Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 46 – Open Book

Steven finds out some people can take their fanfiction too seriously, even himself. Check out today’s Vlog on Episode 46 of Steven Universe – Open Book.

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  1. The order is messed up again?

    • Nobody freak out. This is the correct order of episodes. They were aired in a different order on Cartoon Network because they had to fit all the juicy stuff into the Steven Bomb.

  2. What is this episode doing here after Rose’s Scabbard ? Well I guess it doesn’t spoil anything so that’s that.

  3. I guess they’re following the order the show runners have declared “The Intended Order”

  4. This was a unexpected episode
    It was a surprise that Connie was not real
    The use technology and magic
    I actually thought that the not real Connie is talking about Steven liking Connie i thought that she try to make Steven to tell Connie that he really like her

    • “The use technology and magic”

      There is no magic in this show, this is all science.. just from some point both are indistinguishable.

    • There’s a hint that the Connie Steven was with wasn’t the real one. She was disguised with the colors Steven thought the character was, and the real Connie appeared with the right colors 🙂

      • This is one of my favorite details from the show. I just love how they set that up. The best part is, I didn’t even notice until the real Connie showed up with the correct outfit and it hit me like a brick. That alone makes this one of my favorite episodes.

  5. The holodeck DID have safety features to prevent people from being hurt by them.

    It’s just for plot convenience purposes, they kept breaking.

  6. This was when it was originally schedules to air, but it got bumped to after jailbreak/full disclosure for the initial broadcast. Arguably it was better there as a ‘cooldown’ moment.

  7. Wait wasn’t The message suppose to be the episode after Rose’s Scabbard I thought it was Rose’s Scabbard , The Message, Political Power, The Return then Jail Break. lets say you guys need to be careful because order begins to matter more and more.

    • I understand that might not be the intended order but I guess that order worked for me better because of the order was Roses Scabbard was Info dump, then The Message; plot progression, Political Power was… something, then The Return and Jail Brake plot progression, and info dump/shit gets real, then full disclosure is character development then Open book which would be like a pallet cleanser. to me this order works better mostly because the plot progresses quicker and after Roses Scabbard I wanted ether further back story or plot progression which The Message kind of fits.

    • Drakon Loki, this is the intended order actually. The first StevenBomb messed up the air dates.

  8. Well, if they are going by the Wiki, the next episode they will be watching will be Shirt Club…

    Yeah, no…

    I’m practically teetering on the edge of my seat in anticipation of their evaluation of this, the absolute pinnacle of this season’s offerings, the cream of the proverbial crop, one of the prime exemplar of what makes Steven universe so compelling, et cetera…

    • On the plus side, this means we get to see their reaction to “Story for Steven” a dozen episodes sooner. Also means the start of season 2 will be a bit less of a sea of filler.

  9. “You told me not to do what you wanted.”

    I’d rather they follow this order than Amazon’s, which places Political Power after Full Disclosure for some bizarre reason. This was a fairly solid episode that managed to distinguish itself well enough from the other Rose’s Room story. Connie’s reaction the ending reminded me of how I felt at the end of Mass Effect 3.

  10. Sun sets black on moors,
    Laws: they’re pretty serious.

    This was a pretty fluffy episode, but I always like seeing Connie around. Great fakeout by the writers with the Connstruct and her forcing Steven to confess to Connie. My only real disappointment with the episode is that we didn’t get to see her ideal version of how the story would have ended. Connie being my favorite character, I can’t help but feel a bit cheated when she’s replaced by a mindless automaton that only wants to do what Steven wants. On that note, it’s very sweet to see how much Steven values Connie’s intelligence and independence, since her passivity is what clued him in to the fake’s identity.

    As for safety features in Rose’s room, all Gem magic has displayed the tendency to interpret idle thoughts as commands, as though it were powered exclusively by Monkey’s Paws. Additionally, the Connstruct wasn’t doing the opposite of what Steven wanted. He inadvertently granted it a sense of free will, so reverse psychology would not have been effective.

    • going by her reaction she wouldint have the bird guy turn human and get married. Proboly just have them go out and have more adventures or something since it seemed she was fine with the book before the whole human married thing.

      • Creamcheesealchemist

        My sense was that Connie didn’t quite see the bigger picture. Yes, an ending focused on a wedding is a major sign of conformity but consider that the groom was an animal sidekick.

  11. Everybody wants to know WHERE´S Waldo, but have you ever wondered HOW´S Waldo?

  12. I really like how subtle the reveal of fake Connie was. When the real one comments on the cape supposed being black they basicly tell you right away whats up and yet you don’t see it coming.

    The Gems do know how their stuff works. At least the stuff they have.

    There isn’t really a message to this episode but if there was then it would be more along the lines of “be more confident about what you like and your relationships to others”.

  13. Damn no Steven Bomb order. It might not have been the intended order but I do think that first one was a great idea.

    Though I suppose vlogging wise this isn’t too bad. You still get the messenger + the “4 parter”, though a little later. It also means that the 2nd season doesn’t kick off with a load of softer episodes.
    Definitely better than the amazon order.

  14. I feel a little dumb saying this, but the first time I saw this episode I didn’t catch the “I want to see you” line. I realized that something wasn’t right and she was a fake Connie, but it wasn’t until the flashback that I saw how the substitution happened.

    I think the fake Connie was caught in a paradox. She was “programmed” to do what Steven wanted, so when he told her not to do what he wanted she could neither obey nor disobey without going against her programming. Her solution of making him tell how he felt was the only way she could reconcile the paradox because he was conflicted in his emotions. He simultaneously wanted to tell and wanted to keep quiet, so when she forced the issue she did what he DID and DIDN’T want.

  15. FOLLOW UP COMMENT TO COME. Now, the Steven Universe reviews are coming everyday. I did not expect this! LOL. Haha, I was one of those people who left the Mamma Mia comments. I guess it was because I have never been exposed to ANYONE who doesn’t like Mamma Mia and to hear so many people not like it, just put me in shock. Especially considering that Mamma Mia is one of my favorite movies. LOL.

    • LOL I’m one of those people who severely disliked Mamma Mia, tbh. I didn’t find the story engaging at all. My mom and my sister love it though, so I can see why people would really enjoy it, and it’s fine to like or not like something lol they both used to run for cover when I’d put the andromeda strain on lol

  16. A Geek On The Internet

    Guys I suggest you go to imdb and just look up Steven Universe because they have the episodes there in the order in which they aired which I feel (at least) is probably best except for the episode “Say Uncle” which was a crossover/April Fools day episode and can be ignored entirely

    • They are watching the episodes in the correct order, don’t worry ^_^

      Even though “Say Uncle” can be ignored, I don’t think they should. I still found it funny.

  17. “Always tell the truth to your possible girlfriend or else you’ll be destroyed by your own cloud.” I laughed so hard at that for some reason! XD
    But the coulds weren’t trying to destroy Steven, they wanted to help him to confess the truth, but in an agressive way 😛

    I can’t believe it, they are so close to the end of Season 1! 😀

  18. book 1 is all politics but drop it in the other book and the last book have love story that come from no way.
    Was that a jokes about legend of korra that you miss lol.

    Come on Connie Steven was able to pick up the sign in the books but your could’t lol.

  19. I can’t remember who said it but “The last thing humanity will invent is the Holodeck”

  20. While the obvious lesson that Steven took from this episode was that he needs to be honest with his feelings, the meta lesson for the viewers that I took from this is that just because you don’t agree with your friend or don’t like the same things doesn’t mean you can’t still be civil and friendly. Considering how divided the community was over Say Uncle which followed it, that’s an important lesson the community should have taken.

  21. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    This technically isn’t the right episode to watch next, but I guess it’s not really spoiling anything. But Doug, Rob, the next episodes you SHOULD be watching are The Message, Political Power, The Return, and then Jailbreak. Again, I don’t think you spoiled yourselves or anything, but trust me, these next few episodes are supposed to be HEAVY on the plot, and you do not want to risk getting spoiled by a later episode.

  22. Guys, please, read the comments before commenting. THIS IS THE RIGHT ORDER, THE FIRST STEVENBOMB MESSED UP THE AIRDATES!
    You’re going to confuse them :/

  23. This was a great steven and connie episode and it was fun to dive into stevens mind a bit more. Im also with steven on this one I like those type of musy endings.

  24. Time for some marathoning. You guys only have about 4-5 eps before all the shit hits all the fans.

  25. I loved this episode I thought it was great! I thought the twist was absolutely genius! I was never a star trek fan so I wouldn’t know if this episode ripped it off or not, but it was still great!

  26. So glad their watching it in wiki order rather than air date order. Wished we could as well so we could of seen shirtclub, openbook and story for steven before the return

  27. According to the Steven Universe Wikia you did watch these episodes in order

  28. I too quite like the episode’s message, i don’t know if this was intentional, but this episode was released pretty shortly after some very stupid fandom drama, which made it seem like the show was criticizing its own fanbase.

    I was actually happy Steven didn’t confess his love to Connie, since i’m like the only Su fan who prefers the two as friends.

    Next up: Steven tries to assassinate the mayor.

  29. Steven talking to Connie is kind of like me talking to smart people. LOL.

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