Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 15 – Onion Trade

A trade with a creepy kid (?) turns horribly wrong!

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  1. The show will answer a few questions related to onion in season two episode 13 (that should be in 50 episodes for you guys)

  2. The thing Amethyst said at the end was in reference to the fact that she duplicated a bunch of garbage and left it in Pearl’s room (which she mentioned earlier).

    Also, I’m surprised there was no mention of the Duck Tales reference in this episode.

    • Yeah, when Amethyst gives Steven the duplicator thing, she tells Steven that she used it to duplicate a bunch of her garbage and put it into Pearls room. That’s why she’s disappointed at the end, because her prank was ruined.

  3. Prepare your selves, you haven’t seen anything yet.

  4. This was a pointless episode and i hate Onion
    Why do they not punish him considering what Onion done
    His mom is fine and she is great you will know her later in the series

  5. Yeah this is a really weird weird episode. Actually upon re-watching it there are quite a few funny scenes. I still think the story was a bit weak though.
    I prefer a later Onion story that’s a fair while from this one, which made me like him a little more, even if I still don’t completely trust him. I think he’s in the chaotic neutral territory.

    As for why he isn’t punished a)The Gems don’t give a toss about humans b) Steven is still too nice c) Spoilers, though not a major one.
    We do know Onion has…something resembling empathy though. Maybe. I think.

    As for Greg’s sunburn; there are so many tragic theories I’m half expecting that we’ll get a silly and mundane explanation just for the comedy. Also I think the Steven’s line was “I’ve lost something precious”, I don’t know if that makes it any better.

    A lot more on topic in this vlog! Hope it sticks in the next one. It has one of my favourite moments of the series.

  6. I can’t believe you missed the DuckTales reference

    also, wait till a future episode to find out more about Onion’s family
    it’ll be worth it

  7. I do not trust Onion at all! The guy hates food…. He HATES food………

  8. I’m surprised they didn’t mention the Duck Tales reference in this episode.

    At least they actually talked about the show this time.

  9. Onion is a creepy, creepy kid. That’s why I love him. I think the explanation is just he gets bored. He likes to do creepy shit to mess with people.

    • Eh, I’d argue for innate creepiness, not intentional. Only because he’s so young. At that age, kids (boys esp.) are usually intentionally annoying when they’re bored. Being intentionally creepy to mess with other people is something I’d believe of an older kid, who has more social awareness. Onion seems to have NO social awareness.

  10. Someone already pointed it out, but yeah, Amethyst was complaining about the replicated stuff disappearing since earlier in the episode, she had filled Pearl’s room with replicated garbage.

    It’s funny that you guys also mention seeing character duplications dying, but that’s later.

    Onion’s kind of a difficult character to figure out. He’s really creepy, but he seems to genuinely try to befriend Steven? There’s another Onion-centric episode, over in season 2, but it’s still difficult to figure out what deal he is.

  11. I don’t know what to feel about Onion. The next one that focuses on him is a little better, but….how the show “presents” him makes me really uncomfortable. Like in the next episode with him gives him a more sympathetic view and some people think he’s coded autistic. So if that is the intention of the writers, why is one of the first things they show him do is trying to squish people with cars and try to make him as creepy as possible and have the main character be afraid of him? Of course no one wants to discuss this because a. nobody cares about disabled representation and b. people think SU is flawless and perfect. Though that might not be their intention, but I still heavily dislike the creepy child trope.

    • Agreed. I wouldn’t mind a creepy child character, even without nuance, if it had any reason to be a part of the show. I have seen Onion contribute nothing but time-wasting shenanigans, baseless creepiness, and frustration. Oh, and confusion. Here’s to hoping they’ll write in some greater purpose for him later down the line? (Way, way later?)

  12. 2:19: “looks like all those other versions of me are dead”

    …haha, oh boy, just keep that line in mind rob.

  13. Okay, I can’t WAIT to see this episode. LOL. Follow up comment to come… maybe. Also, that outdo made me LOL for a solid minute after the video was over.

  14. Pearl has a nice axe.
    Onion is not what he seems.
    Dave Guy is worst Guy.

    Not a lot to cover in this episode that other people haven’t already mentioned. Onion being super weird and creepy is one of the jokes in the earlier episodes that they seem to have dialed back on. You can actually see him stealing tickets from Funland in the opening sequence and in “So Many Birthdays”, hence how he’s able to afford a moped. He’s not my favorite character but he does have some interesting interactions with Steven later on.

  15. “I’m not cleaning up this mess.”

    Onion Trade is decent, but it’s sandwiched between several superior episodes. There seems to be a lot of different theories about Onion’s nature and backstory, but I’ve always assumed that he is just a weird kid who likes to mess with people.

  16. Yes, Onion is weird. Better to stay away from him XD

    The next one is one I’m excited for them to watch. I hope they can watch it tomorrow! 😀

  17. I’m surprised you guys (hehe, G.U.Y.S) didn’t pick up on the Duck Tales reference

  18. I didint think of onion much at the start. Just a weird little jerk. Later on you get to understand him more.

  19. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    This is personally one of my favorite episodes of the show. Now next is too many birthdays and i love in the episode when amethyst turns into a baby and rides in tye toy car (hailrious part but the episode gets sad near the end just to warn you.

  20. Amethyst mentioned what she copied. “I copied a whole bunch of trash and put it in Pearl’s room.”

  21. P.S. The gems are anatomically correct (or I should say they can make themselves anatomically correct)
    When they eat the have to use the bathroom.

  22. Oh you do not realize the extent of Onion’s creepiness. He gets way weirder in season two. Like, what the hell was Cartoon Network thinking?

  23. Oh come on who can you guys not talk about the best joke in the entire series. Steven’s Line of “Swim like a Rich Duck” was seriously the best thing ever. XD

    I was actually really confused by the line funny enough when I heard it… but it didn’t take long to realize it was a Duck Tales Reference.

  24. Oh right I forgot to also mention that I personally love Onion. He has always been a weird and creepy kid but I think that’s part of why I like him actually. He’s just a very interesting character over all and it’s fascinating getting to know more about him even if he has genuinely creeped me out a few times.

  25. Congratulations Walker brothers, you’ve actually managed to not get side tracked. Keep this up please.

    Regarding the mumbling: I think Onion and his dad are deaf, since both lack ears wich makes me assume that they share a birth defect, and this is just everything they can hear and thus talk like that. Still makes me wonder how a deaf person could become a fisherman but whatever. It’s a cartoon. Also the roller Onion crashed was the one he won at the arcade a few episodes ago. Continuity is strong with this show.

    And Amethyst replicated a bunch of trash and stuffed it into Pearls room to annoy her. She said it right at the beginning when she handed Steven the device.

    I also have to agree with many of the other commenters here. You both love Duck Tales yet you didn’t seem to catch the Scrooge McDuck reference with Stevens “rich duck” line.

    You’ll have to wait a long time until the next Onion centric episode. It’s in Season 2 and it makes him even weirder.

    • To be fair, I loved Duck Tales as a child and while reading through these comments i was like “What Duck Tales reference?” Until someone explained it, then I was like OOOOOOOH! and facepalmed myself.

      But seriously, stop getting on them for missing references that 90% of the target audience wouldn’t even get.

  26. Can’t believe you missed the ‘Rich duck’ joke!

  27. onion’s family will surprise you i wont spoil it but please more steven universe vlogs i look forward to you reviewing more of this series

  28. Yeah onion is A very VERY strange character, he best way i can describe him is like a walking Big Lipped Alligator Moment, and unlike a lot of other things its never really explained, in fact he only really gets weirder the more we learn about him.

    I know a lot of people dislike this episode, and even though its certainly not one of the show’s best episodes, the sheer wtf factor of the whole thing makes it a very enjoyable episode to watch, especially with people who havent seen it yet.

    In the next episode, SOMEBODY DIES!!!

  29. Amethyst copied a bunch of garbage and stuck it in Pearl’s room, so that means when the copies were all destroyed her prank wouldn’t happen.

  30. Onion is a bit hard to explain, heck we still don’t know too much about him now even caught up with all the episodes… A lot of people think he is Autistic. But how I see it is that Onion is a representation of that one kid we all know. You know that kid that sort of does weird things and you try to stay away from because you don’t know how to react to it. I’m guessing the whole demonic thing thats going on is just Steven’t interpretation of the situation since he doesn’t know how to react to Onion. In fact I find it weird that Onion is really the only character Steven had a hard time getting along with… He usually is quick to be friends with someone even if it is obvious they don’t like him, Like Lars, but yet Onion is the one even he stays away from and is uncomfortable around… But I can totally relate since there were kids I felt that way to.

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