Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 6 – Cat Fingers

Prepare for nightmares.

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  1. The Mysterious M

    I know the later episodes get darker and more serious, but I’ve always found the climax of this episode horrifying

  2. littlewillie610

    “Enough! No more cat fingers! I want Steven fingers!…And I don’t mean little me heads on fingers, I mean my regular fingers!”

    After seeing to first four episodes, it was quite jarring to watch Frybo and this episode back to back. I can definitely see the resemblance between the climax and Akira, and it won’t be the last time the show references a popular anime. I really liked the dramatic music during the car wash sequence; that was probably the point where I realized how talented the composers for this show are.

  3. Sebastian Walston

    I wonder if they know that the episodes on Amazon Prime are also out of order. They should just look up the episode order on Wikipedia or something.

  4. I watch them in order on YouTube or on the Cartoon Network site.

  5. DANG IT! This is NOT part of the episode pair that I bought. Follow up comment to come when I watch this episode today. I like Gem. Your discussion kinda reminded me how I would always get the boy toys with my McDonalds happy meal toy when I was a little girl (well, unless it was Hello Kitty or Madame Alexander because well, they’re too fabulous NOT to get). The whole lack of lady stuff NEVER was an issue for me since I’ve always done whatever the heck I want regardless of what my classmates thought.

  6. I won’t lie, my first reaction to this episode was pretty similar to the Walker brothers. This and it’s predecessor Frybo were the first time the show bared it’s fangs so I’m not surprised that people get thrown off by it after a fairly calm introduction. I think it’s the sort of episode that might be more enjoyed on rewatch.
    Like you touched upon, it introduces the concept of Gem’s having a very flexible state of appearance (we find out later to what extent) and it also shines a bit more light on Greg. Again, we’ll find out to what what extent later.

    • And I agree, while don’t think of it as a girls show. It is an unapologetically feminine show but not the “Let’s sell pink toys to young girls” type where so used to seeing. The tone reminds me a lot of Princess Tutu for some reason. Very gentle, optimistic, slightly romantic perhaps with a very dark and violent undercurrent running throughout. Not enough of these sort of shows.

      Though Doug’s command to click on the next one gave me false hope that Bubble Buddies might have been uploaded early tonight. Ah well, something to look forward to.

  7. Man I was gonna make joke about how Rob mentioned MLP so MLP vlogs confirmed but he totally stole my thunder later in the video.

  8. “Tell a good story”
    this is something many people seem to forget – if you don’t tell a good story, all falls apart, regardless of the quotas you check

    also, the market stats have changed
    recent market studies have shown that boys actually buy less toys than girls
    which is why shows like Young Justice, Green Lantern TAS, or Beware the Batman all got cancelled

    • ProductofBoredom

      Actually, in the case of Green Lantern, the issue was that they had already made a ton of merchandise for that terrible movie, and toy stores didn’t want to carry any more Green Lantern toys. So, unfortunately, since no one was buying the toys from the film, the show didn’t get much merchandise made for it.

      Your point still stands, it’s just that in that specific case was a little more complex than just being about boys not buying toys. It really is a shame that shame that Green Lantern TAS and Young Justice were cancelled though, those were both good shows.

    • Actually according to Bruce Tim, not only becuase of the low toy sells, they were also cancelled because there were a growing number of girls watching those shows and CN did not like that. They only wanted an audience of boys even though their shows were doing so well in terms of ratings.

  9. This episode made Greg my favorite character for a while, just seeing how much be cared for Steven, despite how horrifying the situation was touching. Maybe I liked it so much because Adventure Time has so many bad fathers that I didn’t expect Greg to actually be an awesome dad, especially when you found out he lives in a van.

  10. Feh, Jem and Rainbow Bright (the movies, at least) were both great. So was the first MLP movie, for that matter, it had some scary-ass baddies fit for traumatizing children of any gender.

  11. Hum I was expecting bubble buddies, ah well guess this will do.

    With this episode begins the fine Steven universe tradition of having seemingly innocent episodes be much darker and more depressing than initially expected, with that said I actually thought this episode was kind of hilarious, the whole situation was just bizarre enough to be funny in a dark comedy kind of way.

    All you have to know about the Steven universe fan base is: 1 stay away from tumblr. 2 Pearl is either your waifu or the worst character in the history of television. 3 Fan artists feed on both tears and spongebob references. 4 stay away from tumblr. 5 everybody is gay, EVERYBODY. and finnaly 6 its only a insane theory as long as you aren’t right.

    Also stay away from tumblr.

    This show is indeed made by a woman, but I personally don’t really consider it a girl show, especially once the back-story gets revealed.

    Next up bubble buddies, unless im wrong again.

  12. Adventure Time and Steven Universe are both good points of reference for shows with wide cross-market appeal. In the rare event that I attend a convention, I see Fionna cosplayers outnumbering Finn cosplayers at least 2:1. This 29 year old liked SU from the first few episodes, and I was happy to discover recently that my 5 and 6 year old nieces as well as my 11 year old nephew are all fans as well. And judging from the interviews Rebecca Sugar and the crew have given, it sounds like that’s very much the intended reaction.

  13. I just love cats too much to be disturbed by this episode. Also, can I say that I loved the puns at the end of this episode?

  14. I looks like a girls show, but once you watch a few episodes, you realize that you can’t judge a book by its cover. I think that having a boy as the main character helps to get more attention from male viewers.

  15. seems alot of this vlog was less about the episode and more about another topic. Anywho I liked this episode. Cats were cute and creepy all at the same time.

  16. Makes you rethink your “CAT!” joke doesn’t it?

  17. Congratulations!
    You just found out another reason why this show is so popular.
    It’ll quickly catch you off guard and slap you with some nightmare fuel or series issues if you aren’t careful.

    Also, most likely that gender rant as well might be another reason for it’s popularity.

  18. I love Steven Universe because it is breaking the norms so much compared to a lot of show. It’s just so awesome to have a male main character who is often very passive and even cries or show weakness. There’s been a huge problem with people thinking that boys should never cry and it’s great seeing nobody on the show telling him this.

    Along with this it’s also so great how he has these great and very diverse three female figures who he looks up to and actually do most of the fighting. What’s even better is they aren’t perfect at all and have their own flaws that they must overcome as well. Plus all Gems are non-binary and just identify with feminine pronouns which is awesome. (Rebecca Sugar confirmed that all Gems except Steven are just Gems or non-binary and the only reason Steven is is because he’s half human.)

    Plus I love that even though Steven doesn’t live with Greg, his dad is still extremely supportive and loving in his own way.

    I just love this show so much because it breaks the norms.

  19. this episode was used in the Steven Universe promo commercials all the time. They’d talk about the show for a bit then cut to “I just turned all my fingers into cats” to sell the randomness.

  20. I wanna marry Rebecca Sugar. Not sure if she’s even into dudes.

  21. PeterOfThePanpipes

    GI Joe and the Transformers G1 were made to sell toys, yes. But I would argue they were above and beyond basically ANY of their non Disney contemporaries in terms of storytelling and writing, and a lot of that can be traced to being rooted in experienced Marvel Comics writers.

  22. Cats are cute

    This was a fucked up episode

    Late do a Vlog of Star vs. the Forces of Evil

  23. I feel that Shapeshifting is underutilized as a plot point. Like, they tend to forget about it when it could come in handy.

  24. TheFalseProdigy

    How long does it take them to figure out that Steven Universe is directed by a woman?
    infinite episodes?

  25. Whenever I watch Akira, I think to myself, “man, this is overrated as all hell, and why does Kaori getting crushed make me crave red meat?”

    Whenever I watch Cat Fingers I cover my eyes and freak out.

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