Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 42 – Winter Forecast

Steven finds there’s so many ways to botch up his day, but which one is the least bad? Check out today’s Vlog on Episode 42 of Steven Universe – Winter Forecast.

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  1. This was a great episode
    Steven sees himself die

  2. i almost expected them to mention how Steven is still grounded 😛

  3. The next episode has my favorite shocking wtf moment. 😀

  4. this was a great episode. Seeing steven screw up so many times was pretty funny. Also its another steven and connie episode which I always enjoy alot.

  5. You’re really going to enjoy “Marble Madness” ^_^
    You got the title wrong 🙂

    • Maximum capacity is the next episode…

      They got the order mixed up, again…

      This wouldn’t be a problem if they just checked the episode list on Wikipedia…

  6. Oh Doug and Rob, just a warning if you read this. There’s an upcoming episode between “joy ride” and “love letters” called “Say Uncle”, which is a non-canonical crossover episode featuring characters from another Cartoon Network show called Uncle Grandpa (which looks like crap in my opinion). Just letting you know so you don’t act surprised as to who these people are.

    • You haven’t seen it? I’m sure they’ve at least heard of UG. I hadn’t seen any before and thought it was enjoyably weird and goofy, as well as meta in a way SU rarely gets to be.

    • It’s kinda funny, but everyone is super out of character and it’s kind of a waste of time if you even have the suspicion that you won’t like it. It’s easily my least favorite episode.

      • Their not out of character, it’s just that Pearl’s paranoia is turned up to 11, which makes sense considering how crazy UG is. I only see someone not liking it if they have zero appreciation for goofy humor. The episode actually feels a lot like early episodes like Cheeseburger Backpack.

  7. It’s pretty much just Mr. Bones Wild Ride until the end of the season, with a slight lull for The Message and Political Power. Brace yourselves.

  8. I like this episode fine. But I loved the ending! Not sure why. Just something about the quiet with no music, just the storm sounds and the two kids just sitting there… It really made me smile.

  9. Sneeze like a kitten,
    eat animal byproducts.

    Aside from this episode featuring plenty of Connie (my favorite character in a very competitive field), this episode gave us a great summation of Garnet’s parenting strategy. She’s much more hands-off than Pearl, exposing him to trouble and having faith that he will find a way to overcome. As seen in “Future Vision” this can easily backfire, but here we see Steven learn a lesson about responsibility by choosing to make the right decision, not being told to do so by someone else. I like how her shared future vision was structured like a choose-your-own-adventure book, proceeding through choice points until the situation becomes unsalvagable, then reverting to a previous state. She even managed to let Steven in on some of the more secretive working of the Crystal Gems without the other two knowing.

  10. Next episode: “Welllll, that was pretty crazy!”

    Episode after that: “Crap’s going down!!!”

  11. “I can’t lie. That is the best outfit I’ve ever seen.”

    This was really good breather episode that still manged to reference the main plot. Things are about to get crazy for a while. The last scene with Connie and Steven was the perfect way to end it. From what I understand, that part was drawn by Rebecca Sugar.

  12. if you hate ronaldo now it really doesn’t get any better

  13. That’s right bitches. Winter is coming.

  14. Rob needs to check the voices of Connie’s parents. ♪They’ll be familiar♪

    (assuming he watched GITS)

  15. Why should doing the right thing be shown as something negative? What is your obsession with making everything miserable Walkers?

    Not only did we get more insight in how Garnets future vision works but we also see yet again how much she wants to further Stevens independence and how much she trusts in his own capabilities. We also saw this in Monster Buddies where she let’s Steven try to reform the Cetipeetle. All hail cool cube aunt!

    Also, Connie in and old stylish night gown: super cute =^w^=

    My theory regarding Gregs sunburn is that there was some kind of magical discharge when he was hanging out with the Gems and now he’s permanently red. Probably also lead to his hair loss in the long run. Or maybe it’s just part of his character design.

  16. Yeah this is a pretty oke episode, I like Groundhog Day loop stories like this, but this is far from the best one I’ve ever seen, i also dislike steven x connie so the ending left me cold(no pun intended).

    Next up: Amethyst sees Greg’s junk.

  17. Follow up comment to come when I’ve seen this episode like the past four episodes. Dang it. -_- Also, LOL, Doug wanted something bad to happen. The heck?! Haha. Oh, well. To each their own. Oh, and why can’t Steven’s dad have sunburn? I knew a kid in middle school who sweated 24/7, even when it was snowing out.

  18. Life is Strange- Steven Universe edition.

  19. Wait, Steven was still grounded from watching TV?! Is that a continuity error? I thought that was done away with in Joy Ride. Also, I didn’t realize that Garnet had given her Future Vision to Steven on purpose. I thought she had accidentally done it.

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