Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 4 – Together Breakfast

Part of a complete DEATH!!!!!!!!

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  1. Really dug this episode one thing I love rewatching this show is all the subtle foreshadowings like how on the door there’s 5 gem keys yet right now counting Steven we only have 4 gems I wont spoil what that means but having seen the season 1 finally its cool seeing that they though that far ahead.

  2. Actually there’ll be a joke about their family structure in a much later episode. Basicly you could say that it’s a form of patch work family with the Gems being kind of like sisters or aunts to Steven.

  3. Rob’s not to far off, most of them are lesbians. No confirmation on the third though.

    • Not necessarily lesbians since they are aliens and don’t really have a concept of gender and sexual orientation. But of course they are not straight either. Though honestly I don’t consider aliens good representation but this is probably the best we are gonna get.

      • Why not? I mean, in something like DBZ or the Superman comics, we consider Goku and Clark to be representations of straight men. The fact that they’re technically genderless aside, why not consider Pearl and Garnet representations of lesbians? They identify as female, act human, and have clear romantic emotions, so I’d say it fits.


          ….well Goku and Clark both impregnated women, Goku twice. So they aren’t really representations of males, they’re verified genetic males.


          reproduce by bacteriophages…in mass clusters, and when they have a relationship, it results in them merging together to produce a singular consciousness, so although their homosexual, if you can call them that considering they don’t have…anything close to sex, as in their race only having one gender…they don’t even have reproductive organs really,….also I may be wrong but amethyst may have had a fling with Steven’s dad when Steven was an infant so I guess she’s bi by your standards…or would that mean she’s into beastiality… a rocky then?.

          ….yeah no second thought let’s not bring up sex in a story where the main characters romantic/friend interest can literally merge with him into a singular memory sharing being, going to be awkward as shit if they do that after puberty hits them.

          *END OF SPOILER*

          • So when I go fuck my boyfriend I’m really supposed to merge into one consciousness with him? I’m pretty sure that’s not how homosexuality works

          • They blatantly infer how they reproduce in in Ep 40 “on the run” and out right tell you in Ep 60 “keeping it together” and it not that.

          • more accurately, the injectors are like bacteriophages, but the rest of that is unsubstantiated guess work.

          • Never mind, I miss read what you said. (why is there no edit?)

          • First off, you DO know that gay and lesbian couples can’t reproduce with eachother anyways, right? Because when you have two men or two women, they don’t physically have the stuff needed to produce a child? So your entire argument, which is based purely on reproduction, is pretty irrelevant.

            Secondly, you seem to have really lost track of what you’re even talking about partway through because nobody said that ALL gems were representations of lesbians, just that the majority of the Crystal Gems are representations as beings that identify as female who are romantically attracted to other beings who identify as female.

            Third point, we honestly don’t know if Amethyst is interested in other gems or not at the moment. All we know is that she just sort-of does whatever and likes messing with people… so any point you’re trying to make with her is irrelevant because we just don’t know how she is on this one way or the other.

            And finally, fourth point, who the heck said anything about sex?! You can show people who are romantically involved and not get into actual sex. Just like how you can show Steven and Connie becoming a couple and NOT include them having sex. Or like how you can have relationships in Avatar the Last Airbender without getting into sex. So your whole ending “….yeah no second thought let’s not bring up sex” thing is pretty much a strawman argument because you’re arguing against something that was never a point.

          • Extremely late to this but, by the first line of logic (I.E. Goku impregnating a human) wouldn’t gems be female since Rose was impregnated by a human?

        • Because the creator said herself they are not female. They have no gender. The pronouns were explaned. Using female pronouns dont make you female. Oh boy cant wait for certain episodes so I and others can repeat themselves that they are not lesbians. Gems are Gems no gender. They even have a cartoon short explaining this.

          • exactly…it’s hard to have concepts of sexuality in a species that has no biological sex, especially when the closest thing they have to sex causes them to merge into one physical being.

          • I know they don’t have sexual organs, but they still identify as female and a few of the gems have shown themselves to have romantic desires towards other gems that identify themselves as female. If a character that looks and identifies themself as female being romantically involved with another character that looks and identifies themself as female doesn’t count as a representation of a lesbian relationship, then what would? This probably the most direct and clear cut representation we’ve ever seen in a children’s show. Or family show, if you prefer that terminology….

          • @deathhollow

            Again the gems dont identify themselves as female. They are gems. There are no female gems. So there are no lesbians in the show. Thats a fact you cant fight.

        • well technically the most clear cut representation was the two lesbians from sailor moon who you know….were actually a part of a race that had biological genders and reproduced sexually.

      • and people still keep ignoring Clarence

    • They are gems, rocks, they are genderless so the concept of sexual orientation doesn’t apply to them.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      I think the only lesbian so far that they have introduced so far in the show is Garnet(well not particularly her two fusions are gay). But I wouldnt be suprised if they introduced more gays to the series.

  4. There’s a ton of questions, sure, but unlike Adventure Time, most of the questions do have definitive answers that were planned from the get-go. That’s one of the reasons I like Steven Universe, because the world is so holistic and complete from the beginning. But since you’re seeing everything from Steven’s perspective, you only learn things in slow little drips. And when you do learn something, it’s like a piece of a large puzzle just clicks into place, and suddenly you understand a lot more about the world of the show and everything you’ve seen previously. I love it when stories do that.

  5. Yeah, don’t worry, this show delivers a LOT of answers later on. And it’s never above addressing things with a little humor. 😉

    Connie: You can’t bring everybody!

    Steven: Why not?

    Connie: Because… because… I told my parents you have a nuclear family!

    Steven: Nuclear?! Sure, they make stuff blow up sometimes, but that’s because they’re magic, not radioactive!

    Connie: Steven, “nuclear” means two adults and their child and/or children. My parents think you live with your mother and father.

    Steven: But none of that is true.

    • The Mysterious M

      Garnet: Hello, this is… Mom Universe. The children are playing swords. Sorry. Playing WITH swords. Oh no. They’re bleeding. They’re dead. Don’t call here again. [hangs up] Sorry, I panicked.

  6. littlewillie610

    “I have to burn this.”

    The most interesting thing about this episode is that it gives its viewers their first real glimpse at the inside of the temple. It does a good job at mixing a simple story with a lot of world building.

  7. *Sigh* Too bad a lot of the SU fandom are obnoxious and full of themselves. It’s starting to make me loose interest in the show.

    • littlewillie610

      To be fair, the same thing could said about pretty much any fandom.

    • I really don’t get why people say that about stuff like Frozen and Steven Universe and stuff. Whether you’re familiar with the fanbase or not, the writing and characters will still be the same.

      • The problem is that Steven Universe kinda ended-up attracting allot of pretentious hipsters with a supremacy concept into its fanbase
        The fandom is pretty much crawling with left-wing extremists

    • Though every fandom is obnoxious to some extent, both Frozen and SU fandoms have done stuff that rubbed me the wrong way.

      I don’t really wanna talk about it that much cause then I get all negative. But dang how did SU fans get such a superiority complex? Apparently SU is the only good show on TV. The show ain’t perfect. I have problems with it like with every other show.

      • They had huge sticks up their asses when fans of MLP wanted to make a fan site for SU.

        I don’t watch SU for their stupid logic that adult art never existed in the fandom til Bronies showed an interest in the show. Dumbasses

        • Seriously, why does that even effect the show for you? It’s not like the fans are directly the people writing SU or something, you can ignore the fanbase completely, and they’re not bennifitting at all whether you watch the show or not. If something’s good or not should be based on the actual product, not based off of how many vocal idiots like it or what those idiots believe.

          I mean, there’s lots of stupid people who watched Lord of the Rings, but that doesn’t change the films at all.

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            The fandom to this show doesn’t effect it at all I agree with you on that one. We’re not full of our selfs we just really love the show!!!

  8. I wonder if Doug and Rob have watched Frybo yet? Now that’s a nightmare fuel episode!

  9. Frybo is the next one, right? 😮

    Those waffles looked delicious P

  10. I hate to say this Doug but it’s going to take like half a season before you start getting any real answers, although at the same time everything is so well foreshadowed that you can figure out like half of the shows back-story before then if you pay very close attention to everything.

    Even though this is a pretty good episode pretty much the only thing I think off when I look back at it is that face, Steven universe fans(at least on reddit) know which face I’m talking about, hell even doug and rob seemed to have noticed its glory.

    02.10 never ask that question on tumblr unless you want a flame war.

    05.04, Nice to hear you already realized garnet is best gem, you chose wisely.

  11. Hey Doug, you should do a top 10/20 list for your favorite directors! I know you love Kubrick and Gilliam, but I’d like to hear you talk about directing styles you enjoy, just as yourself.

  12. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Doug unlike adventure time which doesn’t answer a lot of questions and just sits on them for a while Steven Universe answers them in later episodes and like rob said you just gotta wait for it.

    *Steven I’m hungry*
    I know I used that quote before but Im gonna use it again since I don’t wanna use another quote from the next frybo episode which is gonna creepy and your gonna want fries(maybe if what you think on frybo).

  13. My favorite character has definitely got to be Amefist.

  14. Dang, Doug, you’re really fretting over the unanswered questions. I don’t want to spoil too much, but there are some answers up ahead and Steven’s lack of familiarity towards school is at least touched upon (I’ve also heard there’s going to be a comic about him trying to go, but I don’t have many details on that).

  15. LOL. I still haven’t seen yesterdays episode. Follow up comment EVENTUALLY! Washington state is the lips of America. The one thing that I CAN say is that I like Garnet the most.

  16. That moment when you realize that starting tomorrow, another Steven Bomb is going to happen, meaning there will be another week of new episodes that you’ll probably want the Walkers to give reactions on even though you know it’s going to take them a while to actually get to that point….

  17. I liked how the waffel looked. However I dont like popcorn added.

  18. The girl from the Critic was Cuban, and the grand doughter of Castro

  19. The Mysterious M

    I’m with Doug! I love Garnet and her deadpan one-liners and delivery.

  20. Hey Doug, do a review of South Park: Better, Longer, and Uncut!!! SO MUCH MATERIAL!!!

  21. Its great
    They are his family they known each other since Steven was born cos they are friends of his mother
    The Gems are associated as females but they are genderless unlike Steven who is a he ( – one of the creator he answers some questions)
    You will be surprised on what will happened

  22. Steven is almost always causing trouble. Maybe it’s because I don’t like kids in real life though. Good episode though. The problem thankfully got fixed though.

  23. I had the same problem when I was watching. I’m glad I kept going though because I think it’s around episode 20 or so, things really start falling into place and I got sucked in more than I thought I would.

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