Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 12 – Giant Woman

Steven finds out two heads are better than one!

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  1. In my opinion this episode and the 2 after it are where Steven Universe went from being a good show to a great show.

    • Agreed. This was the episode where I went from being a viewer to a fan.

      • Episode 12 was the episode that got me excited for the show
        Episode 20 was the episode that made me fall in love with the show
        Episode 25/26 solidified this as my favorite show of all time

        It’s as if I dated the first half-season and then decided to marry it

  2. For the third time, follow up comment to come when I have actually seen this episode. LOL. Powerpuff Girls Z wasn’t as good as Powerpuff Girls in my opinion.

  3. Most fusion names are sort of irrelevant geologically speaking, considering… you know… how pearls are formed IRL. You don’t really see pearls mix with other stuff in nature, since they’re formed from clam spit and not actual geological processes.

    • “Ankh-Morpork! Pearl of cities! This is not a completely accurate description, of course — it was not round and shiny — but even its worst enemies would agree that if you had to liken Ankh-Morpork to anything, then it might as well be a piece of rubbish covered with the diseased secretions of a dying mollusc.”

      Couldn’t resist. But yeah, the fusion names are interesting but mainly just semi-precious stones with lots of colours in them (except one specific fusion)

    • I know some of the names of at least the basic gems actually do relate to stuff that happens to them or elements of their character, but not always directly. I’d go into more detail but a lot of the examples I know are sort-of spoilers to stuff later on and I don’t want to ruin it for people who are watching the show as Doug does his vlogs.

  4. If I understand it correctly Opal is named like that because opals are made from the same components both amthysts and pearls are made up. All the fusions in the show have this naming theme going on.

    03:55 *snicker* Oh Rob, just you wait.

    I wouldn’t say the show becomes more adult later on. It is ultimately a family friendly kids show that just focuses on relationship more than on comedy and takes itself serious when it’s appropriate to do so while still maintaining a generally positive mood. As far as I’m concerned Batman TAS and Young Justice where far more mature and darker than Steven Universe. It’s just that people are too caught up in the feels wich makes them assume SU is super adult and dark.

    • I don’t know, the show has gone to some rather dark places and tackled rather deep topics. Its definitely gotten more adult, not that it diminishes its kid friendly nature, as neither did Batman TAS or Young Justice.

      • Don’t sell children short.
        Just because it’s deep doesn’t mean that it’s not “for children”/”kid friendly”/”child appropriate”…
        The topics touched on in Steven Universe are things children should be exposed to.

        If the show went into these topics on the level of adults, we’d have lengthy discussions about the “evils” of homosexuality and whatnot.
        But we don’t. We deal with everything with the viewpoint of a child. (to keep with the homosexuality, look up children talking about it for reference, and how it’s just a nonissue for children)

      • Sure, but what I meant was that the show is still more lighthearted and rarely ends on downers (as a rule of thumb you can say that every single episode that doesn’t end with the star outro is a downer). Contrast that with Batman TAS where there where frequent downers, mostly related to the villains, and Young Justice where the heros kinda always lost at the end of the episode with the villains being always a few steps ahead.

    • Pearls are made from Clams, opal is a form of silica and amethysts are form of quartz.

  5. … so
    Who’s going to be the one to tell them just how deep the anime is with this show?

  6. Woah, wait. Did Rob just say he watched Madoka Magica?
    He just earned 100 points from me.

  7. Steven Universe IS actually incredibly popular in Japan

  8. IncognitoBandito

    The main thing I got from this episode is that Steven is a bit precocious in his appreciation of giant women…I was a few years older before I realized all the wonderful fantasy possibilities they opened up.

  9. I noticed they haven’t really talked about the songs much so far. “Giant Woman” was the first one I really liked and its super catchy.

  10. “…All three of them fuse.” Man, these guys never stop amazing me 😮

  11. I don’t have quite the reverence for this episode most people have, for a lot of people this was the episode that got them hooked on the show, I’m not sure if I really had a episode that got me hooked but if I did it certainly wasn’t this one.

    That’s not to say I think it’s a bad episode, I actually think it’s really good, not only does this episode do a really good job introducing fusion as a concept, but it’s also really funny and has probably the second best action scene of the first part of the first season, plus I always enjoy it when amethyst and pearl bicker a lot, both of them are just fantastic foils for each other.

    Next up a innocent episode about birthdays, wahhahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  12. “No! B-bad goat! You’re no son of mine!”

    I’m somewhat surprised they didn’t mention the song. Unless you count “LMDMVIYH”, this is the first time any of the characters have spontaneously broken into song, but it seems to have become a lot more prominent as the show has gone on. I found the lyrics kind of strange until I got context from watching the episode. Opal had a pretty bad ass entrance, and she’s probably my second favorite fusion.

    Hopefully Doug isn’t expecting all the episodes in the second half of the season to advance the plot in the same way Avatar did. He might end up a little disappointed if that’s the case.

    There are several similarities between Steven Universe and Madoka Magica. It’s probably a coincidence, but one thing I’ve noticed is that the Gems and and the magical girls share similar character traits.

    Steven/Rose – Madoka: Caring individuals with an idealized view of their group. Initially naive in many respects.

    Pearl – Homura: Fiercely dedicated to Steven/Rose/Madoka to a possibly unhealthy degree. Place little value in their own lives.

    Garnet – Mami: Stoic bad asses who are looked up to by everyone around them.

    Amethyst – Kyoko: Adopted a carefree attitude to hide their emotional baggage. Both eat a lot.

    LL – Sayaka: Both are seemingly doomed to misery and despair.

  13. Like a lot of other fans, this was the episode that sort of cemented SU as something I had catch when a new one aired. There have been good episodes before now but from here on out the show becomes more consistently great. It’s a pity we’re at the end of the four vlogs now, looking forward to So Many Birthday’s, Lars and the Cool Kids, and Steven the Sword Fighter.
    I still don’t quite get Onion Trade though.

  14. Based on his descriptions, it sounds like Rob has seen Future Vision and The Test. Is it just me, or did Doug hesitate to respond a bit when he mentioned Garnet?

  15. Actually something I’ve wondered about is when or if character discussion will start turning up in these vlogs?
    I admit it took me a while to start picking up on it but I think it was around Giant Women and the next few episodes that it felt like we got to know the Crystal Gems as more fleshed out individuals, even if the backstories and specifics come later.


    I don’t know through what service you’ve been viewing Steven Universe, but I’ve recently been hearing that some services & episode lists have the episode order for a couple of very important episodes, where continuity plays an important, role mixed up. So no matter how episodes are listed on the service that you’re watching with, make sure to watch the episode “Full Disclosure” Immediately after “Jailbreak”, trust me, it’ll make MUCH more sense and be MUCH more impactful that way.

    • Sebastian Walston

      Pretty sure they are using Amazon prime, which has 2 episodes out of order, one is they list political power after full disclosure, and the other is they have reformed after we need to talk, so yeah. They have time, but they should definitely get on that sometime.

  17. This one was a fun episode to hear about.
    Yeah, though, the act itself is just called fusion since each character combination would make different fusions (like that Amethyst and Pearl are Opal while Amethyst and Garnet are Sugilite).

  18. Well Robert was on the right track with Opal. The significance of Opal’s name is really cool when you look it up. Opals are associated with inspiration, creativity and imagination. It reflects both Pearl’s focus on the intellect and Amethyst’s free spirit. Opals also combine aspects of pearls and amethysts—amethysts are made of silica, while pearls form in water. Opal is hydrated silica.

    The people on Tv Tropes know their stuff.

  19. Opal is the national stone of Australia! Well done Rob. Our women’s basketball team is also known as the Opals. I hadn’t thought about it before, but this may be why Opal is my favourite fusion.

  20. I’m a “geologist in the audience” so I guess I’ll comment.

    Pearls are made inside molluscs (good thing for you I also happen to be a biologist) by them depositing calcium carbonate (the same stuff that makes up limestone, chalk, the shells of molluscs, etc.) in concentric layers around an irritant in side its shell. This builds up into the pearl.

    Amethyst is silicon dioxide, pretty much quartz with impurities of iron that make it purple.

    Opal is also silicon dioxide (SiO2). To form an opal SiO2 becomes dissolved in groundwater, if the concentration gets enough and/or the conditions change the silicon precipitates out of the water and gets deposited into a void in the rock. The color IIRC comes from interference and diffraction, just like with butterfly wings and the feathers on an indigo bunting.

    Opals do not form from pearls (biological in origin) and amethyst (basically colored quartz) mixing together.

    They may have used opal due to the fact that both amethyst and opal are SiO2 but different and opal can be many different colors. Or they could have just chosen it because they liked the name.

  21. Forgot to mention that opal can be many different colors in the same stone. So that could be a reason for the name.

    Also the hydrated silica/water and human traits associated with the stones (up there with astrology as some of the dumbest things ever) that BerzerkerNox mentioned.

  22. Steven Universe is heavily based in Anime.
    There are a lot of details like sairlormoon manga and videogames.
    There are a lot of scenes draw over famous anime scenes like Utena´s battle, Sheeta and Pazu from Laputa Hugging, and many others.

  23. I’m not sure what the rhyme or reason is for the results of a gem fusion (if there is any) but at least there’s consistency (Pearl and Amethyst will always make Opal). Also, I hope you liked the giant woman song, because there’s gonna be a lot more musical numbers later on.

    As for Lion, he’s usually off doing his own thing, but he is gonna come back every now and then. And he’s got quite a few surprises.


  25. The act is called fusion. That particular fusion is called Opal.

  26. When i saw this all I could think was “well seems we got some dbz fans here” its the fusion dance just more silly.

  27. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I think.its weird that bobs burgers had an episode were a kid was a goat. But in lions case why he wasn’t in the episode I think it’s because in one episode i believe they mentioned he was Invisible(please someone correct me if I’m wrong) and no Steven jr doesn’t come back in any new episodes. Next is too many birthdays an episode I recently saw and I believe you guys will have to talk about. Now a line from the episode(peace)
    *guys stop fighting your scaring Steven jr.*

  28. Giant women rock.
    Find the Heaven and Earth Gems.
    Steven’s goat son lived.

    “Giant Woman” the song is ridiculously catchy, and Amethyst and Pearl pranking one another during the musical interlude was a lot of fun. Opal’s fight scene was very dynamic, easily a cut above most of the fight scenes we’ve seen in the series so far. Fortunately, they just keep getting better. It’s not immediately evident now, but fusion eventually becomes one of the most complex and nuanced elements of the show. I wouldn’t be surprised to see graduate level theses written about the implications of fusion once the show eventually ends.

  29. This is one of my fav episode one of the top 5
    Opal is an actual real thing
    Opal is a different person that is made from there combination
    There is a very good game of Steven Universe called Steven Universe attack the light
    You should never watch a series for the middle but always from the beginning

    After Steven do Star vs the Forces of Evil

  30. Actually opal is made through amethyst and pearl combined so it’s possible.

    Also if you add a specific clear gem to opal it becomes Opalite.

    Because my birthstone is amethst and my brothers opalite; it’s pretty accurate, he often avoids conflict and I get into it so we fulfill our roles.

    But I asked him if we would ever fuse and the same answer I though; nope never. Not unless there’s a reason. XD

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