have been a different story. Had the T-Rex not been helped by its amazing friends, it wouldn’t have stood a chance. So, I guess in the next film the T-Rex, the raptor and the Mosasaurus are going to team up to fight evil as the Dino Avengers or something.

    Yeah, I’m sorry, I know you guys think that scene was awesome, I thought it was stupid. Fun, yeah, but stupid. Just too over the top, specially at the end, when they just look at themselves and part ways.

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