Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 40 – On the Run

Steven finds out more about the Gems’ past, but do the Gems realize the consequences of their actions? Check out this Steven Universe Vlog, On the Run.

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  1. You no allow part of the beard club.

  2. The little edit at the end, revealing the rest of the Kindergarten, is meant to show just how many holes there were. Many. A great many.

    And as a side note, the Injectors are designed around a type of virus, called a Bacteriophage. They inject their DNA/RNA into their host cells, which then just start to make more viruses until they die and pop open, so rather appropriate really.

  3. Doug, you look about 3 to 5 years younger without the beard. That makes me unconfortable. Grow it back.

    I myself see a similiarity between the Gems and Orcs. Just not the LotR movie orcs but the Warhammer 40k Orks. Both are nongendered, incubate in the ground and aren’t exactly healthy for a planet.

    Actually Doug, NGE goes the other way around: it starts of generic, becomes stupid as it goes on and ends surprisingly okay.

    I don’t think you can actually compare GF and SU. Both have different setups and different overarching themes.

  4. Oddworld Inhabitant

    Interesting fact, “kindergarten” is a German word that translates to “children’s garden”. While this usually refers to how kindergartens are places where little children are cultivated into being ready for actual schoolwork, here the word might be being used a little more literally…

  5. I just want to say real quickly that if the Nostalgia Critic was a Gem his Gem would probably be where his tie is.

    • Agreed, and his weapon would be the gun, which even in universe doesn’t need to be reloaded and seems absurdly powerful, managing to kill fictional characters. SOMEONE ANIMATE GEM-CRITIC PULLING THE GUN OUT OF A TIE-SHAPED GEM.

  6. They are going to hate, hate, hate, hate the next episode.

  7. What happened to your beard, Doug?! XD

    And now you know what Garnet meant when she said “We kept Amethyst” back in “Steven’s Lion” 🙂

    No mention on the song again? 😮

    • To be fair its one of the songs that is more understandable to not really mention, Amethyst is still in need pf a really good song, and the song in this episode pales in comparison to the reveals that come after it.

  8. “I never asked for it to be this way. I never asked to be MADE!”

    It was around this point that I learned not to trust the Steven Universe episode descriptions. It looked like it was just going to be a generic run away from home story, but it actually ended up being one of my favorite episodes of the first season. The jarring tonal shift made it especially memorable for me.

    Unless you count An Indirect Kiss, I think this is first episode to be centered around Amethyst since Tiger Millionaire. On the Run and Maximum capacity did a great job at showing her darker side.

  9. Neo-stalgia Fan 1


  10. once you guys get far enough into season 2 i suggest watching the shorts “The Classroom Gems”

  11. How fitting, this week’s episode revealed allot more about Amethyst’s origin

  12. Murderous raccoon.
    My hole! It was made for me!
    You were never this.

    On the subject of missed references, the design of Kindergarten is a reference to the Junji Ito manga “The Enigma of Amigara Fault”. Doubly impressive that the reference is also contextually appropriate, both revolving around holes in a cliff wall for people who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. Can’t blame you for missing out on it though, that one’s a bit more obscure than Evangelion.

    I loved this episode when it came out. Amethyst is my least favorite of the Gems (not that I dislike her), but her focus episodes rank among my favorite of the series. Great music, wonderful animation during the fight scene, and Kindergarten’s atmosphere is spectacularly creepy. I liked the way Amethyst and Pearl’s throwdown emphasized their different fighting styles. Pearl is all about skill and precision; in terms of pure martial prowess, she was literally dancing circles around Amethyst. Amethyst, on the other hand, makes up for her lack of skill and strength with unpredictable, constantly evolving tactics. Every time I rewatch this episode, i have to watch the fight at least three times.

    • I noticed that reference too, and I still get the chills from reading that manga. I’m fine with references from anime and manga, but if they decide to pull a Hellstar Remina or on us, I’m leaving and not looking back.

  13. There are moments that I can’t avoid thinking that the Walkers brothers are a little dense.
    Mining gems? You got a devastated area with virus shaped drills everywhere and human like holes that Amethyst explain she come out of one of them, and the only logical conclusion is the drills were been used to mine?

  14. This episode starts the annoyingly commend trend of giving you SOME details at a time.
    Did you enjoy hearing Amethyst talking about that THING happened during that TIME when something BAD happened? You’ll sadly have to get used to it for awhile… for they constantly just hint at things while BARELY telling you what’s actually going on.

    Now, there’s a difference between giving SOME of the information every now and then to keep the mystery interesting; and there’s dropping bread crumbs to make us hope we’ll find the whole load… only to find more bread crumbs.

    You still have a ways to go before you’re caught up, but even with that said, we really don’t know THAT much compared to you in regards to the lore.
    Hell, in the past 8 or so episodes, only ONE major event has actually happened, and that’s been dragging on for the past 3 episodes.

    • *annoyingly common trend

      *we’ll find the whole loaf

      Wow I need to work on catching those typos . -.

    • The show has always dropped hints, and this was a major reveal. And as of now we pretty much know all that the Kindergarten has. And the many important things have happened within the past 8 episodes. Connie’s mom learning about her training, the whole Sardonyx thing, And the current objective has only been known for about 4 episodes, and in the meantime we’re learning a ton about Homeworld.

      • How much more do we really know? I’m going to try and phrase this in a way that doesn’t contain spoilers in case Doug actually does read these…
        Except for the tip we got from the last episode regarding Amethyst, we still know the same information… we still have no idea who built it, when it was built, or WHY it was built… it may or may not have to do with the Big Threat presented in recent episodes.
        And Connie’s mom finding out was not that big of an event, and even if it was, where has that got us? At most it will just remove the tedium of Connie having to hide from her mom in her key episodes.

        From “Onion Friend” on (S2E13) till the newest one (S2E20) the only major event was Her getting captured.
        “Historical Friction” “Sadie’s Song” were nothing but character developing filler. “Back to the Barn” had a good set up and had a lot of promise to FINALLY give us some information, but alas, it only ended up being just another filler… even if it did give is Some info… albeit most of which we already knew (the whole thing regarding Pearl was very fascinating, though)

        We have learned SOME things, yes, but they explain things at such a painfully slow pace. Even when we THINK an episode will give us some important information, it just seems like they’re wasting time when they could be DOING something. The Big Threat is there, and can happen at any moment, and what are the Gems doings? Fighting each other.
        How efficient.

  15. Afraid you’re massively misremembering the set-up of The Boxcar Children; they were called that because in the first book they ran away and lived in an abandoned boxcar after their parents died, they weren’t a group of boxcar-traveling hobo kids. That woulda been a much more interesting setup!

    (But you’re right about their mysteries being tamer than Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys. The youngest of them was barely more than a toddler when the series started, so they couldn’t get that dangerous.)

  16. I think if it weren’t for what happened in this episode a more recent one would have been a lot more violent.

  17. Never thought I’d see a Junji Ito reference in a kids’ show.

  18. This was a surprise of an episode
    You will know more about Amethyst later in the newer episode

  19. Amethyst is the youngest of the Crystal Gems besides Steven, but she’s still around 6000 years old…actually I wonder if there’s some biblical inspiration for such a time line…well details of the gem war are coming, even if we still don’t have a play by play.

  20. only thing I liked about this episode was the lore stuff and the amythest info drop. The rest was pretty boring.

  21. Man, I’m getting so behind on these! D: Follow up comment to come when I’ve actually seen this episode. The best opportunity to run away is a year or two after college.

  22. Can’t believe I missed this vlog considering how much I was looking forward to this vlog, oh well it’s never too late for a comment.

    But yeah this is a pretty amazing episode, as it has some truly massive plot reveals, hell for me it basically solved the question of what the hell was going on, but it also has some excellent drama and character interactions.

    I also really like how it more or less ends the Amethyst vs Pearl subplot, as much as I enjoyed seeing the two bicker its nice for the two to finally get over their animosity, especially since there growing friendship was handled incredibly subtlety and naturally, I barley even realized they both had a character arc until I looked back on the show.

    Next up: A episode I know you’re both going to love.

  23. Guys. Can you stop? The “That was boring and nothing happened” opening on vlogs about big episodes was funny for a while. Now it’s just a sad corpse of a running gag like everything on Family Guy.

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