Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 55 – Say Uncle

Steven Universe has it’s first crossover and it is…strange. Check out today’s Vlog on Episode 55 of Steven Universe – Say Uncle.

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  1. Canon or not, it’s still a good episode which shouldn’t be skipped. I’m glad Doug enjoyed the jokes I also enjoyed 🙂

  2. This episode is certainly not for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be. For me, while I enjoy surreal humor, and thought this episode did it well, the biggest draw was the meta humor about the Gems reacting to Cartoon logic and meta humor poking at the Steven Universe show and the fans.

    The reason Uncle Grandpa is the one doing the crossover is for 2 reasons. 1. The crew of Steven Universe are fans of it and 2. It was considered the most likely to crossover without interfering with the world-building of Steven Universe. Uncle Grandpa literally defies all logic and can be wherever, so showing up in Steven Universe is feasible. If characters from Adventure Time or other Cartoon Network shows showed up, then it would require that the rules of those shows be incorporated as well. With no rules, Uncle Grandpa can fit anywhere. It was also a fun opportunity for them to get goofier and weirder than Steven Universe normally gets.

    • One more thing. The other reason I loved this episode was that it felt like a meet up between a cartoon that typifies modern cartoons and a cartoon that represents the sensibilities of older cartoons like Looney Toons. The ending bit with Uncle Grandpa looking over a list of older cartoons emphasized this. While not every cartoon can or should be for everyone, this episode was definitely meant for people who appreciate the history of cartoons, what they have been, are, and can be.

  3. Just want to say I think that the Crew-niverse was all for the crossover. The cast recorded together, both crews had a party for the episode.

    I don’t believe this was some odd thing dictated by Rob’s executive charts or anything. Seemed like they enjoyed working together.

  4. I like how they’re now hating the show.

    This increases the chances of SU being righteously cancelled

    • As strange as this may sound coming from a long time fan of this show, I think what it really needs right now is a very good self deprecating episode, not only to keep it from forming a huge stick up its ass, but honestly more to tell the fandom itself to “CHILL THE FUCK OUT!” and bring it back from orbit before the public perspective of it mutants into this sad hostile little creature that no one likes to be around.

      • I think that’s one thing Say Uncle could have done, but not enough of the fandom payed attention, and instead tried to justify their blind hate by trying to frame UG as being some horrible atrocity.

    • What makes you think they hate the show? They keep talking about how they look forward to the characters and plot advancing, at it certainly continues to do so in satisfying ways. The show continues to be amazing after this, and seeing as how it’s Cartoon Network’s second highest ratings earner, the show would have to fall pretty drastically to get cancelled. They’re even finally going to start making merchandise for the show too.

      • The only way this show can fall in grace is by growing a huge stick up its ass. So far the show hasn’t reach that point, but it could if it’s not careful. For now its the fandom that has it or I guess the fandom on Tumblr is the one with a huge stick up its ass and if the show hasn’t notice it yet someone will I hope that person will be Alex from I HATE EVERYTHING to take them (the fandom) down a peg while ripping them a new asshole in the name of comedy.

        • The various SU crew members who frequent social media have spoken out against the worse actions of the fandom, but that hasn’t stopped certain fans from justifying their own shitty behavior. For the show to get a stick up it’s ass, I’d imagine a number of the crew members, including Rebecca Sugar, would have to leave. Something similar, but not as bad, happened to Adventure Time when Pen Ward and Rebecca Sugar left.

          • That’s more like the show became a hollow shell of its former self. I mean like the show suddenly thinks itself as the second coming of jesus christ and that it’s immune to criticism or Steven becomes a walking mouthpiece like how Brain used to be on Family Guy.

            What keeps a show interesting is keeping a well thought rebuttal to its own point of view it because it shows that it not afraid to challenges itself or dare question its own sense of morality. However when a show starts to become busy of stroking its own ego it then turns those interesting rebuttals into straw men arguments. It’s no longer interesting to watch.

          • Luckyday, your posts about SU are so weird that it feels like you’re talking about a different show. I guess you have to be into the fandom to understand what you’re getting at.

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        What’s cartoon networks top rated show?

    • Uncle Grandpa or Steven Universe? Because they’re both good shows.

    • Even if Doug and Rob hated the show, it would not cause the show to be cancelled. Why would CN care if some internet reviewers hated it? They care more about what gives them more money aka merch.

  5. Uncle Granpa: the result of Mr. Myxpltk and Spongebob Sqaurepants having a baby.

    Rob is sort of onto something by saying that “maybe neither side got it right” but its a bit different than he might assume. The premise of the entire episode is basicly the exagerration of every sinlge character involved. Steven is extremly overexcited, Garnet is even more stoic and deadpan than usual, Amethyst doesn’t care about anything but eating and Pearl is a nervous wreck. On the other side Uncle Granpa is even dumber than in his own show, Pizza Steve is even more forcefully cool and Mr. Gus is even more laid back.

    This episode was genuinly good actually. It’s the SU team proving that they’re very aware on how the show comes of and exagerrate the hell out of it here. From the melodrama to the crying to Pearl loosing all the shit. It’s also speculated that this episode was basicly a parody of how many people percieve the show itself but I’m not sure about that.

    Only thing that’s strange is the fact that you actually watched it after the season 1 finale meaning that this was the intendet order. Wich is odd since Garnet still wears her pre finale outfit.

  6. I didn’t particularly care for the episode, either, but that might because I’m not a fan of Uncle Grandpa.

    Loved Pearl’s reactions to everything. “That’s not my baby!”

  7. I love Pearl’s freak outs in this episode as it makes sense that she’d be the least able to handle this kind of random insanity while Steven and Amethyst just kind of go with the flow and Garnet is some where in the middle. that being said this show is on a short list of episodes I skip over if I rewatch Steven Universe but I’m glad i saw it once.

  8. i’m not a fan of UG,or this episode,but i enjoyed the jokes,mostly the ones someone who spends too much time on the internet would enjoy
    but i wouldn’t want to see another one made

  9. Follow up comment to come. I’m dreading when I get to this episode. O.O

  10. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of Uncle Grandpa but there was some genuinely freaky stuff, one ep he was helping some kid get over her fear of the dark and did it by chucking her in the deep-end via turning everything (including her) into a monster. The problem with Surreal Humor is that tends to cross over regularly with Shock Humor, which is a risky route to take. Not to mention, when you’re just kind of doing random shit, a lot of people tend to zone out as there’s nothing to get really invested in.

    I liked the ep a lot but the actual Uncle Grandpa show is kinda like Ren & Stimpy, if y’all into weird randomness, you’ll probably like it.

  11. Oddworld Inhabitant

    I’m a bit surprised that Pearl’s freak-out in The Plot Hole wasn’t one of their five funny things. I really enjoyed this episode, overall; it was surreal and wacky enough for me, and I loved the animation, particularly on Pearl. I feel like they’re demanding every episode progress the story or world building in some way, which I think is somewhat unfortunate, but at the same time I know that this is a somewhat devise episode, particularly if, like many, you dislike Uncle Grandpa (as I know many do). Me, I’m not a huge fan, but he has his moments. “Bad morning!”

    I also like that this is the episode that finally sunk the Saddie/Lars ship. This episode might not be cannon, but that headcanon was! I suspect, looking back on it, that Doug in particular will appreciate that more.

  12. After I heard that crossover was happening, I tried to get into UG (hoping to catch up until Ep 55). I watched the first episode and… immediately stopped caring.

    It was the “Adventure Time” experience all over again: weird non-sequitur humor that has maybe three to five good jokes (at most per episodes). Now, I know that AT gets more serious and has more complex storylines later, but I still never could get to that point, because of the “spongebobby” first season. There might even be a deeper story to UG that isn’t apparent yet (some of the world building seems to be there, even in the very first episode), but it still isn’t enough for me to care.

    The crossover was very good, though. I liked how Steven commented on the Gems always trying to solve their problems with violence (surprising the WB didn’t comment on this, because they were constantly harping on this fact in their reviews). And Amethyst chasing after and eating Pizza Steve was probably the funniest moment in the show (next to UGs introduction as “Rose”).

  13. now make uncle grandpa Vlogs!

  14. The best thing I can say about this episode is that it is the best episode of Uncle Grandpa I’ve seen.
    Surreal humor can be great but UG completely misses the mark for me 99% of the time.

    And the really annoying thing is that Cartoon Network seems to love to show UG reruns ALL THE TIME. The only time I get to watch CN is when I am out of town for work during the week now and then. And all I ever see are the same 4 episodes of the same 4 bad to mediocre shows over and over and over. Over about 4 months of Mon.-Thurs. watching (and a few weekends) this year I have YET to see an episode of Adventure Time, Steven Universe, or any other good show that I know CN has. (The new Teen Titan show is OK but I have only been able to see about six 15 min episodes due to CN repeating the some ones over and over again.)

  15. Please review Venture Bros. It is my favorite show and no on ever reviews it.

  16. Pearl: So he’s Greg’s brother…and father?

    Garnet: That explains alot.

    How in the nine rings of hell did that joke fly!?

  17. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I’m so surprised you didn’t point our amythest eating pizza Steve now that part was halirious. Even though I can see why doug and rob wouldn’t like this episode or want to watch uncle grandpa it certainly is the tone of it which is weird and that’s why its a favorite of mine too. Next up though is a Ronaldo episode which he doesn’t do anything too bad but inspite of that or not Doug and Rob will still probably hate it*sigh*

  18. So… NO mention of the incest joke!? “So he’s Greg’s brother and father?” “I guess that explains a lot.” How did you guys not catch that?

  19. See Uncle Grandpa
    With eyes unclouded by hate.
    Or better yet, don’t.

    I watched about 8-10 episodes of Uncle Grandpa when it first aired, and I just couldn’t get into it. The experience was kind of frustrating for me for a lot of reasons. First of all, I’m a big fan of surreal humor. “Duck Amuck” is my favorite Looney Tunes episode, I love Ed, Edd, and Eddy, and I loved Adventure Time’s “A Glitch is a Glitch”. Plus, I remember reading that a lot of producers in the animation industry were enamored with Uncle Grandpa, even before it was released. But when I watched the show, despite some funny jokes, a lot of it was just so… mediocre. Uncle Grandpa toed the line between funny and irritating (tending to the latter), but Pizza Steve was like Poochie as done by someone who totally missed the point of Poochie. Even the surreal humor came across as forced.

    This was probably Uncle Grandpa at its best, and although I liked the episode overall I still had no desire to revisit UG. Everything I’ve read indicates that the entire crossover was the Crewniverse’s idea, which reinforces the notion that Uncle Grandpa is weirdly popular among professional animators. I appreciate it most for its good-natured self-deprecating humor, both towards the show and their fanbase. It’s definitely one of the most controversial episodes of the show.

  20. You should at some point watch “Jessica Jones”. It makes sense since you’ve already watched Daredevil.

  21. One thing that hurt this episode was that, while it was always intended to be non- canon, the SU Crew did not admit at first when asked (though the fact that it came out on April’s Fool Day should have been a big hint) and then afterwards even hinted it would be canon when asked by outraged fans (just to get back at them, I guess.) So they DO share some of the blame. Or so I heard.

  22. Not a fan of this x-over either, but enjoyed the Swatcats shoutout! And Doug, I’m surprised you didn’t mention, or notice something in this crossover that I thought you would have enjoyed, considering how much you “love” the character, and the relationship he’s in/out of: Lars and Sadie are on a ship, and it sinks……they get shipped a lot due to their interaction in the show, and their relationship is a train/boat wreak, quit literally in this episode! Like I said, not even a “Finally!” from you!

  23. this episode has some of my favorite Pearl over-reactions in the series. I can watch a loop of her reaction to having her head orbit the earth for hours, plus her lines “THIS IS OUR HOME NOW” and her reaction to Pizza Steve “That’s not my baby” (wtf?!) cracked me the hell up. Anything Uncle Grandpa himself did was very meh, he’s basically a Batmite or Mxysptlk character, and I’m not really a fan of his show at all. They also jabbed at the Steven Universe fandom which was pretty cool (this is actually where I learned what a “Gemsona” was)

  24. Yeah, I don’t really like “Uncle Grandpa.” I don’t hate it, but it’s just…blah. There are some good funny moments, but there are a lot more dumb, boring moments. I’ve seen surreal humor done much better, and mostly I just see UG as very dull, despite the loud noises and bright colors.

    I’m glad that they explicitly stated this episode as not canon, and I admit I did enjoy seeing Lion and Tiger together. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I dislike the episode, but I haven’t ever rewatched it and I’m not likely to.

  25. Well good to know you guys still have good taste. X3″
    I had no idea you liked Gumball too Rob, that’s awesome! It’s good to know that somebody on this site sees how good it is. X3

    Yeah, this was definitely one that not a lot of fans are fond of, me included. There were a few funny lines or gags, but most of it came from the SU side for me. I was turned off by the idea of Uncle Grandpa from the beginning and this crossover certainly didn’t do it any favors for me. To be honest I would be surprised if the creators didn’t even want to do the crossover in the first place, it’s likely that Cartoon Network forced it on them for the sake of cross promotion. For the record though Uncle Grandpa didn’t actually cross over with any of those other cartoons, seeing as how they’ve been discontinued for years. Though if anything there might be a good chance that a crossover with Clarence might happen, since it is a currently running show and it runs on….”quirky humor”…I guess you could call it that. In any case, that’s one crossover you won’t catch me watching anytime soon.

    Well, I look forward to seeing you guys return with the plot, because after that pointless detour things really start to get fun!

    • The crewniverse, Rebecca Sugar specifically, asked to do the crossover. They are fans of UG and are friends with the creators. I really enjoyed it, and it’s obvious that they enjoyed making the episode. It gave them a rare chance to openly make fun of themselves, and considering how the fandom has a reputation for being up it’s own ass, that kind of levity is much appreciated.

  26. Never suggest an Adventure Time/Steven Universe crossover ever again.

  27. I don’t love this episode but I enjoy parts of it.

    My favorite jokes were mainly the ones that poke fun at the fan base a bit.

    The best jokes being Lars and Sadie’s “ship” going down

    and that one character from Uncle Grandpa (don’t know his name) making a Gemsona.

    But I laughed at those because I’ve seen that part of the fan base online XD

  28. I was wondering if you guys would watch this episode and what you’d think about it, since I assumed you’d probably never even heard of Uncle Grandpa before, and it looks like I was right. I actually really like UG, for reasons I’ll explain in a minute, but the funniest thing about this episode was for me is that a large portion of the jokes were centered around the fandom – such as Lars and Sadie’s “ship” going down and Mr. Gus (one of the UG characters) making a “Gemsona” (google it).

    So here’s the reason I like Uncle Grandpa (the actual show) quite a lot: It’s basically experimental art-house animation disguised as another silly/weird/surreal Cartoon Network show. If you really give it a chance, you find it’s a lot more like something you’d see on the indie film festival circuit than a major television network. The show follows its own rules and logic and, best of all, uses its medium to the fullest. In animation, can make literally anything you can imagine possible, so that’s what UG does: anything and everything it wants. It doesn’t put any limits on itself and that’s really something to be admired. It’s also got some clear influence from a lot of the surreal art-house/experimental animation of the 70s, particularly Sally Cruikshank’s films (google her too!).

    As a result it’s, unsurprisingly, not everybody’s cut of tea, largely because it is so different from everything else in current mainstream animation. I admit you kind of have to be something of a hipster and/or animation historian to fully appreciate what Uncle Grandpa sets out to do and has to offer. If your interest gears more towards anime and today’s “blockbuster” cartoons, such as ALTA/Korra, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and Steven Universe (a little ironic considering the crossover, though I suspect the stark contrast was a big reason it actually got produced), chances are it’s probably not your thing unless you’re a big enough animation geek to adore ALL those things and more (yaknow, like me :P).

  29. Its good that this episode is not canon
    This was a fun episode
    Pearls freak out is so good

    Amethyst actually killed a guy

  30. I think Doug summed it up pretty well. There’s like a good moment around every 2 minutes or so, but this does NOT make me want to watch Uncle Grandpa at all! If the Steven Universe characters weren’t there to ground this stuff, there’s no way I’d enjoy any part of this at all. So I guess you could either love this one or hate it and be equally justified either way.

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