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Audiences seem split on the sci-fi epic, can Chris Stuckman and Cinema Snob determine if this is good or bad? They join the Nostalgia Critic to help review Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi.

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  1. I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

  2. Please destroy this abomination. Fuck disney for raping the franchise.

  3. If it’s hard for that British millenial to lift rocks with her mind, how the fuck with no training at all how was she able to do mind tricks and light saber battles in shitty episode 7 ?

  4. I’ve still never seen any of the movies.

    • If that because of criticism.. dude, those people are mostly basement dwellers without common sense. If you not interested in this franchise already then probably it is not for you anyway. Check previous movies first if you care.

  5. I really loved the movie, but when seeing this review, her faults felt very obvious suddenly.

    Still, isn’t gonna stop me to seeing another time this weekend.

  6. Chris Stuckmann, you playing the General Hux got MULTIPLE laugh-out-loud reactions from me! XD Well done! So fun!

  7. Not going to lie: I’m looking foward to Justice League review after this one.
    Most of the flaws are the same (if not lesser), but the DC movie is being mercilessly thrashed while everyone just keeps looking for excuses as why this expandes the franchise or whatever the justification is…

  8. Yeah… military leaders always fill in insubordinate, recently demoted morons of their important plans…

  9. While I admit that TLJ has it’s flaws over all it’s still enjoyable movie in franchise. It just gets far too much hate from angry fanboys than it deserves but that tends to be how people that take these things far too seriously react in internet when they don’t like something or it’s not way they would had wanted it to be instead of being reasonable and being able to enjoy it while seeing both good and bad in it. I mean at end of day it’s just a movie so it’s nothing to be angry about.

    • I’m almost sure those are same people who think that Prequels and BvS were great.. considering they literal lack of any arguments outside “it is shit” I don’t think we should treat them seriously. Critic have many good points here, but those franchise never was flawless, just fun and entertaining. So I got what I expect.

  10. Pretty much I agree with everything to the i, except for the fact that movie blows.

  11. I hate this movie. I wanted to like it but it’s just so STUPID! Though if they got Troy Leavitt to help write the script, you probably would have gotten the best Star Wars movie ever made. Watch his “12 script changes to save The Last Jedi” video and you’ll see what I mean.

    Seriously though, I hated how Luke was portrayed in this, Kylo Ren became evil because he’s an idiot, Snoke had no sense of mystery about him (Even before we learned about Palpatine, we felt like he had some measure of history, hell the ENTIRE original trilogy had that in spades!) and was killed off like a bitch, Phasma was underutilized, Finn and Rose were annoying to watch, the casino scenes… Okay maybe if they were shorter it would have been okay but they needed to be MUCH shorter! Rey is a Mary Sue as far as I can see and the twist of her parents being nobody is just DUMB! And that vice admiral… She is the new definition retarded.

    Star Wars will never be ruined, but damn it did this one hurt me. Even the prequels, as bad as they got, made up for trying to put in some new stuff and effort in many of the right places and when they got it right, it matched and in a few cases SURPASSED the original trilogy’s moments (notably the lightsaber combat, the Jedi lore and the Opera scene).

  12. I think the Rey cave scene is pretty interesting. Most Jedi, especially those eventually turned, are afraid of the Dark Side. Luke loses his shit when Rey doesn’t resist the Dark Side when she’s feeling the Force on the island. She doesn’t resist because she doesn’t “know” to be afraid of it like Luke is. Rey still isn’t afraid of it when she goes down into the Dark Side Cave to explore. However, she doesn’t find what she’s looking for there. Rey doesn’t turn to the Dark Side because she realizes it’s empty and doesn’t offer her anything.

    Kylo is the kid whose parents tell him constantly alcohol is evil so he’s fascinated by the forbidden fruit, starts drinking underage, and ends up an alcoholic. Rey is the kid who wasn’t raised to see alcohol as evil, tries a beer as a teenager, realizes it tastes awful, and never drinks again.

    • An idea I came up with on my own – only to discover that the idea already existed in the Extended Universe and a little bit in Qui Gon Jin – is that the Force is all about balance. The Jedi most often are the good guys because they stand as the opposite of the Dark Side dominated Sith. But what if the most powerful AND most balanced Force users were those who were at home using BOTH the Light and the Dark?

      I even once started writing a series of stories about a former Sith who had converted to Jedi in the Old Republic days, but who found that he was no more at home among the Jedi than the Sith. The Sith played on his desires, but ultimately required him to sacrifice all he held dear, whereas the Jedi disallowed him even desire; neither side allowed him to be a whole person. And in time, he found a Master and a community who were just like him – former members of both the Jedi and the Sith who had renounced both the extreme pragmatism of the Sith and the extreme restraint of the Jedi. I never wrote the story, though, because it turned out that The Old Republic comics had explored some very similar themes.

      • So there are smart people in this universe I see. Also there is only one Force. Jedi banned all dangerous and combat only (“Dark Side”) techniques, but it isn’t that they are really evil. People are. All depend on use. Though in New Republic (in Old that was true though) using Dark Side powers wasn’t banned by Jedi, hey only didn’t teach them for safety reasons (by the way later Jedi order was created by Sith Drath Traya who turn on both Dark Side and Old Jedi Order). Like for example Mace Windu was master of Dark Side sword technique. This movie in fact explore many gray zone from EU, but obviously common critic are too stupid to use even arguments, so lets not expect them getting the point.

  13. I still can’t help but notice the distinct lack of Kyle Katarn in this new universe.

    • Kyle at that point have 50’ty. I wouldn’t be surprised if either him and Ezra also are still alive, but they generally were better in hiding on plain sight then rest of the Jedi. Kyle was a mercenary and Ezra basically is a space pirate. Who know in what dump they hiding? Considering that Dark Troopers are in Rebels I think it is unlikely that they were omitted.

  14. Amazing review! I totally agree with all arguments made. Hilarious reenactments!
    I wonder if it could be Edited down a bit like the Phantom Edit…

  15. Sounds like it is finding its footing. The first one was playing it safe to show fans that they CAN make a Star Wars movie that isn’t Episodes 1-3 levels of bad, second one was them taking risks, third one… Who knows?

  16. Jesus, I knew this comment section would be filled with whiny fanboys.

    Well don’t say no one warned you if nerds and geek culture become a laughing stock like they were in the 1980’s -2000’s.

    Heck if they were anything like The Russian, I would say they deserve it.

    • When we stop being such? Also there is a difference between nerd, geek and a fanboy. For the note: Nerds are people who dig deeper in pop-franchises then it is worthy and don’t have social life making pointless explanations like that one. Geek are general term for people interested in niche stuff, and designed for different target audience then they are, like fans of cartoons. And a fan-boy is like name suggest a fan with mentality of small boy who generally either blindly love or hate some franchises (generally amount of those raised recently due to geek-polarity what bring bandwagoners). There is a broad range here from smart to retarded people, so I wouldn’t put equality sign here.

      • “Also there is a difference between nerd, geek and a fanboy.”

        No there isn’t. They are the exact same thing. They love a franchise, and follow said franchise closely.

        Its just a different term of phase. If fans are using those phases as a label then they have generally gotten worse.

        • “No there isn’t. They are the exact same thing. They love a franchise, and follow said franchise closely.”

          What doesn’t mean that they have same approach.. you are now like person saying that patriot, nationalist and fascist are this same. They all love own country after all.. that first are open, later consider themselves as superior and last ones put country over people is other story.

          Again, nerds generally are analytical. They know all minor stuff about franchise they like. Geek’s are generally a broad term for fans of obscure stuff, and they know that and usually not hoarse other people because of it. Only fan-boys are toxic as term describe those who can’t use arguments and lack common sense. Basically opposition of the nerds.

          “If fans are using those phases as a label then they have generally gotten worse.”
          Agree. War between Trekkie’s and Starwarians is ridiculous. But again, all those are fan-boys. Normal fans use those labels only to make finding other fans easier, not identify themselves with it in literal sense.. as that would be sick. I generally love and see flaws of both franchises. Plus have several other franchises I like.

          • “What doesn’t mean that they have same approach.. you are now like person saying that patriot, nationalist and fascist are this same.”


            If you’re going to debate with me, at least try to make sense, with what you’re saying.

  17. I liked the film, my problem with it there were too many moments where they could have ended it, it was like Return of the King all over again. And my biggest problem is LEIA IS STILL ALIVE. Her actress is dead and yet when they tried to kill her their next line about her is that she’s unconscious. It felt super uncomfortable and weird because the whole time I was expecting her to be killed off, the film was dedicated to Carrie Fisher but the next film will still have Leia in it so it just seems bizarre. You didn’t get this in Hunger Games after Philip Seymour Hoffman died, there were maybe one or two moments he was CGI but the rest of his lines were given to other characters because the audience knew his actor was gone and it would have been weird and kinda disrespectful to keep him in the whole time

    • I think they did that deliberately. And your opinion is opinionated.

    • Bearing in mind how long editing takes: they would have been well into post-production on the film when Carrie Fisher died. Filming did finish in July 2016: five months before her death. They could not have cut her remaining scenes without reshooting a lot of the finale, which probably would not even have even been possible as most of the cast would have moved onto their next project and would not have had time to come back and reshoot.

      Add to that the extensive delay and cost that would have come from having to refilm scenes and then put them through post-production too. They almost certainly would have missed the Christmas release window (they have to sell those toys…) after already missing their original may release date. It would not have been practical to change these scenes.

  18. I love Star Wars. I really liked Last Jedi despite its flaws. I don’t really mind the casino scene except for the fact that it only happens because Holdo doesn’t say anything for some reason. What I don’t like is anyone saying that something doesn’t feel like Star Wars. It’s not about the feeling, simply because of what was shown in the Original Trilogy, this is a vast and diverse universe where anything can happen in whatever way so long as at least one person mentions the Force in some way.

    • Except Holdo did have good reason. Success of whole plan depend on secrecy and she couldn’t tale a risk of leek (what did happen when they try help by the way). From her perspective Po was just a degraded ex-captain with some issues. She didn’t know that he was Leja trusted man, and that she degrade him only to make him a lesson. On the other hand he also didn’t know who Holdo is and because he was Leja trusted man he presumed that she simply doesn’t know what she’s doing.

      But I totally agree with your point here.. seriously. What “feeling like Star Wars”? This have as much sense as claims that Force Awaken is just copy of New Hope (what it isn’t as adaptation of KotOR). All those people are simply ridiculous.

      • Regarding the leak: how did the hacker find out about their plan in order to sell it?

        If it was kept secret enough that the people on the mission knew nothing about it, and no communication regarding the plan was on the comms, where did he find out about it? Did Holdo just have it on an unexcrypted text file on the ships’ network and stumbled onto it while bored on the flight back to the fleet?

        • I think the implication is her overhead Poe yelling at Fin over the Com “She’s taking us all on escape ships”. Which further proves that it was stupid that she apparently kept the plan a complete secret and risked mutiny just to not tell Poe about it.

  19. I don’t think that The Last Jedi is the worst but the only Star Wars movie I dislike more than The Last Jedi is Episode I. The Porgs barely had any scenes and they are cute so I was fine with them. Leia always has had the Force so I didn’t find her Force scene odd but I found her not dying in this movie odd. The “plothole” with the ship chase deserves the benefit of the doubt. The Yoda scene was so heartwarming. I didn’t like the casino scene but I liked the space horse chase afterward. I didn’t realize there was any political commentary. My problem is that this movie answered so few questions from the Force Awakens. I REALLY liked the Force Awakens and Rogue One but I was disappointed by this movie. I don’t think Rian Johnson should have been the sole writer. I’m scared for the trilogy they gave him. The 3D was better than Force Awakens though.

    • Yeah. For me the reveal of the truth of Ray’s parents was terrible and just threw all that build up out the damn window.

      I really hope the directors change their minds and either way “Suprise Kylo Ren was lying” or “While her parents were nobodies her GRANDPARENTS are actually tied to some epic and are the ones that matter.”

      Because while I can understand what they were trying to do the execution is terrible and it’s REALLY hard to swallow that a girl from nobody parents with no connection to the force had a daughter who can force lift rocks and stuff after not even a few months of training. I mean everyone else needed YEARS to do anything with the force and she just figures it out like it’s nothing and has no family history with the force to explain it?

      PLus again even if I accept the “She’s a nobody” twist I don’t like how they did it. They spent the better part of TWO movies building up her parents only for that to be the reveal? If you’re going to have her be a nobody then start her out that way!

  20. Crybaby white male Star Wars “fans” are the worst human beings and their opinions rightly ridiculed.

  21. thatchickwithlonghair

    The Last Jedi is the ONLY Star Wars movie I went to see in theaters twice. :’D

    (course I was too young when 4-6 came out to appreciate them)

  22. My great question is how did Tamara mastered the British accent so well?

  23. And Mel Brooks’s Spaceballs spaceship speed references with Dark Helmet, really? “Do you have porgs here? How in the hell does Tamara imitate a posh London accent so well just to freaking sound like Daisy Ridley?

  24. Aslo you forgot to mention the ice foxes.

  25. How could you forget to mention the cute little crystal ice foxes for some reason they exist and live on the supposedly last Outer Rim planet?

  26. The Porgs ARE the Midichlorians!

  27. Who’s the rather attractive girl that is Vice Admiral Holdo and was also Bev in the It review?

  28. I did love this movie, but I maintain that purple haired admiral mom got everybody killed. All she had to do was tell Poe “we’re going to hunker down on salt planet while they blow up this ship and think they beat us.” Then Poe would have been “Oh cool! I’ll tell Finn and Rose not to go try and infiltrate the enemy flagship and possibly undermine that awesome plan by getting the escape ships noticed…” Seriously, I can’t believe she actually PULLED RANK in this situation, WTF?! I know you mentioned it in the review, but frankly it bears repeating because to me that is SO much stupider than the casino scene.

    • Yeah. I mean I didn’t mind the casino so much. I mean yeah it was pointless but it did serve to help set up some side stuff and was decent filler that at least didn’t RUIN the movie or anything.

      But the fact that most of the resistance was wiped out BECAUSE she didn’t tell Poe “don’t worry even if we flee on these shuttles they won’t notice because we have a hiding place to escape to and they are too focused on the main ship to notice” is so stupid.

  29. I was waiting to see when Jar-Jar would appear. Quite clever. Yeah, the porgs were pretty useless. Well, they’re no Jar-Jar! I thought this movie was great! It’s score on the IMDb keeps getting lower, though.

  30. Finally saw it myself and…. my only MAJOR complaint is Ray’s parents being nobodies.

    While I can get behind the idea itself they built it up WAY too much especially in the last movie. So for them to just be nobodies is just….. ugh. This was not how you build up a “Comes from nothing but acheives great things” kind of character.

    But besides that I only have small gripes or nit picks at a few other things. Like the bird things that were only there to sell toys of themselves. Someone forgot to tell the staff that to make quality markitable creatures they need to have an actual role in the movie. Just cutting to them a couple dozen times doesn’t count!

    • Oh yeah someone else reminded me. My other major complaint is the admiral NOT telling Poe that they had a solid plan. She just acts like they are making a desperate attempt to run away. I mean since it was already common knowledge on the ship that they were shuttling off why keep where they were going a secret so much? It’s never implied that they were afraid of a spy or anything.

      Instead it feels like she didn’t say anything purely so that the main cast would have a reason to go behind her back.

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