Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 3 – Cheeseburger Backpack

Is it me or does Steven look…weird?

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  1. littlewillie610

    “Kid, don’t shake me! I’ve got a medical condition!”

    Like Adventure Time, the animation changes depending on who storyboards the episode. In retrospect, this episode looks especially off compared to the rest. There will eventually be another episode that puts this one in a new perspective. The Lunar Sea Spire is one of my favorite locations from the show in terms of design.

  2. yeah when I first watched I noticed the bad animation too, actually re watching old episodes, I noticed a couple of differences but Like with any other show, the characters, voices and animation get more solid as more episodes come out.

  3. The odd animation in this episode is due to many different storyboard artists working on different episodes. It get’s more consistent later on with just minor art shifts every now and then.

  4. I will come back when I have seen this episode. I can’t wait until they start watching them in order. It’ was very confusing for me to guess what episode they were going to watch next.

  5. I don’t know if I’d call it bad animation, but I will admit that some of the face expressions sure got a laugh out of me when I watched it!

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    *I Got A Raft

    I really liked this episode mainly how the cheeseburger backpacks every ingredient had a pouch in is together breakfast a great episode and definitely amyethest at her best.
    My favorite line was:
    *Steven I’m Hungry* anyways can’t wait to get to get to that one!!!

  7. By the way, I still recommend you check the episode order on wikipedia

    Amazon has the episodes mostly in the correct order, but there are a few mistakes
    the most glaring one being in the second batch of episodes – they put “Political Power” after “The Return” and “Jailbreak” , despite the fact the episode is a huge build-up to those two episodes

    also, you may want to still check the DVD, as it has the show’s original pilot as a special feature (which is not on Amazon)

  8. I’m quite fond of this episode even though Its really nothing special(by Steven universe standards anyway), the reason for that is because it removed the biggest fear I had when I started watching the show, that Steven would be a mostly useless tag along kid who’s only there to get in the way and be saved, this episode clearly showed that was not the case and that he can actually be very useful in the right situation, once I knew that I became much more interested in the show.

    01.41 I find it rather funny rob feels that way considering how in super Mario world you can’t use Yoshi in a tower.

    05.49 I do love watching doug’s vlog’s knowing what’s going to happen later on in the show, it makes your reactions to certain things so entertaining.

  9. No spoilers, but if Doug and Rob think Pearl’s holograms are neat and the Crystal Gems’ “hit first, ask questions never” policy is weird, there are a few episodes that I can already tell they’re going to really like.

  10. This was a good episode and you will know later why they were not that hurt that it gotten destroyed

  11. to be honest I didint really notice. I however did love the doll steven brought along and the raft bit.

  12. Like how Rob’s just like “If I were a shrimp and someone threw a burger, would I go for it? … I probably would. OK, fair point, Steven Universe.” Lol.

    Anyways, this is a pretty solid episode for establishing the routine of the show. Gems think about things mainly through violent means, Steven tries to solve things in his own childish way, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, and crazy stuff ensues. Can’t wait to see your reactions to stuff later on, though! Specifically, Frybo. Good gosh, effing Frybo……..

  13. Rob: “Man these chicks are brutal. Anything they encounter, they are like ‘Kill it'”

    Oh Rob. Once again, you stumble upon something that is hinted well into the future.
    How very true, and they will explain that later on. And yes, that will be played up directly, and Steven will be like “why not talk to them” and stuff like that.

  14. Yeah, the animation and Steven’s voice are a bit wonky in the early episodes… but trust me, that will change to the better as the series progresses.

  15. That’s the problem with kids shows released on DVD, they rush out these single disc jobs that kids are more likely to convince their parents to get than the more expensive complete seasons. Adventure Time has the same problem.

    It’s best just to follow Wikipedia’s list

  16. When you reach a certain episode, you will know the importance of this one 🙂
    I’m really glad that you got back at these. This is really a good show ^_^

  17. Yeah, the animation is… inconsistent in the earlier episodes. Later on it gets more consistent and better overall.

  18. Yeah, Steven did look odd. It was a little scary in fact. SPOILER. I could see Steven leaving the statute from a mile away though.

  19. Rest in peace Satoru Iwata.

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