Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 49 – The Message

A cryptic message is given to the gems, and only Steven’s dad can figure it out…hopefully. Check out today’s Vlog on Episode 49 of Steven Universe – The Message.

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  1. The Red Eye was a scout from Peridot, it was mentioned back in “Marble Madness” ^_^

    I like the gag were Garnet puts all the pillows and stuff on the device and she then puts Steven for it for no reason and just looks for a moment XD

    Think about it, guys, their leader and a Gem they knew and loved for thousands of years decided to give up on almost everything because of Greg. Of course they won’t be very happy to see him :/

  2. “My mind is the internet, I know every continuity mistake ever made on television.”

    The end of this episode did a great job continuing the sense of dread that has been gradually mounting. All the talk about Lapis Lazuli at the beginning pretty much gave away who was sending the message.

  3. I have to wonder why the heck Amethyst is so effected by the sound…. Actually, come to think of it, Steven’s shield has a sound attack, too, because he uses it to stop Lapis’s water. Maybe some types of gems are just more susceptible to noise than others or something?

    • I’m no geologist, but it might be worth your time to look into the properties of their corresponding gems when they’re singled out. Amethysts may be more susceptible to harmonic reverberation.

  4. In the episode “Laser Light Cannon”, when Greg’s van rolls into the ocean and he cries out, “My van! I live in there!”

    Also in that episode the gems reveal that their opinion of Greg is pretty low. Amethyst says that Greg is a mess and the gems seem to agree.

    I think they were mainly trying to humor Steven in this episode and never really thought that Greg could e the message.

  5. Is anyone else annoyed that the first song the mentioned was Greg’s in the previous episode? Don’t get me wrong, I liked the song and visuals but I have been disappointed that they have barely broughten up the songs in the series.

  6. It was nice Greg is actually very important read the comics
    Amethyst is about 2000

  7. Speaking of keeping the people happy… next episode: Political Power!

  8. I can’t wait to see what they think of Return and Jailbreak.

  9. Even though they already seen the next episode at this point I like the line “that’s probably politics”.

  10. On the age of Anesthetist: As mentioned in So Many Birthdays, ‘gems don’t age.’ Steven’s gem makes him the age he feels. Based on the size Anesthetist’s hole is in run-away it seems that she was created with the power to be the size she is now — although not larger as shown in reformed. Furthermore, how well put together she is is dependent on how much she tries. So it is likely that anesthetist’s appearance in past episodes as a child is based on her emotional age, and not some physical age. This has massive implications.
    While the timeline has not been spelled out for us, we know that amethyst has been around for a while from what you’ve in So Many Birthdays, she’s at least 300 years old (though you will find out she’s older than that). The fact that she suddenly got older after meeting Greg and losing Rose implies this has been fairly traumatic and has led to personal growth.
    If I were to characterize her emotional age, I would say… 16?

  11. Double/triple crosses you? Well, we MAY be getting something like that soon… 😉

  12. Cryptic forshadowing? It was pretty clearly said that there’s gonna be an invasion. There was nothing cryptic about it.

    “that’s like politics?” Hey, you did watch the next episode already didn’t you?

    03:08 Waitwaitwaitwaitwat. Doug, you just NOW realized that Rose was the CGs leader? …I have no words at all.

    Greg also seems to be still somewhat active as a musician. He does mention in this episode that he moderates his own forum and he also followed through with making an album cover out of the event of Ocean Gem suggesting that he still releases songs every now and then. And he does live in his van. Why else wouldn’t he have a cooking plate in it? Makes you think though. It was confirmed that Steven doesn’t live with the Gems for that long and before that he lived with his dad. Must’ve been difficult especially in winter.

    It seems to me that Greg wants to make up for being pretty much responsible for Roses death to the Gems.

    Tapes aren’t exactly dead. They’re still used for dictaphones (yes, they’re still around aswell) and I think James Rolfe mentioned in one of his videos that betamax tapes are still used to this day for smaller film productions. And vynil does have a huge novelty element to it. Its just somehting special if you can put an metal album with an crazy over the top artwork on the cover on your shelf instead of having the whole thing on your phone or PC.

    • Greg probably rented a place while he was still living with Steven. He built the house that Steven now lives in and it’s implied that it drained most of his income — which makes the Gems’ unwillingness to put up with him there kind of dickish.

  13. That beginning is hilarious. It kinda reminds me that their brothers. I forget that with how long they get along.

  14. The episode can cleary be summed up as “shit is about to go down”

  15. As we saw in Too Many Birthdays, the gems’ appearances are reflected by their emotional age. Amethyst was “born” from what I’ve understood after the major events of the war on Earth, about 2000 years ago, but during that time she and the gems lived very secluded from everyone and they had Rose as a leader and probably some kind of mother figure for Amethyst. The “death” of Rose might have been very traumatic to her and caused her to age emotionally a few years.
    As for the prediction with “no big twists”… man you’re in for a treat.

  16. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    No rob and Doug peridot is not good(YET!!!). Anyways this was a good episode and I really need to catch up so bye(on Steven universe episodes not the Vlogs).

  17. You guys really are infantile, you know that?

  18. The usual: Follow up comment to come. -_- Curse my lack of time and money. 🙁 I actually think that almost all of the songs in Steven Universe are unneeded, to be honest

  19. Azure Water Witch.
    My brain is the internet!
    Play on, music man.

    This really did feel like an episode intended to hype up the coming season finale. Seeing the Gems acknowledge Greg’s contributions made for a very nice moment. I also figured that they harbored a secret resentment towards Greg for what happened to Rose, even though they really know it was a villain-less tragedy.

  20. Honestly I don’t remember much of this episode besides the ending, I don’t think that’s because it’s a bad episode, the big “Shit is about to go down” ending just really overshadows the rest of it, I do really like Greg finally getting some respect from the gems for a chance.

    I do agree the pacing of this show is really good, I know a lot of people think it takes too long before it gets interesting, I can understand that but personally I never really had that problem.

    Next up: Steven learns about politics, this worries me.

  21. Yet another Steven Universe song that I liked. I think I’m starting to like almost all of this show. I can’t wait to see what exactly will happen next.

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