Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 10 – Steven’s Lion

Steven has a new pet, and he’s big!

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  1. For having so many obvious toys cartoon network could market for this show it’s pretty odd they’ve been airing for almost 2 years without a single toy

  2. That lion is as badass!

  3. Crossover Princess

    I’m unsure if you heard by this point but…

    Go to it… it’s official…

    Also that line about “Keeping Amethyst” yeah… that’s going to come back…

  4. Duuuuuuude, look up the concept art for lion. Creepy as shit.

  5. Also Ronaldo is annoying as shit.

  6. I’m curious as to when you did all that research for the Modern Cartoons editorial, since it included a lot of scenes and talked about a lot of themes that appear far later in the show, hope you didn’t ruin too many of the surprises.

  7. littlewillie610

    “We kept Amethyst.”

    This episode served as a good introduction to Lion. His connection to Steven will be hinted at more as the series goes on. I also really liked the climax involving the pillars of sand, which felt like something out of a video game. As usual, the music was also great.

  8. littlewillie610

    I kind of see Ronaldo as this show’s Lumpy Space Princess equivalent. He can be entertaining in small doses, but the episodes that focus on him aren’t all that great.

    • This is very true. Hes a decent character,but im fine with seeing less of him.

    • Maybe it’s because I’m really curious as to why he acts the way he does but I like him. His episodes to tend to land on the creepy side for one reason or another but I do enjoy them.

    • I enjoyed Rising Tides/Crashing Skies. Mostly because I like seeing the fantastical stuff from the perspective of regular people, and it had a lot of callbacks to other episodes, like Beach Party, Joy Ride, Horror Club, and even this episode with the picture of Steven’s belly. Also, in the other Ronaldo focused episodes, he put people in direct danger for his own gain, but in this it’s just him bumbling around, with Peedee trying to follow.

  9. We’re two seasons in, and I STILL have no idea what the **** Onion is.

  10. The joke about keeping Amethyst isn’t really a joke. You’ll find out later. The blog is real, some people have given you the limk, as for Lion, well, you’ll learn more about him over time, like the rest of the Gems 🙂

  11. This series did take a long time to really get going I feel, something like 25 episodes for me, but it was really worth it as they got into the new season. Hang in there and keep with this series!

  12. I think you explain in this V-log why I sometimes watch Steven Universe but don’t watch Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, or anything else in that genre. I don’t like in your face stuff and I am big on graphics and aesthetics in all my entertainment (that’s usually all I look for in fact). I need to catch up. Follow up comment to come when I have finally seen this episode. LOL.

  13. who is onion? You shall know onion, you shall know fear and wrath that is Onion.

  14. Onion is a weird weird kid, and that’s probably the nicest definition of him.

    And don’t worry, you’ll see more of Lion, turns out he’s (or it’s) pretty important.

    Also, dancing street performers is a perfect analogy to Adventure Time, when it first begins, you immediately love it, when its continues, it gets more interesting, but as it goes on and on longer than it should, you eventually start losing interest and start to see how much of a mess it truly is.

  15. A desert lion.
    Retrieve the Desert Glass Gem.
    Steven is pregnant.

    The color scheme during the Desert Glass’s reformation was the biggest takeaway of this episode for me. That entire action sequence was gorgeous. It’s funny you should mention Mario in regards to this episode, because that scene had the same feel as playing a level of Mario Galaxy for me, pure freedom of movement and joy, especially once Lion caught Steven. This show does have an effortless charm to it, and that’s part of what hooked me. Adventure Time and Over the Garden Wall are very much the same; season 6 especially has seen AT doing a lot of philosophizing and introspection, not all of which has been received kindly by the fanbase. As I’m sure you’re already aware, all the while the show is quietly stockpiling hints, references, and plot points to be explored during the latter half of season 1.

  16. A desert lion
    Searching for a pillow gem
    Is he Steven’s friend?

  17. Yes, the lore in this show does get deep, but early on, I also felt that zen like atmosphere from the show the Walker brothers are feeling (I still do). I compared it actually to watching Winnie the Pooh. It’s just that sweet feeling within from watching the show. Even the themes from both shows (I’m basing the Winnie the Pooh series on the New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh) just give that joyous feeling.

    Plus, both can have some really messed up imagery, along with a sense of pure innocence.

  18. Ya about Onion….

    I don’t really know what to think about him. Mostly because of the latest episode seemed to point at a direction with him that I’m not sure that I’m comfortable with, especially given he does in one of the following episodes. But I’ll probably discuss that later cause nobody else is probably gonna talk about it.

  19. A pink lion comes
    Sand gem in a pillow
    Lion is his friend

  20. This is a enjoyable episode with good jokes and some fun action, but it’s also one I don’t have a lot to say about unless I start entering spoiler territory, so all I’m going to say is that this episode has some amazing foreshadowing.

    Don’t worry about understanding onion, even having watched the entire show I still have no clue what his deal is.

    Next up is Arcade Mania, in which Steven has a epic fight with The Foot.

  21. hehehehehe, i realyy cant wait when the show starts dropping hard feels on those two >D

  22. Tbh being a lot like amethyst (even sharing the same birthstone) I’m not phased by the phrase “sure you can keep him, after all we kept amethyst” if it was for me.

    I’m like that exciting cool family pet everyone loves 😀
    Although pearl went on it a bit too long for my tastes. Still I like it when people see me as unique.

    Besides, people remember a pet more than friends :p

  23. Its hard to tell if Lion cares about Steven or just feels obligation to him cause of his mom

  24. I think part of what makes Steven Universe so mesmerizing (aside from the surreal beauty of the animation & visuals) is how much is left unexplained. It’s kind of like when you’re sitting in a coffee shop, or on the subway, and happen to hear a snippet of conversation going on nearby that catches your attention because it’s inexplicably bizarre.

    You automatically want to listen further to try and figure out what kind of conversation could have possibly been going on that would have led to that statement and can only do so by listening to what’s currently being said to try and piece together what was said before. It’s a guaranteed hook for anyone who’s fascinated by human thought, personality and narrative. It’s all show and no tell.

  25. I’m caught up and I still don’t know what to think of Onion!

  26. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    In one of the more recent episodes onion friend they explain more about him and there is more lion episodes(two of the most notable bein.g lion 2 the sequel and lion 3 direct to DVD.

  27. Yeah, I wish that I had a pink lion. It is so cute and I noticed that its nose looks like a heart. So cute! 😀

  28. I don’t think it’s that hard to guess the relationship and premise. My guess is that since Rose died, Steven has to sorta be raised by these gems who are kinda his teachers now. They’re there to teach him how to be a crystal gem and to help him discover his powers and such. And of course I’m sure there’s a big plot concerning why they collect all these crystals. Rose most likely knew she wouldn’t be there so she probably entrusted them with this task. Rose sorta seems like some queenly figure and the crystal gems are kinda like valkyrie.

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