Steven Universe Vlogs: Beach Party

The Gems and Steven throw a beach party when an unexpected visitor comes along.

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  1. Yeah this wasn’t a very interesting episode at least plot wise… But I have to say I did like how this episode kind of showed how the Gems really don’t care for human things and it is usually Steven who has to connect the humans to the gems which will mean something later on. Also I do like the Pizza Family they are quite funny and I do like the parallels between the Pizzas and the Gems.

  2. I love the grandma. She’s awesome.

  3. Finally you reached the last truly “kinda boring or at least not special” episode! After this one all episodes will be either good or great or perfect. Next one is good, after that one there will be several great one ones and then a couple of of perfect ones! (25/26). 35 and onwards pretty much all of them are perfect if memory serves right.

    • Keep Beach City Weird is far from perfect, its the only episode that I can’t say is good, though I can’t say its bad either. It simply brings up some of the things that bug me in the show and kind of makes them worse or doesn’t address them.

  4. I can understand why you two dont have a lot to discuss,, this is a pretty enjoyable episode but not one that has a lot you can really talk about.

    I do have to ask, why aren’t there more magical sport games? i would love to play a volleyball game were all of the playable characters are uberpowerful alien warriors, or a football game were each team has a wizard on their team that can cast spells.

    You have done well Doug, you have realized that the one true best gem is indeed Garnet, with you on our side we will soon destroy the pearl and amethyst heretics.

    About the wage gap, going by a lot of info i’ve seen online the wage gap is actualy kind of a myth, or at the very least far more complicated than “Men get paid more than woman”, altough its possible that info is all untrue.

    Next up: Steven wants his own room, disaster ensues.

    • “About the wage gap, going by a lot of info i’ve seen online the wage gap is actually kind of a myth, or at the very least far more complicated than “Men get paid more than woman”, although its possible that info is all untrue.”


      I concur…




    • Yes, the concept of the wage gap is more or less a myth. The study that’s most often quoted is measuring total earning of working adults, not men and women at the same employers or even the same industries. It’s also a study from the early nineties if I recall, so quite dated as well.

      There is a discrepancy between men and women when income is measured for everyone, but it’s not as though employers are going out of their way to pay women less and men more. Even if they wanted to, that would open them up to serious legal consequences if they were found out, meaning it wouldn’t be worth it.

      The discrepancy arises because people in industries which are dominated by women often earn less than industries dominated by men. So something like nursing will earn less than something like engineering, and because one is dominated by women and the other dominated by men, it will affect the numbers. In addition, a lot of jobs which are dangerous or unpleasant, are almost exclusively done by me. These tend to pay better even if the qualifications are low, since most people (men or women) don’t want to do them.

      Some of these industries have issues that need addressing in terms of adequate pay or being accepting of the opposite sex from what is normal, but the idea that employers intentionally pay women less for the same job is nonsense.

  5. Steven Universe does air in Japan
    it’s actually very popular over there

  6. My main takeaway from this episode was just how little the Gems cared about integrating into human society. Before it I had assumed they were normal fixtures of the community, or at least as normal as one could expect. It threw me for a loop at how little regard they have for the rest of Beach City outside of fighting the monsters that attack the temple. Any real hero work they do is incidental to their own struggle.

    I like Clan Pizza a lot, especially Nanapua. They’re another group of Beach City townies that are inexplicable parallels to the Crystal Gems. Steven was smart enough to pair them off with their respective counterparts during the volleyball game to facilitate them getting to know one another better. Kiki is straight-laced and proper like Pearl, Jenny is the wilder, rebellious one like Amethyst, Kofi is the head of the family like Garnet, and Nanapua is the diminutive jokester with a knack for encouraging teamwork like Steven.

  7. I was JUST about to watch this episode today! Follow up comment to come soon. 😀 Garnet is my favorite, too. But, hey, I heard that equal pay is improving in most areas.

  8. “What were we banned from again?”

    From what I remember, Beach Party is good but there isn’t a whole lot to talk about. It does support the idea that Steven is destined to eventually bridge the gap between Gem and mankind.

    • In the TMNT real thoughts, I noticed that they were wearing different. It would be cool if they’ve already recorded another set of Steven Universe vlogs.

  9. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    when the vlog was finished i immediately went to google and looked up the batgirl psa and yeah adam west didn’t even seem interested but they cut the psa off just before i could get the answer to if batgirl would get equal pay!!! I was so mad i would like to know if anyone has an answer to if she got fare pay or not?
    *if you hit that ball your grounded*
    *Daddy thats not fare*

    I just thought this episode was ok nothing else big really happens except the pizza shop(which they get banned from but *SPOILER* they get unbanned like you guys said).
    But i get it when rob says a voice over actor can make a line special there are the voice actors who can make a line even more while celebrities when they voice act for a movie they just come off as boring and it feels like there just reading lines off a paper.
    but to what doug said about the blowfish,are there any japanese people in the comments that were offened by that?

    But next is Rose’s room an episode I’ll have to watch again because i don’t remember much from it (except steven finds his mothers roo and finds out he can wish for anything in it but thats about it)!!!

  10. this was a eh episode. The best part was the grandma.

  11. garnet is most peoples favorite good choice, but I have a different fav. but yeah this episode was just so-so, glad that they showed the gem interaction with the other people.

  12. There isn’t much to say about this episode, except learning that the Gems aren’t really interested in interacting with humans or that Steven can be a bridge between Gems and humanity 🙂

  13. Watched that Batgirl PSA and I am SERIOUSLY questioning if that was even Adam West.

    One of the cool kids’ families has been revealed, we’ll have to wait quite a while before the others are confirmed.

  14. LOL @ this episode. I can’t even explain why. It was just so funny. It was also so nice to see them bond for a little while. I knew about the sand thing because of Minecraft but I thought that that was just a Minecraft thing.

  15. This episode in my opinion is the worst episode in the series and completely pointless. It’s not a bad episode but just an episode you can go without seeing I doesn’t really add much to show. In the end the Gems still don’t really care about the townsfolk daily lives and the townsfolk don’t really care much more for the Gems. If there’s a filler episode it’s this one.

    • It introduces the other Pizza family members. This episode also is the first to show how the Gems have little concern for human concerns beyond protecting them from Gem related threats. On a minor note, it’s the first time we see them casually change clothes without regenerating. These may not seem important, but if they tried to introduce these things in an episode focused on the major plot, it would feel rushed and cluttered. These light episodes are useful for introducing minor details that flesh out the world and characters.

  16. This episode, while not having much to talk about plot-wise, is one of my favorite ones to go back to when I just want to watch the characters having fun antics without intense emotions.

  17. I like this episode the best part is Garnet in the beach cloths
    The granny was very fun
    Steven always is the center for the Gems

  18. Hey Critic, could you and Rob do Vlogs on Rick And Morty and one for The Last Man On Earth? It would be cool to hear u guys talk about the two shows.

  19. Aw man 🙁 Remember when vlogs were daily?

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