Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 25 – Mirror Gem

A new character is added to the mix, but is she a friend or foe?

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  1. It’s clear that the Crystal Gems weren’t the ones who put Lapis in the mirror. She was already in the mirror when they found it. What’s unclear is…pretty much everything else. Who put Lapis in the mirror and why, whether the Crystal Gems knew who or what she really was, etc.

    • I don’t think is that clear (sorry for bad english). I think she was in the side of Rose and the others (yes i think there were more gems in their side…come on 4 against an army?), but one of them need to stop her, when she want to go home, after she get enough of Earth, or change her mind about the whole rebel thing.

      • ^ UH YEAH, SPOILERISH THINGS EVERYBODY!!!!! (sorry i forgot it)

      • Here’s what I think. First off, Rose probably had more troops than the Crystal Gems that we see and, oh by the way, HUGE SPOILERS here. HUUGGGEEEE SPOILERS.

        At one point Greg mentions some giant event that they only survived because of Rose’s shield. So I think during the war there were four sides, one of which is mentioned later on. Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond, White Diamond, and Pink Diamond (Rose). We see in the mural in Serious Steven there are gem incubators behind Rose as she defeats Blue Diamond. Then in Friend Ship, we see a crashed gem ship that was part of the fleet that first made contact with Earth that has both bright pink displays and structures and Yellow Diamonds as communicators. So I think that at first, Rose and Yellow Diamond’s forces were in an alliance against Blue Diamond to activate the gem incubators that would destroy the planet. While they were probably fairly small in number, the Blue Diamonds were pretty powerful so as soon as one was defeated they were trapped in an object to keep them from becoming a problem. We see that Lapis has a Blue Diamond on her design as well as a powerful gem in the lighthouse being primarily blue and using blue holograms, so I feel like that has some weight to it.

        After a while, Rose probably made a stand against Yellow Diamond and waged war against her and White Diamond’s forces. But as soon as Yellow Diamond started losing, she launched some device or attack or something that Rose had to defend against. Unfortunately Rose could only save so many people with her shield, but it was enough to make Yellow Diamond think she wiped out all of her enemies and leave the planet. Several thousands of years later, Rose becomes/gives birth to Steven without telling anyone about the Blue Diamonds and the show begins. But that’s just what I think is going on.


        • Not sure where you’re getting “Blue Diamond” and “White Diamond”, but Rose is very specifically stated as being Rose Quartz, which is nothing at all like diamond.

          • SPOILERS:

            On the Gem Warship, there were symbols of yellow, white, and blue diamonds. Also, in the background of the arena where Pearl trained Connie, there were four diamonds, one of which was pink. It’s possible that “Diamond” is simply title that Rose abandoned. This would also explain why the pink diamond was absent from the aforementioned warship.

          • I think the assumption is that she gave up her “diamond” title and became the rather ordinary “quartz” instead. The Gems aren’t literally what their names are, unless Pearl spent some time in an oyster.

          • The diamond theory has pretty much been proven correct. Throughout the series we see a “Diamond trinity” symbol: Yellow, white, and blue. However, the older ruins have four diamonds: pink, yellow, blue, and white.

            In Serious Steven, we see a mural with all four diamonds in one shot.

  2. The first season is actually 50 episodes, you have half to go yet.

  3. Yeah. A very interesting. Her name was Lapis Lazuli. I remember this because of Minecraft. Haha. Lapis is sure to come back. In other news, nice to see that Lars is still a douchebag. I really want something bad to happen to him. Beach babes? Really?

  4. Lapis Lazuli sounds SO much like a regular person’s name that I didn’t realize it was actually a kind of mineral until literally a few weeks ago. It’s a type of blue metamorphic rock commonly used in jewelry.

  5. This was very great
    Lapiz is pretty

  6. Corporate Commander

    Lapis is a waterbending master.

  7. I don’t think it was the Crystal Gems (at least not the ones we’re following all the time) who imprisoned Lapis since Pearls said they found the mirror at the Galaxy Warp. And her just giving it to Steven implies that they weren’t aware that the Gem in there was actually alive (the Gems appear to use non sapient Gems as energy source).

  8. I won’t get too much into the info about stuff going on, but Mirror Gem is actually a two-parter with the next episode.

  9. The guy who collected rocks as a kid didn’t recognize lapis lazuli? That’s one I’ve known since I was a kid, not to mention all of the gems mentioned so far. I guess I thought alot of kids knew that stuff just like they knew dinosaurs.

    • Same here. I went to a lot of museums as a kid, natural history and so forth, and between that and birthstones and liking ancient Egyptian stuff, lapis lazuli is a pretty easy one. I wonder if the bros. Walker will stumble over Malachite, too. Odd that they don’t know that one, but Rob was just fine with Sugilite.

  10. I’m surprised they didn’t realise that this was part 1 of a two parter given the next is Ocean Gem. But yes their going to get some of your answers very soon…and then they’ll have to join us in waiting for the rest.
    Lapis is one of the most mysterious characters so far.
    It’s not a bad wait by no means and you soon find yourself preoccupied by other mysteries and events.

    I have to agree with the stuff said about the mirror. I love the idea of using bits of earlier scenes to but together a sentence and then a conversation. Lapis is basically using reaction gifs to communicate.

  11. Lapis Lazuli,
    New beach summer fun buddy!
    Don’t trust them, Steven.

    From the moment the mirror started screaming at the prospect of being shown to the Gems, this episode became a master class in undermining the entire premise of the show. Up until this episode the show has mostly been a well done but kind of formulaic monster-of-the-week show. But with Lapis, we have an entirely sympathetic and likable character (it amuses me far more than it should that she apparently spent hours making fart jokes to amuse Steven) that hates the main heroes with a violent passion. Suddenly all the little niggling questions you’ve had about the setup and characters’ actions come to the forefront, and all that time spent building the setting and characters pays off gloriously. I find this episode and Ocean Gem comparable to Adventure Time’s Mortal Folly/Mortal Recoil two-parter in terms of a show coming into its own.

  12. “You three knew I was in there, and you didn’t do anything. Did you even wonder who I used to be?! I’m Lapis Lazuli, and you can’t keep me trapped here anymore!”

    I started watching Steven Universe a few days this and Ocean Gem aired. Coincidentally, I caught up just time to make them my first live viewing of the show. They did a great job building up the suspense and eeriness of the situation. There’s something about Lapis’ design that I really like.

  13. Yeah, the part were Steven slaps Garnet’s face is awesome! XD
    This is part one of a two parter episode, and you’re at the half of season one. The next one is the end of season 1A.

  14. This was a really good episode and starts moving the plot more. Also Lapis is one of my favorite designs.

  15. This episode was tagged “Stephen Universe” instead of “Steven Universe”. It’s the second one tagged this way.

  16. I’d like to point out that Lapis Lazuli is likely the most powerful unfused Gem to date, as she is able to exert pretty heavy firepower despite having her gem nearly destroyed. Makes me wonder what kind of power she would have were she to fuse with Garnet, considering Garnet’s fusions tend to be extremely powerful.

  17. Seems like it’s time for the big growing the beard season finale already, ah it seems like only yesterday that you started these vlog’s.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the scene were Steven frees lapis from the mirror, it’s easily one of the shows best moments, you want to know what’s going on with the mirror, but at the same time it looks like Steven is about to summon fucking Cthulhu, Lapis introduction immediately after that is also pretty amazing scene.

    Next up Ocean gem: This time its personal!

  18. I think you guys will be glad to know that the next episode does answer a good amount of questions you have about Lapis and the monsters. Ocean Gem in my opinion has some of the best animation and design in the entire series. This episode however was great lead-up to that amazing episode though.

  19. Ah, the introduction of my favourite character, and two of my favourite episodes.

    These are the episodes that truly kick off the major overarching plot. Lapis is an extremely important link to the Gem Homeworld and the war, and although we don’t know that much about her, what we learn about the Homeworld’s involvement will likely be through her, considering the Crystal Gems’ unwillingness to tell Steven everything, and shelter him (although they’re being slightly more lenient lately).

    Lapis is a great character as well. I won’t go into detail, but you’ll see in due time. Her relationship with Steven is both sorrowful and endearing.

  20. Also, I just realised this is tagged as Disney. I’m going to assume it’s a mistake, like the “Stephen Universe” tag, since the fact that it’s Cartoon Network is pretty obvious.

  21. Now that they’re done with the first half of season 1, they’re getting closer to episodes that were slightly out of order in original air date, and PAINFULLY out of order in Amazon/Google Play/iTunies. If anyone has the chance, please try to point them to this link for the correct episode order, from one of the show creators:

    That link just has the list of season one episodes episodes in their intended order, the first half in the first column leading up to mirror/ocean gem, and the second half in the second column. The only spoilers are the titles of the episodes themselves, which don’t give much away, no pics or plot summaries.

  22. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Boo! This episode was not boring(but once I noticed you were joking I was fine with it. Also I’m not suprised Doug has a mirror fetish since it explains how his hair looks so good.

  23. Just to let y’all know, this episode doesn’t show up in the “TV Show Vlogs” section.

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