Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 57 – Reformed

Amethyst sees what she can make of herself, as she keeps regenerating in different forms. Talk about a self image problem.

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  1. What up with the captain america civil war advertising at the end.I not trolling

    • Crossover Princess

      Yeah, what is up with that? That was weird…

    • It’s a reference to a meme.

    • It´s because of the Civil War Meme.
      In the meme, everytime there´s a contradiction between 2 opinions, you add the civil war logo, like if this ridiculous reason could create a superheroe war between two friends. (or imagine if this was the real reason of why Ironman and Captain America fight each other in the real movie).

      For example, in the fandom of Gravity Falls put someone saying “it´s Mabel´s Fault” and then someone replying “it´s Ford´s Fault” and then the Civil War logo.

  2. Follow-up comment to come. I WILL catch up by the time that the weekend is over. LOL.

  3. Steven Universe really is a well put together show, and in my opinion, way better that Adventure Time thinks it is/ever hopes to be.

    PS: Sword Art Online still sucks balls.

    • I can’t agree with you more, lol! Adventure Time is good and has a lot of cool moments, but the instances of plot and continuity are just so few and far between that it hurts the overall plot to some extent. I mean, imagine if it did something like the buildup to the Homeworld Gems appearing with buildup about the Litch or something similar. A lot of people do like how wacky and episodic Adventure Time is, but that random episodic format does lead to a lot of missed opportunities and a lack of what could have been a really great story.

      Also, screw SAO. It’s a cool concept, but the writing in that series is just horrible and there’s a lot better more interesting anime out there.

      • I would argue that Steven Universe is better on average, but certain parts of Adventure Time are just brilliant. Adventure Time has a lot more freedom to it, and takes more risks, so the quality is inconsistent, but the high points are higher.
        In terms of quality, they seen similar with different strengths. Adventure Time has better world building and side characters, while the main characters in SU are much more interesting, and the main story actually exists.

  4. The Crying Breakfeast Friends joke was a bit of self parody aswell as a small overview over some of the characters personalities.

    05:40 I had similiar experiences with video games. There was one guy who insisted that Dragon Quest 8 was terrible and that every preceeding installment is much better. I finally played Dragon Quest 6 in order to check that myself and it turns out that it’s very similiar in terms of story telling, scope and features to 8. In the end, he was full of shit and just didn’t like any 3D stuff.

    And Rob has a bunch of anime buddies? Are you watching the lesbian anime you’ve mentioned with them? Do their wives know about that? Do they claim that they just play Poker at your house as a cover up?

    I myself feel that the show is a bit more about personal development than identity.

    I like to call Steven Universe “Anime with out the garbage parts” Anime has a tendency to be heavily serialized and stretched out so they can keep people interested longer. SU on the other hand is tightly written, focused and gets to the point rather quickly. So, no navel gazing flashback episodes in the middle of a fight here. Anime also has most of their budget put into fight scenes while the rest of it could very well be animated by 60s Hannah Barbera. SU is much more consistent with their animation quality. Anime has either exaggerated characters or ones without any personality at all. SU, by comparison, has characters that feel realistic while still being a bit cartoony.

  5. “That show’s really weird. Who wants to watch a cartoon about people crying?”
    “I do…”

    This episode provided some solid character development for Amethyst. Her insecurities definitely weren’t as prominent in the earlier episodes. So far, this is probably the only episode of season 2 that could really be classified as a Monster of the Week. It doesn’t seem like the Slinker was ever poofed, so I wonder if they plan on using it again.

    Next up is Sworn to the Sword; hopefully they’ll comment on the new intro.

  6. You guys are going to love the next episode!
    Then you’re going to suffer and watching it will please me.

  7. Probably for the best that you avoid the SU fandom. The SU fandom has pulled some massive dick moves at times

    (Note: I am part of the SU fandom, though I avoided that stuff for the most part)

    • Yeah but that’s true of every fandom, its only slightly worst with SU cause its progressive and has representation for smaller groups to latch onto and some get obsessed and start using it to forward their agendas, act as gatekeepers, or whatever. That’s how I see it anyways. The bad apples are usually easy enough to avoid in any fanbase and there will always be good stuff that makes it worth it.

  8. The, Amethyst, The!
    What do you want me to be?
    Who you know you are.

    Amethyst is typically my least favorite of the Gems, but her focus episodes are always among my favorites. This isn’t as good as “Tiger Millionaire”, “Maximum Capacity”, or “On The Run”, but still a very good character study of Amethyst’s iinsecurity with herself.

  9. Now I don’t actually know if this is the connection or not, but I always figured that “Crying Breakfast Friends” was supposed to be a parody of the “Happy Tree Friends” series. Instead of like in HTF where these colorful cute creatures are juxtaposed with extreme violence, CBF is instead juxtaposed with heavy crying. It would be consistent with the number of other internet-culture jokes the show has made in the past.
    Maybe additional meaning has grown from CBF since then, but I figured HTF was at least part of the initial inspiration.

  10. tastetherainbowmothafuka

    Awww Amethyst. I’ve always viewed her as the older sister/problem child.

    They’re a bit of a problematic (and slightly dysfunctional) family, but they all love each other 🙂

  11. In six episodes’ time the crying thing comes full circle, so it’s more foreshadowing than a comment on the show up to this point

  12. “There was a message?!”

    Me: Yeah there was.. *puts on shades*

    A message Recieved :p

  13. I like Sword Art Online, sorry not sorry.

  14. I enjoyed this episode and it showed us more how much a gem can change themselves after they poof.

  15. Best ending ever! XD

  16. This was a nice episode
    There is a real crying breakfast friends quiz existing

  17. “Because [Steven Universe episodes are] so short like Adventure Time, you can’t bullshit. You have to get to the meat of it it really fast. You have to really focus on what’s important”
    Oh how I wish it stayed that way… but most of the last dozen episodes have been mighty disappointing in this regard.

  18. I think the ‘Who wants to watch a show were everybody cries all the time?’ line it was mostly just a reference to the show’s reputation for being rather depressing. At least for a children show.

    Fandoms are a complex heavily flawed thing. I can certainly understand the desire to just ignore the fandom altogether. I think the main reason why I personally don’t is that because of the internet fandoms are so divided nowadays. This means it’s a lot easier to ignore the bad apples if you only focus on the fandom on one specific site. In other words avoid tumblr.

  19. Why did this episode go back to the original theme?! Also, as a regular quiz taker, I totally related to Steven for once with forcing someone to take a quiz.

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