Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 2 – Laser Light Cannon

Rob and Doug take a look by popular demand at the hit series!

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  1. ClaudiaFangless

    Disregarding the fact that you’re watching out of order, since everyone else has mentioned that—

    I cannot express how happy this makes me. Doug, Rob, you are going to LOVE this show. It starts off fun and innocent, but just wait a few dozen episodes, and you’ll see how absolutely groundbreaking it is for a children’s cartoon. Steven Universe will emotionally destroy you, in the best way possible, and I can’t wait to watch it happen.

  2. So happy to see you tackling this, do hope you get the order sorted out though as the Amazon page isn’t in the correct order either.

  3. Like a lot of other people pointed out already this isn’t actually the first episode, the actual first episode is both a better and worse first episode, it does a better job introducing the characters but unlike this episode it doesn’t really feature any back-story or action, the lack of a good first episode to really hook you in is probably this shows biggest flaw.

    • One thing I do love about this episode and the show is the crazy amounts of foreshadowing, in hindsight this is probably one of the most important episodes.

  4. YAY! You’re finally watching SU, I hope you guys end up being mesmerized by it.

    Gotta admit when I saw the title of this I was both excited and freaking out because “Episode two! When did he review the first I gotta find it!” but now I see you guys just made the vid and must have double checked the order and was “Ooooh its the second” but to be honest this makes sense. The first episode I watched I think was Together Breakfast, which was good and cute but it took me a while to come back and when I did…I still was a bit iffy, they were cute episodes but I wasn’t quite getting sucked in…until I decided to watch t from the beginning onward and started watching it in order while online. after that happened (especially after you start off with Gem Glow) the show really becomes quite charming and is even a little addictive to watch. The genius behind it and its Nostalgic feel, is not just the colors, but because everything we watch is from Steven’s perspective. A young boy who is experiencing all these new things at the same time we are. It really brings you back to when you were a little kid and watching a bunch of new things happening to you for the first time, and excitement, confusion and challenges that came along with it.
    The Gems (or three other women as you called them) are all also teachers and members of his family, often acting as mothers and are obsessed with both making sure he’s okay, and that he grows up okay and learns about his culture. However they are all dealing with things and react to him differently as well and also are learning what he can and can’t do.
    In the end the show is pretty smart in the end, even if the first episodes are more cutesy. In fact that was probably the best decision of all.

  5. Ironically that “purple girl” called amethyst is very similar to me and we even share the same birthstone ^^

    The idea to throw her probably was her own idea, after all; I’d suggest it, even if it wouldn’t work. It’s fun and garnet “the red one” was probably doing it while thinking to keep amethyst entertained.

    Worth a try anyway ^^

  6. Garnet’s accent is Multicultural London English (a mix of Cockney and African/Jamaican influences) Estelle, who voices Garnet, is an English rapper/R&B artist.

  7. Don’t bother with the DVD. Get them off The World of Steven Universe website. It has them all in chronological order – including the pilot.

  8. It’s Lesbian Space Rocks.
    That’s basically the whole show.
    And I love it.

  9. You say you like this episode, just wait till around episode 40 or so when things really, REALLY pick up. Some CRAZY developments happen with some backstory in Maximum Capacity that are really subtle and you have to pay attention to what certain classical movie symbolism is trying to tell you, but a lot of it is still pretty ambiguous. This show gets REAL.

  10. Steven Universe is the kids show that SJWs wish they could write but lack the actual talent, creativity and fair treatment of all types of people to do so.

  11. I wonder, if and when they are gonna continue the Adventure Time series ?

  12. For the first dozen or so episodes I didn’t think I’d be into this series, but now it’s my favorite show on cartoon network, even more than Adventure Time. Also, bit of a spoiler, Amethyst is the youngest of the Crystal Gems, and she’s AT LEAST 6000 years old.

  13. Rose Quarts you were close enough

  14. “Dad Museum” is actually the name of the piece of music that plays in the storage unit. That line just strikes a chord with people, too.

  15. This is a great series
    Its a cartoon not a anime
    The maker’s haw a tumbler page’s

    Where is the promise of Gravity Falls shorts?

    Late do a Vlog of Star vs. the Forces of Evil if you need to be convinced watch episode 4 Quest Buy there is a such a hilarious joke with pork chop its a fun show not as good as this but watch it

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