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Brad and Dave give a very Spoiler Heavy review of Star Wars Episode VII.

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  1. Boy, you weren’t kidding about spoiling it. I did NOT need to hear that. (stops watching review and just goes to see the movie)

  2. Hey Brad, Springfield guy here, did you know that when the news was doing a story on the opening they had a shot of you?

  3. Yes! I just saw this last night. It was really good. It was my first Star Wars movie in the theaters since I wasn’t quite 13 when Episode III came out. 🙁 First of all, it had no Jar Jar. Haha. It had very very few romantic scenes. Almost all of the acting was solid. It had a good sense of humor, kind of like a Marvel movie. Finn was the closest to the comic relief, in fact. Oh, also I can’t wait for Episode 8, especially since there are a good chunk of questions left to answer. I had a feeling that there would be a death in the movie but I had NO idea that it would be Han Solo! The difference between that and the Episode 4 Obi Wan scene is that Obi Wan knew he was going to die and Han didn’t! LOL. It makes sense that Luke could be seen as a myth. As a kid, I didn’t learn about 9/11 until about five years ago as a teen. Rey didn’t have any intergalactic news radio or anything. This was my second favorite Star Wars movie, after Episode 6. Also, Episode 1 is pretty bad. Episode 2 is meh. Episode 3 is kinda good. My ONLY complaint for this movie is that the final scene where Rey tries to hand the lightsaber to Luke went on too long (to the point where it was almost funny). Wow, sorry, LONG comment but I’m a pretty big Star Wars fan! 😀

  4. thanks for spoiling the movie within the first 10 seconds you fuckers >:(

    • Yeah, that was quite inconsiderate of them . . . even though he did warn us. TBH when he said “We’re gonna spoil the shit out of this movie”, I didn’t believe him. Then he actually gave away the biggest spoiler of the entire movie right up front. Holy f*ck! You don’t do that with a franchise this big . . . in the best Star Wars movie since 1983.
      I just got back from the early-bird showing (because I couldn’t let anyone else spoil any more of it) and in my opinion this blows away each of the prequels, perhaps all of them collectively. The prequels should never have happened. If the saga could have just jumped straight to TFA the Star Wars universe would have been better for it. This movie bleeds Star Wars through and through.
      I’d actually decided some time ago that I didn’t want this movie to even be made, thinking it would ruin my childhood memories of the originally trilogy. Now I’m actually looking forward to Episode 8.

  5. The prequel trilogy ARE Star Wars movies, that is fact. I didn’t grow up with them, I grew up with the original trilogy, and even I know the prequel movies are 100% Star Wars. They have big problems, sure, but if you think they’re not Star Wars then you’re beyond just wrong, you’re not even trying. I realize it’s a really popular thing for people to hate on the prequel trilogy, and you can dislike them all you want. But they are Star Wars, and there’s no reason to bother us with stuff you know is wrong like that.

    You also couldn’t be more wrong about the lightsaber battle. I noticed that’s a line that people seem to be saying a lot about that scene, that they “were trying to kill each other”, and yet don’t say anything else about it. They were not trying to kill each other at all, Ren left Finn lying in the snow without trying to finish him off, and then Rey did the same thing to Ren after. They weren’t fighting hard, they were fighting like they couldn’t figure out how to use a saber. The prequel duels were what it looks like when extremely well trained duelists with super powers tried to kill each other, with speed, skill, and intensity. When Luke was finally well trained in Return of the Jedi and a little bit at the end of Empire he started to move like that.

    Other than the bad lightsaber fight, Force Awakens was a good movie. It just obviously wasn’t really Star Wars, it was close, some parts of it were very very right, but others clearly were not and weren’t trying to be. Force Awakens was a good movie, but it was obviously “J J Abrams original story” version of Star Wars, it was really good for the Disney Alternate Continuity, but the real Star Wars is still about the Empire Remnants and the Jedi Academy.

    • I like the prequels too but more or less as guilty pleasures. You gotta admit, the plots are complex, half of the acting is rather stale, and the the special effects, especially in the Episode 1, act more as eye candy rather than visual storytelling. I’ll pop them in every once in a while though because I do consider them to be fun movies for the most part.

      “They weren’t fighting hard, they were fighting like they couldn’t figure out how to use a saber.”

      Maybe because they didn’t know how to use a lightsaber…ever thought of that?

  6. I’m expecting Brad to complain about not being able to tell the Empire from the Rebels

  7. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Thank god I waited to watch this review until I saw this movie(haha comments)!!!! Anyways I see where your guys criticisms are coming from but being a kid that grew up with the prequels I gotta admit they did suck. Though I don’t agree that ewoks are that bad cause theyre too cute to be mad at.

    Anyways the movie was awesome I love Adam Driver’s villain but I’m wondering if theyll bring him back for the prequels but I’ll have to do a cast check on the next one and when it comes out. I can’t lie though I kind of saw Han Solo’s death coming once the screen turned red and I loved Oscar Issac’s and John Boyega’s chemistry in this you can tell there good friends and I even liked bb-8 (I mean heck I bought a shirt of the thing before the movie). I’ll also be weirded out if they have Rey on earth since they blew that up.

    My other complaints are the stupid alien cgi and that they exploded innocent planets for no reason but other then that I loved the movie. Now if youll excuse me I’ll have to go watch Irving and Adams review for the force awakens!!!

  8. EVERY bit that irritated and bothered me in the trailer was explained well enough for my picky taste, only complaint was the obvious New Hope syndrome this series might develop.

  9. I think they could have warned a little bit more seriously about the spoilers.

    Then again, what dumbass would even open a Midnight Screening video before seeing the movie ? I know i am just opening it now (only because i watched all other interresting reviews and the Nostalgia Critic is’nt out yet).

    Anyway, just wanted to support the prequels in this time when everyone is bashing them and praising Awakens. The prequels actually develloped the universe, talked about the republic, the way Palpatine obtained the power and other stuff. I don’t think it was that complicated (i just think most of Star Wars fans are morons and scared everytime they hear the word “politic” ) and the lightsabers fights were epic.

    I like the new one but it does’nt bring a lot of new things in the story. THey bring back the empire under a new name without explaining how, the resistance and the republic (shortly), the jedis and the siths… It seems to me that we should have seen some shit before this movie (which we will probably see in the future. I just hope they figured out the big lines already).
    Abrams plays extremely safe and remakes a New Hope. Its still well made but we should’nt despise the prequels for having tried to tell something else that the same story.

  10. Pretty much agree with everything said. Very good movies. I was a bit put off about how much it references the original, but not enough to hinder enjoyment. The fact is that 5 minutes of Finn in a Stormtrooper helmet smeared with blood displayed more genuine character, emotion, and personality than Hayden Christensen managed in two movies. I simply never cared about Anakin and never believed he could become the David Prowse/James Earl Jones Vader.

    I tend to disagree the Po is the “new Han Solo”. I think they took pains to show that the “new three” heroes are combinations. Yes, Po is a hotshot pilot, but he’s also played the Leia role as the established Rebellion/Resistance member who sets the plot in motion, gets captured, tortured, etc. He also has Luke’s role as official X-Wing pilot and guy who fires the shot that blows the place up.

    Rei is obviously the new “chosen one” who grew up on a backwater planet and will be trained as a Jedi as Luke was in the original. However, she’s also the one interested in joining Han as a smuggler and is apparently the new pilot of the Millenium Falcon.

    Finn gets Han’s role as the guy who doesn’t want to get involved and really just wants to get away from all the trouble. We’ll have to see how he develops to see where he goes.

    Kylo Ren is an interesting take on the Jedi thing. He’s a Dark Side user who feels tempted by the light, making him kind of a reverse Luke/Anakin. The killing of Han Solo was great since anyone with any knowledge of movie tropes knows what’s coming, but it still worked emotionally from both sides. Loved that Chewie got the pound of flesh for his best bud, even if it meant shooting his honorary nephew.

    Jakku bothered me in the trailers as just being “Not-Tatooine”, but after seeing it I realized it was more. This is Tatooine’s armpit. Rei was struggling to get enough food to live day to day. Luke had home cooked meals, blue milk aplenty, his own car, and a plane to shoot wamprats with. Even Anakin and Shmi, who was supposed to be slaves had a nice little house, enough time and equipment to build C3PO and a Pod Racer, and enough food to have Qui-Gon and Padme over for dinner. She was sorely tempted to trade BB-8 for what was probably a month’s worth of food. Tatooine is like Aruba to the people of Jakku.

  11. My question is, what happened to all the capitol ships the rebels had?

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