Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 11 – Arcade Mania

So Garnet has three eyes. And even bigger news, she loves arcade games! WHAAAA?

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  1. Again, I’ll post something more when I’ve caught up with these episodes. I’m mostly just a Minecraft girl. That is the ONE game I’ve bought this year.

  2. “This show is so cruel”. Oh, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

  3. Guys, please, watch it in order!

  4. Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem/The Return and Jail Break
    I think it goes without saying that whoever can get into contact with doug, or maybe Rob will read this, should tell them that these 2 sets of episodes should be seen and reviewed as a set because both not only continue where the previous ones left off but both were originally released together as half hour blocks. It’s just 22 minutes and really the commentary with be more complete instead of dropping it and picking up the next day for us.

    • I get what you’re saying but, at the same time, I feel like we might end up with an Over the Garden Wall situation where they summarize everything in such a way that they just miss out on smaller, important, details that come into play later on. Also, we’d end up with fewer vlog episodes which I think it worse than just having to wait a day between parts.

      At the end of the day, they’ll do whatever they want to do, but yeah…. I don’t see a problem with doing the two parters one part at a time.

    • don’t forget full disclosure needs to be seen just after the return.

  5. Arcades are very popular in japan

  6. I remember this one causing a bit of a stir in the Tumblr community. Lots and lots of arguing. If only we could’ve seen into the future. *wink wink*

  7. This is another good episode that I canโ€™t really talk about without going into spoiler territory, one thing I will say is that like the last episode it has some amazing foreshadowing.

    One other thing I will say is that it has some really good jokes, my favorite was the Steven fights the foot joke.

    Speaking as a millennial, I basically play everything but the games I play the most are dynasty/samurai warriors and strategy games.

    In the next episode Steven wants to see amethyst and pearl become one, its less dirty than it sounds, but only slightly.

  8. So they have seen another episode with Garnet without glasses…there aren many.
    They propably watched Jailbreak of all episodes -.-

    • ClaudiaFangless

      It sounded to me like it might have been Future Vision.

      • Rob did talk about Garnet having some kind of future power

        • You’re right. Rob definetely was referring to “Future Vision”, but I think Doug saw something else, but without glasses as well and that’s what I meant.

          • Well they said that they each saw some other episodes earlier…
            Doug had to have seen one that involved Fusion meaning something more than just power so maybe Jailbreak for him and in another vlog Rob talked about an episode where they were testing Steven so maybe the “The Test” for him.

  9. There are arcades in Dave and Buster’s and Boomer’s.

  10. I also thought this was a pretty good episode. Garnet as a Fusion, she got her third eye from Sapphire being a cyclops who kinda looked like that cyclops alien from lilo and stitch. And ruby is nromal two eyed. When I saw this episode I was wondering with Genet playing that game so long was that Sapphire didn’t wanna give up or ruby on something else?

    Anyways and answer to your question is there still video game arcade with Nostalgic games? Yes, there still there. I want to an arcade my sister’s friend goes and get money all the time once. and there was a nostalgic arcade place like this in the edge of las vegas.

  11. In regards to your question about arcades- the arcade in this is based off of an arcade from Rebecca Sugar’s home town. A number of places on the Beach City Boardwalk are, actually.

  12. You’ll start to understand later why they attack the monsters and it isn’t overly cruel. But the Crystal Gems still can be pretty harsh…

  13. There are still arcades around, at least where I live. And, you have no idea how cruel the show can be ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  14. Doctor House M.D

    i wont Invader Zim Vlogs!!!!

  15. SO much will be explained, including why Garnet has 3 eyes, why she zoned out, and why they kill all those monsters…only the first 2 things are directly related.

  16. Well, in Ottawa there is a arcade/bar/perogie restraunt/music venue in Ottawa called House of Targ which is awesome.

  17. littlewillie610

    “Tell my wife I’m sorry!”

    Arcade Mania is a fairly solid episode, but the next three are especially good. I managed to start watching this without being spoiled on anything, so Garnet’s third eye was unexpected. Arcades are sort of still around, but there aren’t very many in Battle Creek.

    I’m hoping they managed to watch Giant Woman on this seating session, and So Many Birthday’s would be the icing on the cake *cue weirdly animated Steven face*.

  18. Arcades still exist. Mostly on beachtown boardwalks (Kind of like the one in the episode.) There’s even a chain of called Dave & Buster’s.

    I guess you already figured out how the third eye is gonna come back. Anyway, you guys are in for a treat next episode.

  19. I wonder if Ruby and Sapphire could do really well with Dance Dance Revolution. Eh probably just Sapphire but she doesn’t have feet. Just thought it would be cute to have them playing together since they got so zoned out with Meat Beat Mania.

  20. Yes Stormtroopers had lives and families. Them being clones was a bit of a retcon, and luckily Disney removed it.

    Yay Stormtroopers are all humans again.

  21. Amethyst putting balls directly into the game’s top goal: “I’ma gonna win me a plane!”

  22. Btw we have 2-3 arcades where I live. We even have some relics like TMNT arcade still working and the simpsons arcade still kept alive. (The originals in their original case too).

    I also found the other arcade had even more older games like pacman, asteroids, ddr and donkey kong; yeah! Those really old games still intact! I was shocked and happy ๐Ÿ˜€

    Btw I’m live in an obscure area of england ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Acetylsalicilique

    In France we usually have arcade games in big movie theatres. Is that a thing in the US/UK ?

  24. About arcades, they’re still very popular in some shore /boardwalk areas, so it makes sense to have one in Beach City.

  25. Its a fun episode
    I was so surprising that Garnet has three eyes
    The little once are not baby’s
    If you wanna enjoy the episodes don’t spoil anything for each other

  26. There is no giant foot!
    Garnet cheats at rhythm games.
    Pearl is horrible.

    This was a pretty fun episode, though not much beyond that. I didn’t really see a video game addiction metaphor, more of a reinforcement about how the Gems relate to human culture. Amethyst is most comfortable with it, while Garnet and Pearl each have their own disconnects to contend with. SU kind of struggles with its light and fluffy episodes, what with not being as laugh out loud funny as most of its contemporaries. Still, the action sequences with the drill monster were dynamic and thrilling, so I liked this episode just fine.

  27. There are actually a lot of arcades at tourist trap beach towns like the one I live at.

  28. And the one Steven lives in

  29. There is an arcade museum in Laconia, NH called Funspot (where you can play the games there). I also live near one called Pinball Wizard in Pelham, NH (which doesn’t just have pinball games).

  30. I’m liking the show so far and I’m sure that Steven will improve in the later seasons but right now, he always seems like he’s almost always messing up. I like the Carpcom thing on the first game that Garnet played. Nice reference. Yet another episode with Onion in the background.

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