Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 56 – Love Letters

The vlogs are back! Time to see if romance will spark between Garnet and the mailman…wait what?

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  1. Jamie first showed up in the Cheeseburger Backpack when he delivered the backpack to Steven. It’s easy to forget, he was only there briefly.

  2. At last! AT LAST!!!

    …too bad this episode is pretty much just filler…

  3. “I didn’t write that.”

    I was really starting to miss these. Although it’s far from the series’ best, Love Letters was fairly enjoyable, especially with all the humorous Garnet moments. The part where the seagulls randomly collided in midair while Jamie was sulking also got a chuckle out of me.

  4. No mention of Jamie’s hilarous faces? XD

  5. Acetylsalicilique

    Yay, it’s back.

    Now… maybe they’ll finally get to the Adventure Time vlogs ? No ? =(

  6. Oh, a new SU vlog. And Rob is there. Riveting.

    One of the nice things of the show is that EVERY character is a normal character. And Jamie first appeared in episode 3, Cheeseburger Backpack, at the very beginning and afterwards he was seen every now and then in the background. This is more of a character building episode aswell as an introspective of Garnets view on relationships.

    6:00 Aaaaand they got sidetracked again.

    An interesting detail about this episode is that neither extreme approach at stopping Jamie worked. Garnets direct approach didn’t and Stevens and Connies soft approach didn’t. Only a middle ground actually worked and helped him to focus his passion on something different.

  7. Steven Universe doesn’t have a normal release schedule, for reasons no one can really fathom. What they do is periodically air “Stevenbombs” wherein they release 5 episodes in one week, one a day. These build hype like mad

    • The reasons are the Steven Bombs.

      After CN realized the first one went over so well, they demanded more wich in turn screwed up the shows production schedule because they burned through 15 weeks of material within 3. I think Matt Burnett wrote on his Twitter at one point that they go into hiatius because they ran out of airable episodes.

  8. Thank god! Another episode! Don’t do this to us again!!! I cant handle another Vlog drought!

  9. True love takes patience,
    unless you are Rose and Greg.
    Jamie’s Shoujo Face.

    Glad to see a return of the SU vlogs. It would be a shame to see these come to an end because having to analyze each episode felt more like homework than an enjoyable pastime. I actually wasn’t fond of this episode. Deconstructing the idea of love at first sight is all well and good… except that this episode aired almost immediately after “Story For Steven”, wherein Greg abandons a promising career in music to confess his love to a woman he’s talked to for 5 minutes, and it’s depicted as terribly romantic. Just feels like the show is trying to have it both ways. The episode doesn’t feature Ronaldo, so it’s far from the worst the show can do, but for an episode so dependent on its message, that’s a major sticking point for me.

    • I see where you are coming from, though Greg’s music career didn’t seem that promising, at least with Marty as manager. Also “We need to Talk” redeems the contradictions between those two episodes somewhat, showing there relationship was not perfect. Plus I would cut Greg a bit of a break here cause it wasn’t just anyone women he was throwing everything away for, it was a magical woman. I wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to know what was going on there, though it should have been framed as him wanting to get to know her instead of saying she is all he wants.

  10. One of the best romantic films I’ve seen recently is In Your Eyes. It’s a bit supernatural but focusses on two people actually getting to know each other. I wouldn’t really call it a comedy, but I still really recommend it.

  11. it was an ok episode not all that great.

  12. No, too soon. LOL. I’m still on Future Vision. I have no opinion on this. I hate love and that’s all there is to it, ESPECIALLY in February. It’s just not worth the time. LOL. That is all since I need to really catch up on the show. Follow-up comment to come like usual.

  13. while not an episode that furthers the plot or anything, i thought it had some pretty great moments! is it not the one where garnet just stands behind the door and watches jamie cry? i think that was my favourite moment!

  14. Something adorable and maybe sexy happened in the show

    Well Garnet is so hot

  15. Steven Bomb happened, so yeah, except more hype from over hyper fans in comments sections.

  16. I will say that The Bachelor/Bachelorette is one of the bigger pushers of the whole “love at first sight” thing, only replace all the Disney charm with stupidity and short marriages.

  17. You know. Hearing you two talk about being people being incredibly stupid because of ‘romance’ just makes me so glad I’m the most cynical bastard in the world when it comes to romance. Romance is dead, but that’s only because it never existed in the first place.

    ANYWAY. I quite like this episode, mostly because of the message. Even though it technically contradicts my stance regarding romance. In that it pretends it exist in the first place. But eh you could say the same thing about Garnet and yet she’s still my favorite character.

  18. The Mailman checking out Garnet made me laugh.

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