Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 5 – Frybo

Man, shit’s getting f*cked up!

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  1. littlewillie610

    “Didn’t you hear what I said about the living armor and infantries and many many deaths?!”

    Frybo was a delightfully messed up episode. I find it interesting that when the mascot was stabbed in the eye, mustard was mixed in with the ketchup, but Pearl was only covered in ketchup afterwards. It made me wonder if Cartoon Network made them do that to immediately clarify that it wasn’t actually blood.

    I think it’s about time to change my avatar; Frybo is really starting to give me the creeps.

  2. Speaking of things that are everywhere, I wonder what their thoughts about the Minions being everywhere are?

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    *wait you don’t like frybo*
    I did like this episodes like you guys(though the kid was kind of annoying but other then that it was good).
    But I especially feel bad for the kids dad I mean he had loved that thing until he heard his son say he didn’t like frybo and then after they set it on fire he said *People just didn’t get frybo and now they never will* just really sad. Also the dad sounds a lot like John Goodman(to me that is).

    If there was a Steven universe restaurant then first they would have to ba a krusty krab.

    I’m also with Doug on the SpongeBob SqaurePants hate like I feel so bad for the little sponge(though I do agree with Rib that they do play it too much) but st least season 9 is the better season with more meh and good episodes then bad ones(the only one I can think of right now that is really bad is SpongeBob,You’re Fired but I’ll come back and tell you what the bad episodes are).

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      The bad SpongeBob episodes in this season besides SpongeBob,You’re Fired are
      -Squid Baby(a horrible episode where Squidward hits his head hard and turns into a baby and SpongeBob and Patrick have to take care of him. What makes this bad is the fact that Patrick keeps on hurting Squidward among other things)
      -Little Yellow Book(They turn Squidward into a rude and mean character by having him read SpongeBob’s diary out loud in the krusty krab and when SpongeBob finds out he crys and when he crys suddenly the townsfolk are against Squidward even though they read the diary with him and laughed outloud).
      And finally -EEK!,An Urchin(well personally I think this episode is meh but people hate it cause it’s another he house fancy effect but other then that I don’t know why people hate that one so much?)

      Anyways next in the Steven universe vlog series(since they already did cat fingers and the episode when Connie is introduced) is serious Steven which is a cute episode where Steven tries to prove to garnet that he can be serious on a mission).

    • If you say that Spongebob’s is a bad show again, I will make sure that you will NEVER SEE ANYTHING AGAIN!!! SpongeBob is the BOMB!!!

  4. This episode is indeed very fun, I don’t think I’ve seen a combination of nightmare fuel and comedy this good in a long time, and it’s one of the show’s funniest episodes as a result, if only because of the sheer over the top absurdity of the whole thing.

    Probably my favorite part of this episode was this bit:

    Pearl: Steven! Did you put that missing shard inside of that Fry costume?
    Steven: Yes!
    Pearl: Didn’t you hear what I said about the living armor and infantries and many many deaths?!
    Steven: No!

    08.32 I wouldn’t exactly call it a cult following since it’s way too big to really be considered cult, and believe the people that say the show used to be good, like tom and jerry level’s of good, I know it will never happen but I would sacrifice my first born for SpongeBob season 1-3 vlog’s.

  5. So wanna see you react to 13 episode its so much fun
    I don’t hate SpongBob i like the show
    The battle was funny

  6. What do you find likable in this show? I saw an episode and quit at the 4 minute mark. IT WAS SO BORING!!! The only thing I see that IS likable is the animation, which looks like rejected animation from Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, which I half like. Bottom line, I don’t understand why this show is so great!


    • I don’t know if you’re just being a troll or not, but 4 minutes? That is not nearly enough time to make a judgment call on a show. I usually go for a “3-episode try,” where I watch the first three episodes before deciding whether or not I like a show. SU is slow, sure, but each episode as a whole usually ends up pretty great. It’s not jammed with nonsensical jokes to hold the kids’ attention, but in my opinion it shouldn’t have to be. If it’s not your thing, then I completely understand, but you shouldn’t be too hasty.

      Also, why should you care whether Patrick is gay or not? Honestly, what difference would it make?

      • Patrick is my favorite character on Sponge Bob Square Pants, and HOW CAN ANYONE HATE SPONGEBOB?! Even if seasons 6-9 aren’t good, at least we had 1-5!

    • Or at least finish a whole episode.

    • If you can’t even get through 11 minutes of a show you’re going to give an opinion on, then you’ve honestly failed as a reviewer.

  7. Luckily, I think this and Cat Fingers are the last of the truly horrifying episodes of this season. There’s a couple more that are conceptually terrifying, and one in season 2 which is both conceptually and visually terrifying, but none of the others are quite as brutal or gruesome as this or Cat Fingers (except maybe that one season 2 episode comes pretty close).

  8. The Nostalgia Student

    Seems like this ep is a “Cry for help”

    • Noooo, I’m still recovering from that!

      Seriously though, I can’t wait for them to get into the more emotionally destructive episodes. I want to see you BREAK, Doug!

  9. I will never truly hate Spongebob. Even if I don’t really like the new episodes that much and it’s Nick’s cashcow. The annoying yellow weirdo is part of my childhood. Honestly you should check out an episode from one of the earlier seasons.

    What season is Spongebob on anyway?

    Yeah, this show doesn’t do a lot of scary stuff. So when it does it kinda stands out. There’s a particularly….creepy one in season 2 but it’s gonna be a while before you get there.

  10. This one was a bit dark and funny at the same time. It’s also the first episode in which only one Crystal Gem appears on screen 🙂

  11. I’m surprised to hear Rob thinks the Spongebob problem is some kind of wacky conspiracy theory. I thought it was common knowledge that the show lost its luster after the movie’s release. (Incidentally, that was when Steven Hillenberg, the show’s creator, left to work on new projects.)

    • I think its more of how the fans treat it, I’m sure he finds it reasonable that the show got worst as it’s seasons went on, as most shows do eventually. Some fans treat the newer stuff like satan and that nithing good or even decent can come out of it and that the earlier stuff was flawless.

    • Which movie, the awesome first one or the shitty sequel?

  12. Late Nakagawa Ryou

    To me, Spongebob jumped the shark when it was revealed that the reason Patrick is so dumb is because he has a tumor the size of a fist pressing into his brain, prompting that wacky scene where the gang has to ask Plankton to help put him out of his misery. I believe this was the same episode where Spongebob hilariously pesters grumpy old Squidward by kidnapping him, tying him up, beating him with a bible, and sending him to a Pray Away the Gay camp. Not very classy, Nickelodeon. Not very classy.

  13. Yea this one was creepy. I actually like how they used the ketchup as blood.

  14. Sadly Peedee doesn’t have any more substantial roles to date. It seems like he should, since he’s the only other kid in town besides Connie who’s actually Steven’s age. The fight against Frybo was pretty brutal, but also kind of stilted and lacking in flow. It reminded me of a Powerpuff Girls fight scene.

  15. Can I recommend you guys watch these in order at Kisscartoon or record them? Its a completely safe site that uses youtube with HD quality. Please, the order of this show is important. Without context, certain plot and callbacks will be lost to you.

    • Don’t worry, the messed-up order was thanks to the DVD, which completely excluded episodes 3-5 and has even more mistakes after that. They’ve acknowledged this and decided to just forget the DVD and watch the episodes elsewhere in order.

  16. Ooh, yay! A episode that I DON’T need to catch up on! 😀 I was surprised that they showed bare boy butt in this. I mean they show it on Spongebob and on that Minions movie but those are human boys. Maybe it’s because I’m a pearl-clutcher (no pun intended). Well, the Spongebob discussion is kinda like your NC Small Wonder thing. It was stupid but great and then the audience started to boo it after the David Bowie Atlantis episode.

  17. Change tags, please! It’s “Steven Universe” not “Stephen Universe”.

  18. Wow…Doug’s Frybo smile is the stuff of nightmares…Never do that again please O_O….XD

  19. As greasy in death as he was in life!

  20. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Geez Rob, that’s a lot of salt you’re throwing at the Spongebob fan base for somebody who’s indifferent to the show. X)””

    In all seriousness, Spongebob for us millennials was like what Ren and Stimpy was to you guys. It’s not like I’m going to put it on a golden pedestal or anything, but it was a big influential part of a lot of our childhoods, so it’s only natural we talk about it, reference it, make memes or jokes of it, or even just bring up how much better we thought it used to be back in the day. The only problem I see here is probably the generation gap and personal tastes. But that being said, yeah there are probably a few fans who take it a bit too seriously or a bit too far, and I honestly don’t know how people can keep bringing it up on here despite how little you guys even bring it up in your videos. Either way, there’s a dumb funny duo for every generation and Spongebob and Patrick were ours.

    Oh yeah, and good Steven V-log. It’s almost as if it were the topic of the video or something. X)”

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