Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 13 – Too Many Birthdays

Steven stops acting his age, and it’s killing him! Steven learns that the Gems are thousands of years old and decides to make up for all the thousands of birthdays they’ve missed.

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  1. NO! I keep getting farther and farther behind. D: I still like my life better now than when I was a child. Then again, my childhood SUCKED about 85% of the time. Middle school was awesome. My first high school was awful and the second was awesome. Overall, I am much more mentally stable and happier now that I’m in college. Sorry, tiny tangent, there. LOL.

  2. I’m reminded of something Steven said in this episode: “A boy on the cusp of manhood can’t spend all day wackering”. It’s a thought-provoking line about inevitably having to abandon that which gave you joy in your youth for the sake of embracing the maturity that’s always forcing itself on you.
    Also, I’m pretty sure it was a masturbation joke, and those are funny. Hee-hee, wiener in your hand!

  3. I’m surprised they didn’t mention the part where Garnet just starts shaking the dying Steven and the other Gems freak out. She’s just like “Sorry, I thought violence might be the answer!”

  4. Apparently “Ages of Pan” was a 2-parter in the middle of the series, not the finale

  5. “I thought… violence… would be the answer.”

    This was actually the first episode I saw after hearing a lot about it. It’s arguably the first big emotional bombshell episode, and far from the last. As was mentioned in the video, So Many Birthdays does a great job at being simultaneously funny and heartbreaking. I wasn’t sure how to react to seeing Pearl, in clown makeup, sobbing uncontrollably. It also features the first significant instance of Garnet losing her composure, which I kind of wish was brought up.

    Although they didn’t directly talk about the episode for very long, they seemed to grasp its tone and underlying themes fairly well.

  6. These guys still have no idea how dark this show will get XD

  7. It’s just the beginning

  8. Haven’t played this video yet so if I say something they said then I’m going to feel dumb

    But this episode is like the movie Click without being dumb. I remember being pretty surprised by this one. Especially when you see Steven’s vision fading out when he’s dying.

    Nobody likes to think about dying. I have anxiety attacks just because I’m that scared of it. Seeing the Gems freaking the hell out was oddly relaxing. Since I often feel like everybody else in the world is just off living their lives without my stupid fear. Sure it was sad but seeing the Gems tackle something they really don’t understand like aging and dying was really important to me. I mean yeah Gems CAN die but not like us.

    I still don’t understand how Pearl likes pie though. She’s grossed out by eating. But I guess it was just a set up for her reaction to pies in this episode.

  9. Seeing this episode makes me think steven can look young forever if he wanted to since its about how you feel. We also find out gems age and form is just an illusion.

  10. Amethyst did the EXACT same thing I did to cheer up my brother in hospital, by being an entirely big goofball and putting all self-respect behind, just to the other person is okay.

    It’s kind of creepy really. I often say amethyst is a lot like me, but each episode she’s in; is something I’ve been through in some way and often reacted the same. I often have disagreements with my stern quiet father; but only because I feel like i’m not as good as another. Which after I cool down, I appologise for.

    I get into argument fights (I would be in punching fights but *ahem* lets just say there’s a thing that prevents me from doing it and if I did, I would loose 100%) often, not because of pride but because I feel others are bullying which isn’t right; I like justice and equality… which can sometimes target the wrong person; but life have made me wise, not smart 🙂

    Oh and btw I have a rainbow lollypop a few days ago as a festival! 😀 What? I know i’m not a kid anymore but everyones been telling me that for years. I am who I am, myself and I say: enjoy life while you have it :3

    Also try having an ice lolly in the rain, you won’t regret it, it’s an amazing experience!

    • Also, I can’t seem to get a job. Yes I’ve tried looking but to no avail. Instead of worrying though; just enjoy what you have while you got it. Don’t stop trying to look for a job, but remember, once you get one you’ll have less time and this works for getting married; once you get married you live for her/him and if you get children, your life is for them.

      Enjoy what you have, not what you don’t because if you don’t; what you have will fade away fast and will regrett it. Remember what master oogway said: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery; but today is a gift, why else do we call it the present.”

      If an animated turtle has figured out what life is before us in reality, sure we can do the same 🙂

  11. This is one of the best episodes
    It was so fun to see him die almost
    This is the first episode that shows Garnets emotion and how much she loves him
    It douse not get better when you grow up especially when your parents do not help grow up

  12. This was one of my first memorable episodes of Steven Universe which really hit me.
    I love how Steven was trying to stablish a connection with the Gems, but him failing at it. Didn’t help that they didn’t really understood where he was coming from.
    And then it forced him into this kind of cliche to dire situation where he was aging rapidly.
    Finally between the Gems and Pearl just saying “Gems can’t die from aging, but he’s half human,” you just felt the panic sweep over you and the Gems for Steven’s well being. And them just being so desperate to save their little man that they do everything and anything, all the while trying to keep it together.
    The final nail in the coffin was the ever cool, one-step-ahead Garnet just losing her shit, starting to argue with the other two. You know things are bad when she can’t keep it together.

    All in all, it was great.

  13. This episode has one of my favorite jokes in the entire series, when the aging Steven asks Lars and Sadie to help him into his birthday suit. Priceless.

  14. Like I said in my comment for the last vlog, I don’t really have one episode that got me hooked to the show as It was a more gradual process, but if one episode got close to hooking me in it’s probably this one, mostly because it just hillarious with some absolutely fantastic jokes and moments, my favourite one was probably the Steven clown, ‘Steven, Are you telling lies?’.

    Besides that it’s also the first time we get one of show’s infamous surprise feels attacks, although to be honest I thought steven dying was kind of hilarious in a very dark comedy kind of way.

    I also think the concept of Steven’s age depending on his mental health to be very interesting, and I hope it’s explored a bit more in a future episode.

    07.00 As bad as school is, not going to school is much MUCH worse, believe me I know from experience.

    In the next episode, Steven and lars interact with the local cool kids, it’s better than it sounds

  15. When are you going to talk about what happens in the goddamned episodes?

  16. Acetylsalicilique

    I just loved the first half of the episode. The comedy during the birthday scenes is awesome. This is the best Pearl episode so far, she was hilarious.

    I wasn’t that much a fan of the serious part of this episode. I don’t know, it didn’t get to me =/

  17. Steven’s birthday suit.
    Which way to the baby war?
    Pearl is partied out.

    This is one of the earliest episodes that give some hint as to how emotional the show would get. Tiger Millionaire was still my favorite at that point, but this one one that really got me to start paying attention to the show. Pearl’s complete breakdown upon seeing Steven dying is heartbreaking and hilarious all at once. Amethyst actually surprised me by being the most composed and level-headed out of everyone in a crisis. She was the one coming up with ideas on how to revert Steven’s age, while Pearl and Garnet were either panicking or going along with her suggestions. She doesn’t get a lot of character development early on, but what is there is interesting.


  19. The jokes in this episode were pretty funny.

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