Star Trek: Discovery – Season 1 – Unrepentant Geeking

Shaun is joined once again by Petros L. Ioannou as they debate their very different opinions on the recently completed first season of Star Trek: Discovery.

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  1. Star Trek: Discovery kill over 10 white characters.But not OK to kill one gay character.Look i do not know the long history of kill the gay character.But I think this shows kill off lot’s of characters it clear how the set up this show.With hight change to die.Also the actors Wilson Cruz might what to lever the shows so if the did a story of him broken up with his boyfriend and lever Discovery would that has work for you. From what i hear the was lots of fight with the actors and lots of them left the show.

  2. I understand why that character’s death frustrated you that much, and i do see argument in what you said: that the real issue is not the gay character dies bur rather that they are reduced to a trope. (Tropised, tropomorphised?).
    Personally, i didn’t really care whether that died was gay or not, just that he was killed off, cheaply, and for no reason. Because of that i only sighed in exasperation, i didn’t care about what just happened.
    And That was the real issue with the show (for me). I didn’t find myself caring about the majority of the characters. It took me several episodes to stop finding Michael annoying to watch. And the others were just bland. Even if they were likable, nothing happened with them, they did nothing worth remembering and as a result they weren’t memorable.
    When a friend told me that a character dies on the show, i just hoped it wouldn’t be Lorca or the “blonde science guy” because the other characters i just didn’t care about (and i tried to care, believe me). I also got a similar impression with empress whatshername. Who cares? We didn’t get any time to know the character, why should we be care that she’s evil now? Honestly i was hoping the emperor would be stammets or a character we got to know, saw as positive and now got to enjoy a flipside of. What’s the point point of a twisted reflection of something when you haven’t seen the original…. hmm actually having to guess what the original was would have been interesting (but they didn’t do that).

  3. And as you may have noticed, the word “care” features heavily in what i just wrote. The reason for that is that i didn’t feel like i created any connections to any of the characters over the span of the season. They weren’t developed enough for me to invest in them. Because of that i didn’t feel affected when something happened to them and/or they died.
    P.S. Apologies for the wall of text, i’m finishing off the flue at the moment and this helps keep my focus off of that.

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