Spoiler Corner: The Lego Movie

The Legos were dead the whole time!

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  1. I really loved Toy Story 3, and I really liked The Lego Movie – I don’t mind the sappiness in them because its reinforcing the good morals that I’m glad they’ve decided to put in to these smart family movies, but not to the point where it’s disgusting and irritating. >D

  2. his sister plays with bionicle? i’m not going to lie bionicle never comes across as a female orientated lego series. especially with the lava surfing toa which even to me at the age of 21 is still a f**king awesome image

  3. Juan Potgieter

    That scene where Emmet has the vision and he see’s the little boy and his hand completely went over my head and when they were in Emmet’s mind and he was talking about what he saw in his vision I was still lost it’s only when they got to the ending that I knew I missed something.

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