Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Disneycember

Changing things up a bit as Doug and Rob look over the newest addition to the Star Wars movies, The Force Awakens!

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  1. For the record, while they spell it differently (I don’t know how), the alien whose name you can’t remember is ‘Mas Que Nada’ – literally Spanish for ‘better than nothing’. (I think it’s ‘Mas Kenada’ or something.)

  2. I actually saw the big reveal about Kylo Ren coming a mile away thanks to the Expanded Universe. Which is the same reason why I think Rey is his sister and not his cousin.

  3. 1. Maybe this is just me, but I can accept perhaps-excessively CGI characters as just one of the conventions of modern filmmaking. Being able to glance at Maz and know that she’s all computers doesn’t matter to me because I know that she’s supposed to be there. I’ve never thought that Gollum looked as convincing as a puppet or extensive makeup would have, but I can still accept that SOMEthing (i.e. Serkis in a mocap suit) is really interacting with Frodo and Sam; I think that the raptors in “Jurassic World” looked better (not “MORE PRESENT”, but definitely “BETTER”, as in textures, coloring, integration, etc.) than the daylight shots of the dinos in “JP”; it didn’t bother me in “Avatar” that I was looking at completely CG’d footage for the same reason it doesn’t bother me that “Toy Story” is completely CG (there’s plenty of OTHER things about “Avatar” that bother me, but that’s beside the point). Maybe this is because I’ve seen a lot of movies with genuinely terrible low-budget CG (your “Sharknado”s and other SyFy TV movies) and I can tell the difference between a production that didn’t have the time, money, talent or care to make even mediocre CG, and one that put as much into the CG as possible (but then again, you guys have seen plenty of garbage as well). As long as it doesn’t actually look bad, I’m fine with it and I’m not distracted at all. And, as somebody else said above, the Supreme Leader (whatever his name was) was a hologram, so of course he looked faker than your average high-end CGI character.

    2. I completely agree that there needed to be more clarity to the backstory; specifically, the stakes at hand. Yeah, the First Order is trying to eliminate the Jedi by killing Luke, but we don’t get a sense of how this matters to the rest of the galaxy, until we see that they have ANOTHER DEATH STAR!…. and that’s pretty much it.

  4. Quick question.

    I just watched all previous Star Wars movies for the very first time last week.

    Was it a huge mistake that I watched them in chronological order?

  5. thechaowiththeglasses999

    Sorry Rob, you are just wrong about the new movie not being almost beat for beat A New Hope. I almost turned the video off you were so wrong. I don’t know how you could be more wrong.

    • thechaowiththeglasses999

      even though he contradicts himself. I’m going to be honest, I think Rob is very stubborn and dismissive of any opinion different from his own, he is very hard to listen to.

  6. i thought it was ok. It was obvious fin wasint being set up as the hero which kinda sucks since he is a better character then ryn. Also as much people bitch about aniken being whiny kylo was just as. He was constally catching a temper tantrum and slicing everything up.

  7. Based on comments made in the movie I think that the First Order and Republic are supposed to be locked in their own version of the cold war. I think the most appropriate real world analogue to use would be the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The Republic can’t or doesn’t want to risk all out war with the First Order but it is supporting the rebellion.

  8. Oh god, so amazing!

  9. I think I’m a minority here…

    This movie was almost as bad as the prequels… if not worse in some areas.

    *Gasp, don’t kill me*

    Why? Because this movie had the guts TO RESELL US A NEW HOPE AND CALL IT A NEW MOVIE!

    There is a difference between nodding to the originals, and actually having almost the exact same plot (minus some changes in tasks) and this makes me very uncomfortable that people actually like this. Almost every character mirrors off of a character from the original.

    “Oh, but that was intentional! Star Wars has always been mirroring!”

    Yeah, but it’s lazy. The fact that 90% of this movie is rehashed material from A New Hope is almost… bleh… nevermind. I’m not even a hardcore Star Wars fan. However, the prequels did one thing right, they showed us new material, they expanded the universe greatly, and they added atmosphere. Granted, there was a lot of issues with what they did, but the universe felt much bigger.

    Here, we get EXACTLY what we already had… even the same plot. Sure, names have been switched around, but they play similar roles. It is just frustrating to see something like this get released. At this point, I pretty much want Star Wars to TRY SOMETHING NEW. Fans for years have wined about how “The prequels weren’t like the originals”, but in reality, we don’t want a rehash. We want new territory that hasn’t been explored yet.

  10. THANK YOU!!!! When it was all said and done, I turned to my husband and said “So, it’s episode 4, but with updated special effects?”

    It was an enjoyable movie, and JJ definitely got the look and feel down. But come on! Give us a new story.

    Alas, maybe episodes 8 & 9 will take us in a new direction. XP

  11. I thought that it was an entertaining movie, but somehow they managed to make it feel incredibly *small*. It feels like there’s nothing at stake, there are no great emotions, no personal battles. Sure, there’s the Kylo Ren and his family ties, but even though he’s maybe the only interesting character around, everything else still feels like it’s not worth caring about.

    The whole “Resistance” bit is part of that – WHY have that? I felt like the movie didn’t trust my intelligence enough to consider anyone other than the scruffy underdogs the “good guys”. Why not make the First Order the broken-down, backs-to-the-wall, brutal, radical remnant of the Empire, and let the Republic struggle under its new weight? That’s an interesting situation, that’s something worth exploring. Or, if you want to avoid the prequels’ political entanglements – make Leia the commander of the Republic strike fleet, sent to defeat the First Order once and for all.

    Same with Starkiller Base – why NOT have it attack somewhere meaningful? Why make it target no-name planets? Even Alderaan, a planet we knew barely anything about, was tied to Leia’s personal emotional stakes.

    Finally, they miss so much of what made the Star Wars galaxy feel bigger than a film set with some CGI added on top. There’s no real personality to the places thes visit, no implication that they are part of a big galaxy. It’s the same mistake Abrams made with the Star Trek remakes: the plot was way too economical. Remember the second Star Trek Movie, where suddenly only two ships existed in the galaxy and apparently two or three people made all the important decisions in the Federation? That makes a movie feel small – especially compared to its ancestors which managed to pull off a cohesive, dynamic plot without falling into this trap.

  12. DOUG
    If you like seeing mostly silent Star Wars with great visual storytelling, you NEED to see Clone Wars 2003

  13. A review, a spoiler free review, a skit, and still NO mention of Space Hitler? That was one of the most memorable scenes for me.

  14. Everyone keeps wondering where this new empire came from… I dont get it. They never won in the originals… They destroyed ONE base, or two actually one at a time, of this galactic empire with a humongous army, numerous fleets and countless habited planets under their rule. Sure they were very expensive resources they destroyed but at the end of Jedi, they still haven’t topled the actually empire in any way, only struck a another blow against their military which is still huge with millions of clone troopers not to mention all the rest of their military and fleets. I just dont get it…

  15. They said nothing about the Deus ex Machina of R2D2 “waking up” out of nowhere for no apparent reason just in time? Huh. Hopefully they’ll explain in in Episode VIII if an explanation exists.

    I agree with Doug on the “glowing sticks” climax though. I didn’t dislike it, I wasn’t really bored by it, but I thought to myself that that battle was about… nothing. Star Wars saber fights are never about the fight, they’re about the clash of ideals or motivations or feelings. This time it was really a bad guy attacking the good guys and the good guys trying to protect themselves. That’s fair, perfectly fair – but it’s not climax material.

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