Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 43 – Maximum Capacity

Steven discovers an unlikely friendship…or is it an unlikely rivalry? Check out today’s Vlog on Episode 43 of Steven Universe – Maximum Capacity.

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  1. You guys will know in future episodes, but, Greg met Rose first. He met the other Crystal Gems after meeting Rose 🙂

  2. Actually, I interpreted as them having those friendships that was a bit too close, since he met all the Gems pretty much at the same time. Then… well, yeah. The reason Greg doesn’t like the shape shifting thing, at least interpreted by me and some fans, is that she probably shape-shifted into Rose once and kind of… did things. Maybe even right after Rose went.

    Yeah, it’s a pretty warped interpretation, but fairly deep and dark too.

    • Given everything I’ve read from the show staff on the topic of sexuality… It’s probably accurate…
      Ian Jones-Quartey (one of the supervising directors and executive producers for SU) once said that “The writers room talks we have about the actual canon is waaaay sicker than stuff I see on tumblr. So shine on you crazy diamonds. Get weird”

      They’ve probably written into the character bios what each person’s fetish is and how far those individuals have gone with each other.

    • The creators confirmed there was no romantic feelings between Greg and Amethyst. They hung out after Rose died, and watched Lil B as a form of escapism. Then, just like what happened here, Greg had to leave to take care of Steven, but Amethyst felt betrayed and abandoned again, causing her to lash out by mocking him as Rose.

  3. Their friendship didn’t start before Rose came into the picture – it started after Rose “died” (was reborn as Steven) and they were both dealing with their grief.

    Actually, I think there might be a darker meaning even: the “friendship” might have turned into something physical (which is really creepy, because Amethyst – even tough she is older than Greg – is still a child on an emotional level). Even though it is a kids show, I think SU does touch on some adult themes, many of which are a way of explaining adult relationships in ways kids can understand (as you will see in later episodes), so I wouldn’t put it past them to introduce the whole “rebound guy/gem”-angle into Gregs/Amethysts relationship.

    • Nah, I think it was a bit more complicated than that. We’ll see later that Rose was basically Amethyst’s mother figure and Greg was basically Amethyst’s stepdad. (spoilers) Amethyst liked Greg from the start, enough to copy his hairstyle, and they seemed to have a really close relationship.

      But I think as Rose was starting to think about having a child, she withdrew from the other Gems leading to the resentment seen in this episode. I agree something creepy happened with shapeshifting post-Steven, which in this dynamic has a weird Electra-complex type of feeling.

    • The creators confirmed there was no romantic relationship.

  4. Just a heads up: Wikipedia says that “Shirt Club” and “Story For Steven” are coming up within the next few episodes but this is INCORRECT (just look at the dates). “Shirt Club” should be fine to watch but “Story For Steven” Contains some MAJOR SPOILERS if watched before the season finally.

  5. This tells much about the past them
    Rose created the organ that is needed for giving birth with her chap shifting power

    • It’s been established that the gems already contain all (or at least most) of the organs that they would normally have when they create a physical body.
      Even though they don’t need to be used, they do contain the biological means of eating and later disposing. So who’s to say that the gems, being that they are depicting the female variants of the human race, don’t already have the organs capable of giving birth?

      • Well besides the fact the creators confirmed she did use shapeshiftng to form a womb and that Amethyst shapeshifts a digestive system to eat puts a hole into your assertion, they don’t have to have any human organs in their body constructs.

  6. Another one of my faves. I love cleaning out the garage/dealing with the past metaphors.

    I’d be more nit picky about the misinterpretation of “Amethyst felt Greg left him for Rose” over “Amethyst felt Rose left him for Greg, then befriended Greg more closely after Rose had gone but felt that he owed her for stealing Rose from her.” but half the viewership seem to make this mistake.

    It is a little bit confusing if you don’t properly catch Amethyst’s little “I had someone..” speech. But at least they don’t think Amethyst was involved romantically or physically with Greg. The crew confirmed that never happened.
    There is a later flashback episode that shows Greg and Amethyst didn’t know each other before Greg was involved with Rose.

  7. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    God damn it, now you’re on Matthew Brodrick for doing Simba? Get over it and leave him alone, he’s not that bad. XP

    • Agreed. I’ve never gotten why they hate on him so much.

      • Well, I’m not sure if Doug and Rob are aware of it but the reason most people hate him is the fact that his reckless driving killed a woman and her mother in 1987. Despite being convicted of a crime most people would face at least several years in prison for, Brodrick was only fined $175.

  8. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Also Rose grew a womb so she could be pregnant with Steven and give birth to him.

  9. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Yay! Doug’s got stubs again! Beardy is coming home! X3

  10. I feel like Amethyst probably blamed Greg for Rose’s death a little bit and afterwards Greg tried to push her away. And now, since Amethyst is Amethyst and doesn’t fully know how to deal with this sort of thing, she’s trying to get back to how things were before that happened by shutting everything else out and when Greg tried to move forward she shoved the whole thing back in his face or something along those lines.

  11. “Well, what about me, huh? I had someone who was always there for me until she started hanging out with YOU!”

    It was interesting to have two episodes in such a close proximity that exhibit Amethyst’s darker side. They definitely made me a lot more interested in her progression. She seems to view Greg as somewhat of a replacement parental figure while simultaneously resenting him for what happened to Rose. I have so much respect for family shows that aren’t afraid to go to dark and uncomfortable places. I also liked how Garnet cringed at the mere mention of Little Butler.

  12. Actually it was way different. What Amethyst is angry about is that Rose spend more time with Greg than with her and not the other way around. They didn’t knew eachother before Greg and Rose met.

    Little Butler seems to be more like The Nanny than Mr. Belvedare.

    Steven isn’t Rose. She also shapeshifted womb to incubate Steven and hes still is a completly seperate person from Rose. Its basicly a “can a child live up to it’s parents legacy” kinda thing. Think of it like the swamp scene from Empire Strikes back where Vaders severed head has Lukes face. He’s also less a Gem/human hybrid and more a human who has Gem powers given that we see that his body may be thougher than normal but still entirely human: he has a digestive system and actually NEEDS to eat, he has an allergy towards those flowers, shapeshifting doesn’t work like it should, he definitly requires sleep etc. Gems don’t have this stuff at all.

  13. Hey, I’ve seen your junk.
    You guys have too much money.
    There’s no more room here.

    A lot of people are jumping on this review and the Walkers’ interpretation of Greg and Amethyst’s intereactions, but only with the benefit of knowledge of the series from episodes down the line. I remember when this episode first aired, and in the places I frequented it was a very common (and hotly debated) interpretation as well. The hints towards the timeline these events happened in are vague enough to support a number of scenarios. One I saw bandied around a lot is that Greg and Amethyst started spending more time together after Rose’s passing, culminating in the same fight we saw over him having to spend time taking care of baby Steven. Regardless, that scene is incredibly dark and well-done. Poor Steven’s gonna have some nightmares about that one.

    • Even before I saw the episodes after this one the show doesint even feel it was taking that route with Amethyst and greg. Just some people like to look for things that arent really there.

  14. its odd if anyone thinks greg and Amethyst had anything physical. It never comes off as that. They just seemed like close buds. The most I can gather is Amethyst,rose and greg were all friends but when it came time that rose wanted a family maybe they didint hang as much and Amethyst being the youngest was sorta upset and even a little jealous. Then the big event of rose passing proboly didint help and maybe Amethyst felt that greg took rose away for the final time. Im guessing Amethyst got so upset that Amethyst changed to rose to make greg feel worse. To be hones this is the only time through the whole series that Amethyst goes a bit to far. Changing into a gone love one was pretty dam low.

  15. You people have too much money.

  16. I don’t get where people are coming from thinking Amythest had any sort of romantic intentions in this. I kinda see what she’s doing here as a sort of security blanket to replace her mother figure who was taken away. So yeah, not the right Gem for romantic rivalries…there is a gem for that, but it’s not Amythest.

  17. I hate Amethyst after this Episode.Who do that is someone dead wife and mock it.
    Amethyst is mess up in the head right and wrong do not exist for Amethyst
    .Have not forgive her yet.

    not cool Amethyst.

    • That’s a bit harsh, what she did was messed up, real messed up, but nearly every main character has done something messed up. She clearly felt bad, regretted what she did, and basically apologized, I don’t forsee her doing anything to make you forgive her if that wasn’t enough.

      • If someone did that to me I drop them as a friends.
        The anything is Amethyst would do it again she have no control of her emotions.This Episode should me what wrong with Amethyst she have no bar.
        A till she can control of her emotions I would forgive her.

  18. *sigh* Follow up comment to come. 🙁 Hey, LEAVE MATTHEW BRODERICK ALONE! LOL. 😀 I have been stuck in the same ghetto town since I was born but 90% of people here are douchebags so I have one friend that I’ve known since I was 4 and my other friend I’ve known since my freshman year of high school about 5 years ago. Also, hey you don’t like Cheers? Meh.

  19. HEY! Cheers was a decent show! Not phenomenal, but better than a lot of sitcoms from that era (and about 90% form this era). I mean, Sam and Diane? Norm and Cliffie!? How can you not feel for these people?

    Although, yeah, Frasier was significantly better. Mostly because of Niles.

  20. Don’t call little butler dumb! the show has a big mystery element and a lot of adult humor that goes over kids’ heads!

    Yeah this is an episode that can be taken in a lot of different ways, but certain things we learn about Amethyst in future episodes kill a lot of interpretations.

    It’s odd, but despite the fact it ended up going completely wrong, I really liked seeing Greg and Amethyst be friends, it just feels natural for both characters.

    Next up: Marble Madness: It’s not what you expected, also THE MEMES BEGIN!

  21. Rose was very much a maternal figure to Amethyst, and when she became romantically tied to Steven’s dad they spent more time with each other and less with her, I’m pretty sure this is a common thing. The way Gem reproduction works is that they plant a “seed” into the ground which absorbs energy and becomes a new gem, they don’t reproduce sexually but they are physically capable of sex (the writers said that Rose shape shifted herself a womb for Steven to grow in.) They are also all female, Steven is an exception in 2 ways since he is both male and the result of sexual reproduction.

  22. I know Doug and Rob don’t really read the comments, but now that they’ve watched Maximum Capacity they really need to go back and rewatch Cat Fingers and pay attention to Greg and Amethyst. The whole episode gets way more uncomfortable once you realize there’s backstory with those two regarding shape-shifting.

  23. Um… did Amethyst say that she’s seen Greg’s junk before? And then Greg had… sci-fi porn?! What was with this episode? Also, I know that Amethyst was hurting but man, she pulled a douchebag move. O.O

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