Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Sibling Rivalry

The epic sequel of the epic saga continues! What did Doug and Rob think of the latest Star Wars outing? Is The Last Jedi any good? Find out now! Spoilers start at 22:44

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  1. Cue people on here calling these two sell-outs or anything worst, just because they enjoyed the movie.

    Because seriously the backlash for this film is really getting out of hand. The fans are treating this film as if it committed something unconstitutional.

    If you didn’t like it, that’s fine, I have no feelings for it either. But why are people treating this film as if its committed a war crime, its just a bloody movie, and that goes for the entire franchise as well. They are just movies, that’s all they are, that’s all they’ll ever be.

    • I’m not sure if people hating this movie for no specific reason can even call themselves a fan. A real fan would notice clever way in which those tie to franchise, which after all isn’t limited only to Old Trilogy, Prequels or EU respectively.

      Most arguments those “fans” or should I say deluded fanboys use range from hypocritical, up to downright ridiculous and ignoramus regard the franchise itself. At least I’m sure that Disney have experience with that such audience and would not mistake rational criticism with the puberty outrage equal to Kylo Ran from TFA (they were clearly conscious regard that). Because contrary to what loud minority say new trilogy have good overall reception.

  2. This movie is an abomination like the force awakens and user reviews really smash it to pieces while sellout critics are praising it.

  3. again, not sure there should be a continuation of the story. didn’t Anikan destroy the Dark Side in Episode VI?

    • The Empire’s forces were not destroyed in episode VI, so the films could have been like Thrawn’s Revenge. But I’m not in charge of that franchise, so it is what it is.

      • but if evil as a concept no longer exists, shouldn’t all of the empire guys magically turn good and nothing bad would ever happen again?

        • Vader didn’t destroy evil itself, he just tossed an evil old man down a pit.
          The Dark Side is an evil that exists in everyone, the Sith just brought it out and controlled it for their own purposes.

          Same with the Jedi, just because they went extinct, doesn’t mean all good was gone. The Original Trilogy showed that good can come in many forms, like the smuggler Han Solo, or the once traitor Lando, and even Darth Vader himself.

          • but then, shouldn’t there be no more Sith?

          • (Sorry, I had to reply to my own comment, because for some reason the reply button is missing on your comment.)

            And yes to your question, there should be no sith, and yet Snoke somehow knew the sith’s ways, which is never explained. That’s a flaw I have with this movie, so do Doug and Rob as they said this review.

          • Somehow I can’t believe that @Devil’s Advocate isn’t a troll, because his arguments are more idiotic them those made by my child.

            Also nowhere in the series is conformed that Snoke is a Sith. He could be but but we don’t know who he is. Even in the Disney canon there was quite larger number of foce users, like Inquisitors or Moul who in fact lived almost until the New Hope. Hell.. there still can be more Jedi! Even Luke himself wasn’t really last one.. hell, we can argue if he even count as one.

  4. Some of the criticisms that people are throwing out there I don’t really get. I thought this was a fantastic movie despite a few problems.

  5. I’m almost embarrassed to say it, but maybe this movie is too academically for a major blockbuster?
    I have a background in film and while this movie obviously has flaws, I really liked it. A lot of people, which opinion I value, also like this movie, while my friends – who don’t care as much for cinema as I do – hate it.
    But maybe this is just me being arrogant.

    • No I understand where you’re coming from. This film is a very different beast to the other Star Wars films, as they were mainly about good vs evil, while this film does inject some greyness into the franchise, by actually debating the force itself.

  6. also, why is it people still don’t get that Mediclorians are NOT the Force but just tell people what the Force wants?

  7. I will be finishing this video once I see the movie tonight.

  8. I don’t think the movies made a big deal out of Rey’s parentage. I think the fans did that.

    That final scene was, for me, exactly what Star Wars has been about all these years.

  9. Just saw it last night. While there was some stuff in there I thought was kind of goofy, I liked it overall. Mark Hamill’s performance was definitely the highlight for me. Unlike Han Solo in Force Awakens who was basically Harrison Ford just being himself, Luke felt like the same character we left at the end of RotJ. Another gripe I have with all the recent star wars movies is, the music kind of sucks. It all sounds the same. I can rarely pick out a particular theme, unless they’re using something from the original trilogy.

    • Totally agree with you on the music. There are standout unique songs in every movie. Too many to count from the original trilogy, and one or two from each prequal. But these recent films (TFA, RO, and now TLJ) I’m just not hearing anything worth listening to again.

  10. The Yoda is played by a puppet indeed, they had showed that puppet in this year’s celebration.

  11. It was pretty good. The acting was good. The action was good. I like every scene except for one. Most of the humor was good. However, there weren’t enough twists. The trailers misled me. I didn’t think the Force scene was silly. There weren’t enough twists. I think the trailers and some critics misled me. I thought there were going to be all these crazy twists. (SPOILERS! SPOILERS!) Halfway through the movie, I thought Snoke would be Rey’s father. I SWEAR on my life that when Rey went to the “hole of darkness” and there was a shadow… in my mind, the outline looked like Snoke. I thought someone would switch to an opposite side. There was just one good twist. Heck, I though Leia would die but it was Luke. Lastly, yeah, did Snoke really have no purpose besides red herring?! I really hope the next movie sticks the landing. It will change my opinion of this movie to either good or bad.

    • I’m curious if he’ll be brought up in the next film. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Snoke have as much development as the Emperor (before the prequals and Plageous book)?

  12. I did not understand the ate for this movie. Yes, the middle feels like a side quest and detracts from everything else, but overall this is still a good movie. We had character development (unlike Rogue One), we had multiple epic scenes of awesome (unlike The Force Awakens), and it did not rehash the plot from a previous film.
    This is the film fans have been asking for, different but familiar. I just don’t think the fans realized what they were asking for.

  13. The prequels challenged me. This film didn’t.

  14. Saw it and loved it! Great Christmas present! It easily had the most comedy of any “Star Wars” movie. I didn’t care because it was funny! You’re right, there wasn’t much done with Snoke. Of course you’d make a review out of this.

  15. I didn’t care for what they did with Luke. It’s the old, aging disillusioned hero distances himself from the cause only to have a doe eyed youth make him care again story. It’s not that I have a problem with that particular theme. Great stories have been told following the same formula. The problem is too many stories have been told with that formula. If you tell me, hero you haven’t seen in decades is returning I’ll probably roll my eyes and say, “I hope they’re not doing that again.” And again I say great stories have been told with that formula. It’s just that if you’re going to do the most overly repeated thing possible you have to do it well, and if ‘Logan,” or the portrayal of Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman Beyond’ are 10’s, then Luke’s script was about a 4.7.

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