Steven Universe Vlogs: An Indirect Kiss

Steven gets closer to his mother despite having never met her.

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  1. Imagine, if you will, a personification of gayness. The very concept of being gay given physical incarnation. An ELEMENTAL made from PURE CAPITAL ‘G’ GAY! Pearl is the gayer of the two.

    • Hmm. This seemed hammier in my head. Should’ve added more exclamation points.

    • Professor von SCIENCE!!!

      Sad part is, straight or gay, we all have known (or in some cases been) that person who is way more into someone who either isn’t interested for whatever reason or isn’t picking up on it. That said, Pearl totally reminds me of a friend of mine (who is a lesbian) who was head over heels for a straight girl that just didn’t pick up the hint.

    • I’m not sure if any of the Gems would really be considered “gay” though. If we factor in what was stated in that one SU short, hopefully this isn’t too spoilery, Gems are not human. They’re just gems, rock material, in their original forms. It’s just that they can project into these human forms, which we see them in during the entire of the series so far, but these forms are just thought of as “holograms with mass”. I would consider Pearl, if not all the Gems (with the exception of Rose and *ahem* a certain other two), homo-romantic. They’re romantically attracted to the same sex, but not sexually attracted to the same sex. Although I don’t know if Rebecca Sugar has ever stated in any of the Gems are sexually attracted to each other. We know that Fusion is considered the most intimate thing two gems can do, because it takes a certain level of trust to pull it off, so for all we know, it could be seen as Gem Sex. Or something. I don’t know.

    • The gems arent gay. In fact they arent anything. They are genderless beings. Me calling them male or you calling them female doesint matter since they dont identify as any. The see themselves as gems.

      • they still gay. Just cuz they don’t have physical genders doesn’t stop them from referring to themselves as women.

      • They identify as women, so you’re wrong I guess? Sorry. Also Rebecca Sugar has stated repeatedly in interviews about how important representation is, including LGBT representation.

        So yes, gay women, who identify as women and are in love with other women.

        Go figure.

  2. “Healing lacrimal essence”
    I just hear that in my head the way homer hears Ned say “Nothing at all”

  3. A lot of people theorize that Steven really has more “Healing Kisses” instead of Healing Spit which is probably why the name of the episode is called “Indirect Kiss”. However being just a silly kid he sees it more like gross spit instead of a kiss.

    Also the whole part about Pearl and Rose’s closeness will be discussed later

    And I think you do get to see some of Rose’s face in the first episode, but it is pretty quick… You’ll see more of her later

  4. Don’t worry, much more about Rose and Pearl’s relationship will be revealed in time.
    Yeah, I actually really liked how the indirect kiss itself wasn’t even a major thing- aside from the effects it had, of course.

    Hope the next pair of episodes doesn’t leave them feeling too blue!

  5. Who told you guys that every episode has a “lesson” or a “moral”? Why are you so stuck on that?

    Otherwise, this vlog was a marked improvement over previous ones. It actually sounded like you paid attention.

    • They’ve kinda been like that in most of the vlog series.

    • I think it is because most American Cartoons from the 80’s to now usually tend to follow the trope of having a moral in every episode, that for those who are used to it, it is hard for them to get used to a show where the morals extend over multiple episodes and often is implied rather than said… I think they’ll get used to it soon

  6. More about Rose and Pearl will be revealed later 🙂

    And, yeah, two more episodes and it will be the end of Season 1A. The next two are very important since they reveal a lot of the Gems backstory and the war ^_^

  7. Next episode should be “Mirror Gem”

    Not that I expect Rob or Doug to read this, but that’s where things start getting real for Steven and co, guys.

  8. Corporate Commander

    Finally, they finished the cocktease episodes. Now the plot can actually begin.

  9. Yeah it’s more of an issue episode than a moral episode. That being Steven living in Rose’s shadow.

    Doug picked up really quickly on Pear’s feelings towards Rose. I don’t think it was really in most fans minds yet at this point. He’s going to feel vindicated not to soon.
    Stepping away from the nature of their relationship for one moment, I do like the idea of Pearl pairing up with Rose like Garnet and Amethyst. I hadn’t considered that before.

    Mirror Gem Mirror Gem Mirror Gem!!!

  10. You brought out some good points. ITunes has it right to the best of my knowledge. Again, more Rose-building as I’m calling it right now. Also, there was some really trippy stuff in this episode. Oh, and another thing. Was Rose plus-sized or it it just me? I also liked the twist at the end with Connie. MY only complaint was that the ending was really abrupt. No star outline transition thingy? It kinda startled me to be honest.

    • Rose was, in face, a giant woman. I think at one point they say she’s like 8 feet tall or something and she’s never had a thin build. So yeah, I would say it’s pretty safe to say Rose is plus-sized.

      • GoodTimesCoolBeans

        It’s actually really cool to see a plus-sized woman in a cartoon be respected and loved by those around her. Rose is never treated as comic relief because of her size. Same goes for Amethyst.
        Just another example of how wonderfully progressive Steven Universe actually is!

  11. Did you pick up on the fact that the lenses Connie popped out are slightly pink? She’s no longer seeing through rose-tinted glasses.

  12. “Oh Steven, you don’t have healing tears. You’ll never have any real magic powers, and we don’t want anything more to do with you.”

    Well, did say he wanted more neurotic Pearl. I picked up on the fact that Pearl was the closest to Rose fairly early, but I didn’t realize the extent of her feelings until much later.

    Anyway, this was another episode that managed to be both emotional and lore-building. Now we know that Gems can be killed if their gemstones are broken; this is yet another similarity to Madoka Magica. If they think what happened to Amethyst was nightmare fuel, I can’t wait till they get Keeping it together.

  13. My favorite part of this episode was how Amythyst was teasing Stephen at the start by standing so close to the cliff. How when she asks him “What, you care about me or something,” and he responds in the highest-pitched voice you can imagine “Yeeeees.” So adorable.

  14. You guys are on the right track in realising there (usually) isn’t a simple “moral of the story” at the end of each episode.

    It tends to be expected in kids shows that every episode needs to be some kind of of Aesop and be like “okay kids, the lesson of today’s episode is …”

    But nor is it “just a bunch of stuff that happens” that doesn’t mean anything.
    Steven Universe does have important themes and messages which are made relevant to kids – the importance of family/community, acceptance of differences, unity-in-diversity, cooperation vs domination – but they’re more spread out throughout the entire series and revealed via character actions rather than spoonfed to the audience in a “moral of the episode” sort of way.

  15. Oh yeah, and because you guys brought it up, [slight spoiler warning] yes, Pearl is about as gay as it’s possible to be without breaking reality and imploding. It’s made all but overt in latter episodes that her feelings for Rose were indeed romantic and it’s been confirmed by one of the writers on Twitter.

    And [bigger spoiler warning] she’s not the only one. See the season 1 finale The Return/Jailbreak and (even more so) the season 2 episode Keeping it Together.

    • Yup shes in love with rose,but the gems arent really gay. Since they are genderless beings.

      • Sexless, not genderless.

        Sex = Anatomy
        Gender = Personality

        They present in their physical forms as female and use female pronouns. So they do have a gender.

        They’re also, you know, fictional characters. All pedantry regarding the finer details of made-up alien categorisation aside, Pearl (and Ruby/Sapphire) are gay women to us real-world human beings.

        • No they dont have a gender. The creator said this herself. No female gems have ever existed and still dont. She even said the pronouns dont even matter. You can also call the gems male or female and they wouldint really care at the end of the day since they dont see themselves as ether. They see themselves as gems. Even in the short explaining what gems are they dont say they are female. I could see it as straight and you can see it as gay,but end of the day its just a loving relationship with no real labels.

          • If she said that then she herself doesn’t understand the difference between sex and gender.

            Similar to how Neil Jordan may not have known the difference between a gay man in drag and a trans woman when he made The Crying Game, but audiences who knew their stuff did, and would call his character a trans woman even if the creator himself used “gay man in drag”.

            The point is that acknowledging there characters as gay (or more broadly queer) is important for LGBT+ representation and for children’s animation as a medium.

  16. Am I the only one who doesn’t see Pearl as in love with Rose? From my perspective Pearl is obsessed with leadership, and having someone else in control, look how she always defers to Garnet. So what I get from the way she acts about Rose, is that Pearl almost deifies her in her mind.

  17. 1) their whole playing around with the camera bit in the middle was adorable.

    2) after some of the discussion in this episode, I really want to see their reactions to some of the later episodes. Rose’s Scabbard in particular.

  18. Punch rock and enter,
    Pearl and Rose: gals being pals.
    Durians are gross.

    This is the episode that finally unhorsed “Tiger Millionaire” as my favorite of the series and held that title for a long time. The idea of Steven living in the shadow of his mom’s accomplishments while simultaneously not knowing enough about her to get upset over her loss is a complex emotional beat to hit. Steven’s little speech as he curls up in the statue’s lap was note perfect, and Connie’s reaction neatly mirrored my own. Lots of laughs, lots of genuine emotion, and any episode Connie is in is automatically better for her inclusion.

    Next time: it begins.

  19. A few things to know:

    1. This is Rose’s first appearance as something that wasn’t a picture/painting (“Laser Light Cannon”, “Together Breakfast”, “Serious Steven”, “So Many Birthdays”) or a hologram (“Laser Light Cannon”, “Lars and the Cool Kids”).
    2. Don’t expect a moral every episode. This is not that kind of show.
    3. You’re only approaching the midway point of season 1.
    4. Every episode thus far hints at things to come. If you have the time, try rewatching the series after you get to the two-part finale “The Return”/”Jailbreak”. You’ll start to notice much more.

  20. Doug’s picking up on Pearl’s feelings towards Rose much quicker than I did.

    “What am I going to tell my parents? What am I going to tell my optometrist!?”
    When Connie pops the lenses out of her glasses I feel like she’s just not ready to deal with what just happened.

  21. They have finally discovered, THE THIRST!

  22. GoodTimesCoolBeans

    Interesting…Doug is picking up on the gay quite early…
    Rob denies it…
    Let’s see how this progresses.
    I think you guys are really getting the hang of these vlogs. You should try and view each episode as a story they’re trying to tell, not something simply dishing out a moral to kids. You’ll probably get a lot more out of it that way.
    (Also, they do provide an explanation as to why Connie keeps the glasses in a later episode.)

  23. GoodTimesCoolBeans

    Next episode is Mirror Gem! I’m so excited to see your reactions! It was the episode that really got me hooked on the show.

  24. Usually its not Doug that picks up on something first, seeing him get it and then Rob blocking him from getting it is weird.

  25. Guys, a few other people have mentioned this but I need to say it again: Stop looking for a ‘moral’. Far more often than not SU will explore issues and themes, rather than heavily enforcing one view. It still has meaning, it’s just not going to be black and white.

  26. Why does every children show need lessons every episode?

    Kids have enough of that crap at school. They should have silly entertainment just like everyone else.

  27. The dynamic between the three Crystal Gems is that Amethyst is the embodiment of impulse and discord; Pearl embodiment of order and restraint; and Garnet is the embodiment of balance and self-discipline. While Garnet is the unofficial leader of the Crystal Gems, she is more aloof and distant than Rose, who was a motherly figure to the Crystal Gems. Pearl’s disposition lends itself to loyalty and servitude. It is implied that Pearl used to be considered a sub-class of Crystal Gem, so that when Rose made her her right-hand-gem, it only made her all the more loyal, to the point of romantic passion and downright jealousy.

  28. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Finally Doug caught that pearl was gay for rose(which every fan believes so lets hope rob figures that out more that dumb dumb head). I liked the episode just to amythest talking backwards. Finally you guys are done with the season and finally next is mirror gem the epic episode of all epic ness in Steven universe so far for you guys I can’t wait for a long talk on that episode!!!!

  29. That wasn’t the season yet. Steven Universe has 11 minute episodes and there have been 50 in season 1. Appearently they originally wanted to air two episodes together every week to get the usual 22 minute lenght but they changed it to one per week and a rerun of the previous week (the dropped the rerun though).

    So after the next two you still have 24 episodes to go.

  30. To be honest I didint notice they did what the title said. I really paid no mind to it. We also find out steven spit is makes him a healing god.

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