Steven Universe Vlogs: Coach Steven

While Steven gets people into shape, he also comes across the most AMAZING fusion ever!

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  1. Hey, reminder to everyone here in all caps….


    Had to while no comments yet. Sorry.

    • wait wait wait

      I think you’re saying that by making people curious about certain aspects of the show it causes them to pay more attention?

      Causing people to have a more critical eye or watch something in more detail DOESN’T SPOIL ANYTHING.

      And if you’re talking about someone looking up spoilers out of curiosity because of something someone said then in that case that person MADE A CHOICE about being spoiled. To object to that is disregarding people’s agency. Not all people desire to remain unspoiled about the media they consume and that is just as worthy of respect as those who do not want to be spoiled.

      Now, if you’re being coy about a spoiler in a way that ends up not really concealing the spoiler because of clues you drop that make it clear what you’re talking about, that’s a dick move. It’s disingenuous and disrespectful. If that’s what you’re talking about I guess I’ve got no problem.

  2. Gem Fact: Sugalite’s voiced by Niki Minaj

  3. “Different universes.”
    I know the landscapes look a bit odd, but all the places they’ve been going to are on Earth (possibly barring Warp Space itself, whatever the hell that’s considered)

  4. “Hey, Steven. Maybe um… you can work out a bit, too?”
    “Uh-huh? I have been.”
    “We’ve been working out. You’ve just been singing some dumb song.”

    Judging by the video title, it seems they already know about the slightly messed up order. It doesn’t matter too much with Coach Steven and Rose’s Room, but it could be a bit of a problem once they get to Political Power and Reformed.

    Monster Buddies and Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem are right around the corner, so the show will start to answer a few things soon. The purpose of the communication tower will be explained a long way from where they’re at. Pearl’s feelings of inadequacy will continue to be a significant character as the show progresses.

  5. RedMilleniumRanger

    Doug, I’ve gotta know where you got that shirt. It is hella awesome and I need to have it. If anyone knows where I can get that shirt, please tell me.

  6. And yet again no discussion of the song :/ odd, thought it would at least get a passing mention.

  7. I’d just like to point out that all the magical locations the Gems go to are on earth. They’re not going to different planets or universes. It’s all earth. That also confused me at first.

  8. Honestly, this episode has some of my favorite music of the series. Strong in the Real Way has to be one of the best songs to date (at least top 3) and Sugilite’s theme both for her appearing and her fighting Pearl is just bada** and fits the character really well! Even if you have no idea what this fusion is like, just hearing those overpowering ‘wubs’ tells you all you need to know.

    Just thought I’d throw that out there.

    • I have a Steven Universe playlist I listen to while gardening or driving. Every time there’s a new song featured on SU I update my playlist. Fun times!

    • to be honest I dont really like the music in this series. Theres only like 1 or two songs that caught my attention,but thats really its.

    • This episode really is a showcase for SU’s music team. “Strong in the Real Way” is still my favorite song of the series, and the reprise of Sugilite’s theme for when she fights Pearl is so expressive, you don’t even need to see the scene to understand exactly what’s happening. Aivi and Surasshu are incredibly talented.

  9. Wasn’t Rose’s Room first? 😮
    This episode is good, and that fusion is awesome! 😀

  10. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Sugalite is an awesome fusion(but to be fare i like sardonix better but she shows up way later!) Good vlog though and i do too like this episode but this is the part where i guess the amazon order messed up those two episodes cause rose’s room was sussposed to be next but i dont really mind it being messed up though cause that means i still have 24 hours left to watch the roses room episode (to the internet i go!)

  11. Smash stuff to save TV!
    Guest starring Nicki Minaj!
    Strong in the real way.

    I love the show’s commitment to taking standard kid show cliches and executing them well. A character getting their second wind after someone shouts for them to believe in themselves could come off as hackneyed and cloying, but it really worked in this instance. Later on the show starts bringing in the power of love a lot more and, much like Adventure Time, really makes it work. At this point in the show, original songs are still a novelty in the show, but they’ll become far more integral soon enough. Hopefully we’ll see more commentary on them once it becomes apparent that they’re not just one-off occurrences.

  12. I think Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem is when the hints of the bigger story really start to pick up. After that, I think you can begin to answer most of the questions. And then after Warp Tour and On the Run, you can probably figure out the rest.

  13. dont worry guys they describe what some the weird stuff a bit later. glad u all liked it sugalite is almost my fav fusion, the show the most awesome one later “wink…wink”. could you guys also please give your opinion on the songs.

  14. “You like that little man?”

    I love Sugilite. I mean my favorite is Sardonyx but dude. Sugilite. I love the way the fusions are drawn. Like when Sugilite first appears and she cracks her knuckles. I’m really surprised Nicki Minaj voiced her and actually did a good job. I mean I know celebrities can be good voice actors but most of the time they’re trying too hard to act in the sound booth instead of actually doing anything with their voice. An example could be Peter Dinklage in Destiny. Oh boy. That was so bad they pretty much plan to redub over his lines with Troy Baker.

    • You got it baby!!

      Sugilite is best. And they HAVE to bring back Nicki as her voice next time!

      • It’s a shame we can’t have some kind of contest in the show between Sugilite and Sardonyx. Since it’s pretty obvious they don’t really care for each other or their methods.

        It’s a fantasy but it would be cool if they could have some kind of contest over who can be more entertaining or interesting. Sardonyx being flashy with her magician stuff while Sugilite is pretty much doing the Michael Bay approach with WRECK EVERYTHING BECAUSE IM AWESOME stuff

  15. Omfg! Doug, we have the same shirt! 😀

  16. I need to get that shirt that Doug has on! That is Fantastic!!!

  17. You guys are gonna get super confused if you keep going out of order. just saying.

  18. Ahhhh, I remember seeing Sugilite for the first time. I also remember having one of my rare verbal reactions to a new character.

    Sugilite “You like that little man?”
    Me “THEY KNOW”

    With Giant Woman it was debatable how aware of the fetish fuel that the creators were. This episode basically confirmed they are COMPLETELY aware.

  19. You seem to accidently have skipped episode 19.

    And yes, the whole fusion thing has a HUGE sexual/romantic subtext… or better plain text going on wich will make one particular later episode a bit awkward.

    Bit surprised that you didn’t even mention the song O.o

    • I think it’s more just relationships instead of sexual. Why does everything have to be about sex when fans latch onto something?

      If fusion is sexual than fans are supporting children having sex when it comes to Stevonnie. That’s dumb

      • You know, ordinarily I would agree with you. It annoys the heck out of me when people shove sexuality into things that don’t need it…buuuuuuuut, look at that dance between Amethyst and Garnet. Like Doug mentioned, just look at the end pose Garnet takes RIGHT before they fuse. Holy crap, if that isn’t sexually loaded, I don’t know what is.

        Which DOES make the whole Stevonnie thing sort of creepy, but I think it’s a matter of plausible deniability and the sexual undertones only being a minor element of the fusion thing (minor, but it does seem to be there at times). So with Stevonnie they focus more on the other elements of the fusion.

  20. To be fair, Pearl is pretty physically strong herself despite not relying on it as much as the others, seeing as how she was able to hit volleyball Amethyst pretty hard & high into the air to Garnet XD, she just has a thin body type & relies more on skill, agility, & speed to win than brute strength…Except, again, when using amethyst as a volleyball…For that alone, she stops holding back, mahahahahaha! >8D

  21. They don’t really start explaining things until after the mid-season finale, the first part of season 1 is mostly just set up, although it’s possible to guess most of the show’s backstory if you pay VERY close attention.

    To be honest I never really cared all that much for sugilite, she’s not a bad character but I never found her all that cool or interesting.

    This episode is pretty um weird to watch nowadays, it really goes to show how much pearl has changed since season 1, both as a character and in the way the show threats her

    Next up on Steven universe, Implied sex, lars gets burned, and donuts.

  22. Sugilite is actually my least favourite fusion… which is weird because I actually quite like both Amethyst and Garnet. Despite that, this episode was pretty fun. 🙂

  23. I actually don’t always find Steven likable. l just exercise to fit into clothes. LOL. 😀 Follow up comment to come when I’ve actually seen this episode.

  24. This was great
    Has a great song

  25. I could show you how to be strong
    In the real way
    And I know that we can be strong
    In the real way
    And I want to inspire you
    I want to be your rock
    And when I talk
    It lights a fire in you

    I love that song.

  26. You guys never talk about the songs in the episode so much so that I forget that this show is hecka musical. Although, I did laugh at how Sugalite was defeated. Oh, and Nicki Minaj is a surprisingly good voice actress.

  27. I challenge you to a “pasty internet vlogger” contest!

  28. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    How could nobody have made a Shia Lebouf joke about Steven being a motivational speaker shouting things at people!? I feel so betrayed… T3T”

  29. omg! I literally just freaked out b/c Doug and I have the same shirt!!!!

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