Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 44 – Marble Madness

An angry visitor from the past returns, but is she good or bad? Check out today’s Vlog on Episode 44 of Steven Universe – Marble Madness.

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  1. ah yeah, a return to the plot!

  2. The Unfamiliar Familiar, starring Dog-copter.

  3. You can kind of see the titles of some of the other “Unfamiliar Familiar” books if you pause the video: “Welcome to the Wizard Wilds” and my fave, “Overneath the Underworld”

  4. I love how Connie freak out after find out that steven read the last book first.It every book read nightmare.Why can we number are book and movie lol.

    • I know, right? I can get not wanting to put a big 1 on your first book, but come on. You shouldn’t have to ask around or google book orders just so you don’t get the wrong thing after the first book. Heck, the Series of Unfortunate Events series put a big number on the side of their books so you know what order to go in, why don’t other series do that?

      • If Steven is used to reading series like “The No-Home Boys” he might not expect there to be any particular order. A lot of kids’ series have stories that are pretty self-contained.

  5. I always laugh at Steven’s expression when the Crystal Gems are fighting Peridot’s hands XD

  6. “We can’t keep fighting these things forever – Well we can but I don’t want to. Let’s do it Steven’s way.”

    Based on recent developments, it looks like Steven giving their presence away to Peridot was beneficial in the long run. Regardless, his actions did do a lot to move the plot forward. I wonder if they caught Peridot’s reference to the Red Eye.

    • I don’t know for sure, but I think it might be possible that something Peridot did could have caused the newest threat to start activating. I mean, I don’t think there’s any real proof to back that up, but a LONG time must have passed since the war and it’s just now starting to come alive?

      Either Peridot did something, or we’re being mislead about how soon this thing is going to wake up and it won’t start activating until something potentially happens later on.

  7. No mention of the Red Eye of episode 2 having been send by Peridot?

    This show doesn’t really has filler. Every single episode serves the overarching story in one form or another and it can sometimes take dozens of episodes until it pays off. I actually really like that because plot after plot can be tireing after a while and the slower pace really helps making the shows world feel actually alive and not just backdrop.

    I personally think it’s very likely that Steven reading the books out of order references people watching the show that way. You REALLY shouldn’t do that. The screenshots of this scene are sometimes used as exploitables for all kinds of franchises.

    “Nothing is mean spirited about it.” You say that after calling Sadies actions in Island Adventure mean spirited…. okay.

  8. Ah, yes. Peridot. The current fan favorite. Don’t worry. You’ll see her again.

    And yes, this is the episode which hit the point home that the Gems “Shoot first, ask questions never” mentality with explanation. Basically, they were sent there to colonize the planet, or at least Rose was. But everyone in their own way found a reason to love the earth to protect it. Which is why they kill anything that might be suspicious. Because it might be from their home world, which will lead to continuation of the colonization, and… well, no more earth. The actual full song explains why each Gem loves the Earth.

    And yes, even though Steven had the right mindset of asking questions… he kind of screwed the pooch by letting Peridot go. Reporting is serious business, after all.

  9. Marbles from the sky.
    Snape kills Archimicarus.
    I’m reporting this!

    I love the Unfamiliar Familiar parody, both as a good-natured jab at YA fantasy and as a character piece. The Brothers Walker covered the satirical elements, but I like to think Steven’s sudden interest in books is a product of his 1000 year ban from TV. Crying Breakfast Friends and Under the Knife are pretty funny, but shows like Gravity Falls and Regular Show are so adept at creating parody TV shows that it’s almost a fool’s errand to challenge them. Books, on the other hand, are an area ripe for parody, especially with the increased interest in book franchises as of late.

    Peridot’s scene is a great piece of subtle exposition delivery. Her dialogue with the Gems indicates that she was completely unaware she would encounter any hostile forces on Earth, to the point where she’s unfamiliar with the Crystal Gems designation. This implies that Homeworld is deliberately suppressing information about Rose and the Crystal Gems, and that Peridot herself is young enough to not know about the Gem Rebellion firsthand. Much like in Laser Light Cannon and Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem (and an upcoming episode), it delivers a huge amount of information while feeling incredibly natural.

  10. Here it comes, Rose’s Scabbard, and a very, shall we say, loaded quote from Pearl.

  11. While I doubt that they read these comments for fear of spoilers, I wonder if they missed something. I few times before, Doug has questioned how long the Gems have been here. Have the always been around? Well, this episode is the one that gives the answer. But in a throwaway line that could easily be missed. We at least know when the Kindergarten was shut down, and it makes for an impressive potential history. Could help explain the money.

  12. I sure do hope they’ve been keeping an eye on the real episode order… the thought of them accidentally skipping Political Power is what keeps me up at night. @_@

    I was really hoping that the bit about Steven reading the books out of order would remind them. I got hopeful for a moment when Doug said that it made him think of people watching the show out of order, but, of course, Rob distracted him before he could go any further with that thought and possibly remind himself…

    Of course, there’s always the chance that he DID remember and just waited to bring it up after the vlog, but, yeah… I guess we’ll just have to wait now…

  13. Heh, I typed “The Dark is Rising” and then Rob said he was going to check it. I loved that series when I was a kid. I never saw the movie because I heard it was awful.

    I love Connie’s reaction when she realizes Steven read out of order. It’s just perfect.

  14. It was a pretty entertaining episode,but thats all it really was which isint a bad thing.

  15. This was a fun episode
    Steven is so innocent

  16. Does a virtual sexy cry. D’: Follow up comment to come. I used to read all the time as a kid and now I read nothing of my own free will but fashion magazines. The last book that I read for fun was Mockingjay in high school. I dislike Lars. I dislike him more than Ronaldo. Maybe it’s because Lars is like every guy that you date in high school.

  17. Peridot’s my favorite character on this show. She’s really entertaining to watch.

  18. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Peridot is honestly one of the funnest characters of the show so far, as well as the most major plot magnet of the whole series.

    Also, Lars is grumpy and mean-spirited and Renoldo is a freaking psycho?… they’re basically the Nostalgia Critic un-fused then? X)

  19. Too bad Adventure Time “mysteries” had only been leading up to crap as of late.

  20. Ah damn, Kindergarten. I’m still shaken up by that manga it references. Drr drr drr.

  21. Welp seems like you two finally figured out what’s really going on with the crystal gems, to be honest I was expecting you to figure it out around On the run, mostly because that’s when I did.

    I’m surprised you didn’t talk more about Peridot, this is the episode were her popularity and thus also THE MEMES really began.

    Personally i don’t I watch Steven Universe because of the mystery as much as I watch it for well the plot, don’t get me wrong the show’s backstory is very interesting, but I’m more interested in what the hell is going to happen next, especially considering that at this point a lot of the major questions have been answered.

    I will never understand why people liked harry potter so much, and this is coming from somebody who did read the books as a kid, then again I don’t really like non information books in general.

    Next up: Rose Scabbard, or as I like to call it “Pearl really wants to polish Rose’s gem.”

  22. Doug’s on the wrong side.

    That’s all I got.

  23. Yes! Finally a Steven Universe song that I like! Miracles DO happen. The fight was really good though. Man, that was a really emotional episode though. O.O

  24. I left the wrong comment above… again. ^ -_- I liked how Steven doesn’t even know if Onion is a human or not.

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