Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 1 – Gem Glow

God I want a Cookie Cat!

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  1. I actually don’t think all 3 of them are Steven’s mom to me it always seemed like Garnet was his motherly figure and Pearl and Amethyst were more like his sisters. Garnets the one who always knows how to handle Steven she knows when to be wise when to be reasonable when to be strict just seems like the most motherly of the 3

    • EverDarkerRaven

      I agree that Garnet is a motherly figure strong, protective but knows how to encourage Steven, but I must say that Pearl is a mother figure too very protective and always wanting to educate Steven about his heritage about his gem. Both Garnet and Pearl show motherly qualities toward Steven, however Garnet is the stricter one. If anything Amethyst is more like a big sister.

  2. a little observation
    the Cookie Cat song basically tells us the whole backstory of the show

  3. Lion of the Lord

    This show is ehh…. It’s fine but it’s just not that interesting. I’d rather see something like Ben 10 or Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra.

  4. littlewillie610

    “Steven, until you learn how to control the powers in your gem, we’ll take care of protecting humanity…”

    I love that bit.

    Both Gem Glow and Laser Light Cannon are decent introductions to the series, but the former does more to establish main characters. I like how each gets their own brief introductions and conversations with Steven. Gem Glow and the two-part season finale serve as good bookends to the first season.

    Many of the earlier may seem like filler, but there are so many instances of subtle foreshadowing littered throughout them. I just recently rewatched this episode and noticed the glowing bracelet in the freezer for the first time. In hindsight, the lyrics to the Cookie Cat Rap are quite interesting. Incidentally, the fact that Cookie Cat lost to something like Lion Lickers is probably the most unrealistic thing to ever happen in this show.

    • Even the Red Eye in the 2nd ep is for shadowing . It’s later referenced subtly to show that their is something out there and is actually a plot point. A lot of things that could be considered silly are actually plot related and all their real filler episodes are used to flesh out the characters either minor or major and reveal different aspects of the town and the people that surround Steven. It’s often some of the most enjoyable fluff in the show.

  5. Lion of the Lord

    I would like to see them do Vlogs of Code Geass or Death Note.

    Also I have a plot to Jurassic World 2 and I hope that Doug will see it and read it and make a Nostalgia Critic video of it like what he did with Frozen. It would be something of interest to say the least and who knows, maybe it will inspire those to put some of the idea’s in the next movie.

  6. It’s not as important right now, but by the second half of season one, you should absolutely be watching them in the right order.

    Also, Steven’s gem is rose quartz. Quartz is actually his middle name.

    • The Mysterious M

      And Rose Quartz was his mother’s name too. Or is. Like they said, she only shed her physical form to give birth to Steven. Based on that, it sounds like she’s “Obi-Waning” it.

      • The Mysterious M

        And now that I’m thinking about it, isn’t Rose Quartz a mineral, not a gem?

        • Actually, so is amethyst (which is also a type of quartz). But both are considered (semiprecious) gemstones, when they are in refined form.

          And pearl is also an (organic) mineral, but also considerd a gemstone.

          Only the transparent garnet is really considered a gem in the strictest sense of the word, but there are more general uses (regarding their value, not their properties) and, well, the show isn’t really about mineralogy.

  7. I’m enjoying your references to different childhood experiences you’ve had in this show. I think capturing childhood is one of the series’s greatest strengths, especially at the start. And I swear that ending theme will bring a generation of kids, or grown up’s by then, to tears in 20 years time.

    I definitely agree with your comments on the humour. I know some wish it were more funny but I think this might be one of the few kids shows that isn’t comedy driven. More emotion and character driven, and I can appreciate that. Though you wouldn’t expect any less than Ms ‘I Remember You’ herself; Rebecca Sugar.

    • Steven Universe is more focused on relationships than humor. It’s a pretty big recurring theme. The interactions with each character, how there relationships with each other effect them, even side characters are defined by their relationships (except maybe ranaldo) like sadie and lars.

  8. Like I said yesterday, I didn’t like this episode as a introductory episode. It rubbed me the wrong way somehow. Actually, I’m not sure if I like Amethyst or not… She’s rubbing me the wrong way but I can’t for the life of me, explain it. Maybe it’s because I usually don’t get along with tomboys in real life? *virtual shurg* That final song that you guys did in this video made me laugh. I’m pretty sure that the mom’s name was Rose Quartz.

    • I don’t think a whole lot of people know, but I recall there being an episode 0 of sorts. The animation was better in my opinion, but I guess it’s not technically canon.

    • Get used to Amethyst being kind-of an odd, out of place, crazy, attention-seeking, jerk throughout most of the series. There’s a good reason why she’s sort-of like that, but yeah…. For now, just think of her as more of like the goofy one who has horrible ideas / the comic relief character. Orr just think of her as a walking crocodile who never commits. Either one works, really….

  9. I didn’t think Doug was going to vlog these so this is a nice surprise!

    In regards to episode order, I would say about the first half of Season 1 you’re probably okay with watching them however you want, but from Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem on, it’s probably best to watch them in order.

    Steven Universe was a bit of a different experience for me. I watched the first two episodes, and found them imaginative but kinda underwhelming so I moved on to something else. But I kept hearing great stuff about it and how it kept getting better and better, so I gave it another shot, and I am really glad I did. It’s easily my favourite show on TV right now.

    I think the first few episodes (this one in particular) was where they were still ironing out some of the kinks and finding the right voices for their characters. I also found Steven himself a bit annoying at first but he grew on me very quickly.

    I also like how Steven and the Gems deal with him trying to control his powers. It’s not like most other shows where a power is introduced, hero has trouble controlling it, figures it out in one episode, and by next episode, hero is a master of it. Here it’s a more gradual process.

    And Rob, if you used to collect rocks as a kid, you may be pleased to know that this show has inspired some new interest in rocks and gemstones.

  10. The Mysterious M

    We are the Crystal Gems.
    We’re here to save the day.
    And if you think we can’t,
    We’ll always find a way.
    That’s why the people of
    This world believe in
    Garnet, Amethyst,
    And Pearl,
    And Steven

    Catchiest theme song I’ve heard in a long time.

  11. I love how whenever a movie or show talks about sweets or desserts you guys get so passionate about the stuff you used to have

  12. Ah gem glow the first episode I ever watched, like I said in my last comment it’s not exactly the best first episode but it does introduce the characters pretty well, it also features probably the greatest bit of foreshadowing in the entire show.

    Steven has three mommies is pretty much the show in a nutshell, 2 episodes in and you already figured it out, not bad.

    Even though it’s not obvious at first one of the gems is pretty much the one that’s right about everything, its probably not the one you expect.

    Next up is bubble buddies, introducing everybody’s favorite could have been a fan fic self insert character.

  13. Why is Episode 1 posted the day AFTER Episode 2 ?

    That’s literally backward.

  14. Interesting point about his Gem glowing for the first time being a very family moment. Remember that when you watch the episode Alone Together.
    Also his gem is Quartz. His mom was Rose Quartz and he is Steven Quartz Universe (said in Too Many Birthdays)

  15. TaRtOoN-Critic94

    These are the Vlogs I’ve been waiting for…

  16. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Greatest spongebob reference since bargain boys sneaky king video. So glad you guys don’t read the comments since you guys gets tons of them(but also I thought cat fingers was the next episode on the DVD not bubble buddies but I would one day like to hear your thoughts on mr.sqaurepant’s show and the two movies that were put out)? In the show I only see garnet and pearl as the mother but not amyethest I see her more of as the joking sister. But anyways I see garnet as the big mom who Steven looks up to and I see pearl as the overprotective mom. I expect tomorrow to be a vlog then I expect Tuesday to be a nc editorial then the vlogs to be back on wednesday. Also I’m so glad you guys realized the mistake and I can’t till you guys meet Connie she’s a really good character and friend of steven. Then you guys will learn more about Sadie and Lars later.

  17. As it progresses, the show gets more and more interesting. It even gives better love pieces of advice than any romantic movie! 🙂

  18. sister mom is best mom

  19. Is like in Ghostbusters when Egon and Peter communicate without talking, is fast and subtle but we get that they know each other for a long time and they are best friends.

  20. Steven’s gem is a Rose Quartz, and that’s his mother’s name. Steven Universe is very good at detail, and you’ll see as you watch the series how many things, surprisingly, come back. You have no idea how weird that was after I had to rewatch the first series after I realized Hulu didn’t have all of the episodes of season one, even though it said they did.

  21. Steven Universe is definitely a world of gentle encouragement. Practically everyone in town likes Steven and he gets a lot of mileage out of being the heart of the team. I like how the show doesn’t marginalize the emotional core of the team; even without the use of his powers, he’s still an asset in combat and out.

    If you haven’t already, start paying attention to the background music as well as the background art. Aivi & Surassha do an incredible job on the show’s soundtrack. The Centipeedle Mother’s theme sounds like an old video game boss battle, and it only gets better from there.

  22. Actually speaking of fans making Cookie Cat, the crew used to create the dish that appeared in an episode to celebrate it’s première and if there was no special food they’d have something centred on the theme. I think they did it right up till the first Steven Bomb though I haven’t heard if they’ve continued into season 2.

    So yes, to answer Doug’s question, Cookie Cat’s have been in the making since the very first day.

  23. Heart-Lightning

    I’ve watched this show and I’ve gotten to a point where I’m just bored and even annoyed with it.

    Garnet is the only one of the three that I can take seriously now because she seems to be the only one with a head on her shoulders

    Steven is….complicated. He can be interesting at times, but then get overly emotional

    Amethyst on the other hand has become more and more unfunny as the series progresses and just seems like bad comic relief. Unless the can fix this character, I doubt she will be able to recover.

    Peral is undoubtfully the WORST of the bunch though. She may seem right in her morals, but as the series goes on, it shows that she is extremely jealous, extremely hypocritical, and just not fun to be around at all. I absolutely hate her character and just want to punch her in the face.

    Ironically, the Uncle Grandpa crossover actually helped make things better for a bit.

    • There’s quite a bit of reason behind Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl. For starters, Steven is meant to be an atypical male protagonist who solves things in an innocent way most of the time, he’s meant to be more emotional and grounded a lot of the time while the other gems are combat-based and heavilly violent after thousands of years of war and battle.

      The rest are…. Well, I can only say so much before getting into spoilers, but they have their reasons. To be brief, you know how most comedians have tragic origins or people who come from bad situations try to gain people’s favor and attention through humor? That’s Amethyst. As for Pearl, just keep in mind that attachment and affection aren’t always good things. She’s more stuck in the past than anything else and often uses Steven to re-live her glory days to an extent. This is addressed more later on, but yeah, she’s not the great person she tries to be but probably cares for Steven the most… even if that care almost gets him killed once or twice….

      • With Amathyst, her jokes in general fall flat and it doesn’t help that the darker bits feel a bit like EVA style of slapping you in the face.

        Pearl on the other hand….nope. I’ve watched enough episodes and she is just way too unstable a person to handle anybody. There are situations where she takes an innocent thought (like Steven and the Rocket) and goes WAY OVERBOARD. Like damaging to Steven’s psyche and his father’s mental state. Can’t convince me otherwise.

        • Thats kind of the point with pearl. She is mentally ill, in many regards. Like legit mentally ill. Just in a more realistic way (minus the magic gem on her forehead) than most other shows. They show both the harmless symptoms and the ones that one would not consider harmless at all, instead of trying to pretend it doesnt happen.

          But despite that she is very caring and hates steven being in danger, just in steven and the rocket, her desire to show steven the universe she once saw (and leave behind the planet she isnt fond of) overtook her desire to keep him safe. But in the end the chose to stay on the planet for steven.

          Amethyst is weird. She is easily irresponsible, immature, short tempered and most of what she does is rarely considered a good thing to do in normal situations. But this is because of problems she has which I dont want to spoil for anyone reading through.

          Garnet is a little more complex. She’s stoic, calm and collected… MOST of the time, there are a couple of times where she freaks out, or just acts irrationally because she can’t deal with a situation (too many birthdays, and the recent keep it together come to mind)

          The point is, these characters have SERIOUS flaws. But that’s the point, if Pearl was all perfect all the time she’d be boring, and uninteresting. She wishes for a life she had before coming to earth after the death of someone she loved (Rose).

          And the show isnt really comedy based, it’s focus is on relationships, not humor.

  24. Here is the recipe to make a Cookie Cat, guys. https:// www.

  25. Steven’s full name is Steven Quartz Universe. The Quartz comes from his mother which is her last name making her Rose Quartz (which is also her gemstone). So when she gave up her physical form to give birth to him (made an artificial womb to conceive him) he inherited her gemstone Quartz including all of her powers but of course in different variations to a certain degree. Hope this helps. Long live steven universe especially the cookie cat I had at a con down in Costa Rica it was delicious.

  26. I have a feeling the comment section will get a big boost when we reach two certain episodes in I beleive season 2.

  27. I’m just not feeling this show I like the three women leads but Steven is uuuuuuuuuuuugggghhh….I just don’t like his character i don’t know what it is but I’m only a few episodes in should I drop it.

    • Don’t drop it.

      I don’t understand how people don’t like Steven, he is a child portrayed accurately. He’s upbeat, he’s positive, a little weird, but a nice person. I think you’re just not used to really accurate portrayals of children in cartoons. Like, most cartoons the kids DONT act like kids. They act like teenagers or even adults.

      I was similiar but he grows on you pretty quickly.

      Trust me it’s worth it.

    • well tecnally they arent women,but still great characters. Also steven is awesome and its nice to see a fat person not be a second bananna and portrayed as sloppy and stupid.

  28. This is the first episode these series is awesome
    I actually wanted to see you talk about this series
    They are his caretakers and teachers of how to be a Gem.Garnet is consider to be like a mom, Pearl is like an aunt and Amethyst is like a sister

    Listen you can watch this show is

    Late do a Vlog of Star vs. the Forces of Evil the episode 4 Quest Buy has such a hilarious joke with pork chop

  29. To find out how to make Cookie Cat Ice Cream Sandwiches, check out this video I saw:

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