Star Wars Force Awakens Review Commentary

We haven’t done one of these in a while! Here’s a commentary for the Force Awakens review.

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  1. This must be the first commentary on a clipless review. Why was there no audio? There’s usually at least some here. No mention on how it’s the 300th episode? Why haven’t you reviewed an awful movie for a milestone celebration like Battlefield Earth for the 100th episode. A pity Brad wasn’t in the commentary.

  2. No, Darth Dad is better. I hope that a Chris Stuckmann crossover is on the horizon. I was just confused that Snoke was at least super big (or so I thought). I didn’t know if I liked it or not but then it turned out to not be a non-issue. Also, in the movie, I knew someone would die and I was kind of waiting for Luke to be dead but a minute before Han died, I did have a bad feeling (no reference intended).

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